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April 14, 2009  1:06 AM

University of Utah gets hit by conficker worm

Posted by: Xjlittle
Conficker, Linux, operating system, university of utah, unix, virus, windows

Over 700 computers were hit by the most recent release of the conficker worm at the University of Utah. Computers included those at the University's three hospitals. The worm was first detected on Thursday on some of the school's computers. By Friday it had hit the school's computers at the...

April 7, 2009  12:23 AM

Does the Operating System really matter?

Posted by: Xjlittle
applications, Linux, open source, operating system, windows 7

After reading this article I started asking myself if the Operating System really does matter for most users. I finally reached the conclusion that it does. Here's why. For my own vote I asked myself if I would switch from...

March 27, 2009  6:55 PM

And you thought conficker was dead

Posted by: Xjlittle
Conficker, downadup, Linux, Microsoft, open source, Security

The conficker worm that infected millions of computers starting last October was believed to be at bay. Not so according to Vincent Weafer, vice president of Symantec's security response group. Computers infected with this worm are being updated with a stronger variant. The variant is designed...

March 26, 2009  12:18 AM

Protect your ssh server with DenyHosts

Posted by: Xjlittle
denyhosts, secure, Security, ssh, SSHD

If you have an SSH server that is accessible from the internet then you should look at the DenyHosts application to protect your servers and networks. DenyHosts protects your servers by parsing your ssh log for failed attempts at ssh login. The log where this is recorded varies by distribution....

March 15, 2009  1:53 PM

Maybe you shouldn’t use the ext4 file system

Posted by: Xjlittle
data loss, ext3, ext4, linux file system

Users of the Kubuntu recently suffered data loss while using the new ext4 file system. It happens when there is a power loss or a system failure. Note that this is not specific to Kubuntu. The Kubuntu users were just the first to try out the new file system. I'm not talking about data that...

March 14, 2009  4:36 PM

SLED 11 RC 4 first glance

Posted by: Xjlittle
desktop, recording, skype, sled 11, Sound, suse, suse linux enterprise desktop

For everyone who is looking for the next release of the SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop SLED 11 RC 4 is available here. While I usually prefer CentOS my current contract is to support SLES and SLED. It has some pleasant...

February 19, 2009  7:01 PM

Using SSL and a password to connect Sendmail to your ISP

Posted by: Xjlittle
centos, isp, openssl, password, sasl, sendmail, ssl, starttls

Many ISPs are requiring SSL and a password to connect and send mail. This how to shows how to set up your sendmail server to use SSL with a password for connecting and sending mail through your ISP. I set this up on a CentOS 5.2 virtual machine. You should have the following packages...

February 18, 2009  12:01 AM

Red Hat and Microsoft enter virtualization support agreement

Posted by: Xjlittle
Microsoft, red hat, support, Virtualization

Red Hat and Microsoft have entered into a virtualization agreement. The agreement is designed so that Red Hat and Microsoft customers using virtualization from both companies can get support from either group. Red Hat and Microsoft both emphasize that this agreement is not the same as the...

February 17, 2009  10:40 PM

Linux security basics aka don’t do this!

Posted by: Xjlittle
centos, Linux, red hat, Security, solaris, sysctl, windows

I mention Linux security in the title but these best practices apply to any operating system. There are many excellent 3rd party security tools out there for you to install on your system. Prior to installing these though you should review the tools that are already on your system. There is...

February 17, 2009  9:27 PM

CentOS prepares to release 5.3

Posted by: Xjlittle
5.3, centos, encrypting, red hat, virtualizaton

Following their mandate to be binary compatible with Red Hat, CentOS is preparing to release version 5.3. Red Hat released version 5.3 on January 21st of this year. The CentOS developers generally follow with a CentOS release about 3-5 weeks after Red Hat. This should put the release as...

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