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April 16, 2014  4:59 PM

Everything you need to know about the Heartbleed bug

Posted by: Michael Tidmarsh
Heartbleed, Security


Heartbleed image via Shutterstock

The IT world (and the world in general) has been abuzz over the Heartbleed bug that may have affected over 500,000 Internet sites. To help you keep up with all the news, information, and fallout from the bug, we’ve gathered all the cruical information you need to know about Heartbleed.

What’s this all about?

Who’s been affected so far?

What has been done to respond?

What do you think? Share your thoughts in the discussions below:

April 1, 2014  7:40 PM

Top ITKE blog posts of March 2014

Posted by: Michael Tidmarsh
Cloud, Storage, VMware, Windows 8.1


Post-it image via Shutterstock

Post-it notes: the future of data storage? That’s the topic of our top blog post for the month of March. Come check out the top stories and share your thoughts with the community.

April 1, 2014  1:57 PM

ITKE March giveaway contest – The Winner!

Posted by: Michael Tidmarsh
Contests, Giveaways, ITKE


Winning image via Shutterstock

Ladies and gentlemen…we have a winner! After a grueling month of answering questions, commenting on discussions, and posting blog comments, ITKE user Genderhayes has won the $100 Amazon gift card with a whopping 2,115 points. Thanks to everyone who participated in our giveaway and look out for our next contest in May (HINT: It may have a “discussion” type feel to it).

March 25, 2014  2:55 PM

ITKE March giveaway contest leaderboard – Round 3

Posted by: Michael Tidmarsh
Contests, Giveaways, ITKE


Leaderboard image via Shutterstock

Heading into the final round of our giveaway contest, we have a new leader! ITKE user Genderhayes has made a charging run at the leaders and is winning as of today. Here are the current standings:

  • Genderhayes: 1,115 points
  • CharlieBrowne: 955 points
  • Subhendu Sen: 500 points
  • AndreaF: 450 points
  • Jinteik: 405 points

But it’s still anyone’s race. Remember, keep commenting and discussing our latest questions and discussions to continue stacking up those points.

March 18, 2014  2:22 PM

ITKE March giveaway contest leaderboard – Round 2

Posted by: Michael Tidmarsh
Contests, Giveaways, ITKE


Leaderboard image via Shutterstock

As we go along with our golf tournament theme, we wanted to bring you our latest “Round 2″ updates with our giveaway contest. Heading into today, here are the standings:

  1. CharlieBrowne: 660 points
  2. AndreaF: 440 points
  3. Jinteik: 325 points
  4. Kevin Beaver: 230 points
  5. Subhendu Sen: 220 points

With just over two weeks left to spare, the time to make your move is now! And how can you do that? By racking up those points.

March 11, 2014  1:48 PM

ITKE March giveaway contest leaderboard

Posted by: Michael Tidmarsh
Contests, Giveaways, ITKE


Leaderboard image via Shutterstock

Just like in a golf tournament, everyone is keeping a watchful eye on the leaderboard to see who’s winning our giveaway contest. It’s a tight race through the first 11 days of March and it’s anyone’s game. Here are the standings:

  1. Jinteik: 215 points
  2. CharlieBrowne: 160 points
  3. Kevin Beaver: 125 points
  4. AndreaF: 115 points
  5. Subhendu Sen: 110 points

But don’t worry, there’s plenty of time to make your move to the top of the leaderboard so start piling up the points.

March 10, 2014  4:01 PM

A new way to follow content you care about: Tag subscriptions

Posted by: Ben Rubenstein
Community, ITKE, Tags

Today, we’ve made it easier for you to get updates on the community content you care about most.

As you’ve probably noticed, all content on IT Knowledge Exchange includes descriptive tags that make it simpler to find discussions that are relevant to you among the thousands happening on the site and around the TechTarget network.

This database of tags, and the content they cover, is constantly growing and evolving along with the industry as a whole. We’re always working to make sure that they’re organized so that you can find what you’re looking for quickly. We now have over 30 parent topics – from Business Intelligence to Consumerization, from Email Administration to Systems Management —  that you can browse to find just the questions and discussions you are interested in.

But we know you’re busy and don’t always have time to click through page upon page of discussions. Now, when you find content you’re interested in, you can subscribe to email notifications on that and related topics with just one click.

Here’s how it works:

Hover over any tag on a question, discussion, or tag page.

follow tag example

Follow tag example

Click the “Follow” button that appears. If you are logged in, that’s all you have to do (if not, you’ll be prompted to do so). You will see a confirmation that you’re following that topic.

Follow confirmation

You’ll soon begin getting daily email notifications (no more than one per day) on all content related to that topic, like the example below.

Training email example

Try it out and see how easy it is. Note that this new system replaces the previous tag alerts we were sending; if you were previously receiving those, you should beg to receivine these new emails (again, one per topic per day). Because some additional topics have been added, you will want to check the site so that you can be sure you’ll get info on everything you care about.

You can unsubscribe at any time via a link at the bottom of the email, without affecting any other subscriptions. You can also manage your topic subscriptions on the confirmation page that appears after you ask a question or submit a discussion.

As always, let us know what questions or comments you have by contacting Ben ( or Michael (

March 3, 2014  7:47 PM

ITKE March giveaway contest!

Posted by: Michael Tidmarsh
Contests, ITKE


Contest image via Shutterstock

Whether it’s St. Patrick’s Day or March Madness, the month of March has something for everyone. Here at IT Knowledge Exchange, we wanted to add something to the mix by hosting our first giveaway of the year. Throughout the month, the person with the most ITKE points in March will receive a $100 Amazon gift card! So whether it’s asking a question, commenting on a discussion, or even publishing a comment on a blog post, all of your points will count. At the end of the month, the user with the most points will win the gift card. Simple enough, right? So it’s time to stop reading this post and get started on totaling up those points. Good luck!

March 3, 2014  1:27 PM

Top ITKE blog posts of February 2014

Posted by: Michael Tidmarsh
Microsoft, Mobile, Storage, VMware


Storage image via Shutterstock

Whether it was the shortcomings of physical storage or the Windows 9 rumor mill, our IT Knowledge Exchange bloggers had plenty to talk about in February’s top blog posts. Check out their stories and share your thoughts with the community.

February 4, 2014  2:32 PM

Top ITKE blog posts of January 2014

Posted by: Michael Tidmarsh
Android, Apple, Windows 8.1


Steve Jobs image via Shutterstock

Even though he’s gone, Steve Jobs is still making headlines throughout the industry and even in our top blog posts for the month of January! Check out why he’s still creating noise and share your thoughts with the community.

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