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Yottabytes: Storage and Disaster Recovery by Sharon Fisher

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A blog for users, storage solution providers -- including value-added resellers (VARs), systems integrators, managed service providers (MSPs) and consultants -- about data storage hardware and software products and services, backup/archiving products and services, disaster recovery, storage area networks (SANs) and network-attached storage (NAS).


Data Centers Weather Harvey, Irma

September 13, 2017 - Hurricanes in the Southeast in September aren’t a surprise, or shouldn’t be. That said, having two hit the region within a matter of a few days, as well as having another potential one waiting in the wings, tested the mettle of operators. But all told, damage to data centers appeared minimal thus far. Some data...... READ MORE


  • Cloud providers pregaming Black Friday with M&A shopping spree


    Holy market consolidation, Batman!

    We’ve known for a while that the volume of cloud provider mergers and acquisitions (M&As) has been growing at a decent clip, but I was still surprised to see them come so fast and furious this week from three big providers. The reported deal values weren’t j…READ MORE

    Jessica Scarpati2,635 pointsBadges:
  • Unstructured data is a misnomer

    editorial Blog

    Nowadays, the term unstructured data pops up everywhere. It owes its popularity for a large part to the success of big data, to successful technologies such as NoSQL and Hadoop, and to formats such as JSON and XML. Unfortunately, different definitions for unstructured data exist. All these different…READ MORE

    Rick van der Lans160 pointsBadges:
  • Tape has taken up tennis


    “Tape is dead” is probably one of the most successful aphorisms in IT; it is oft repeated and also represents the triumph of a sound bite over reality. The truth is that the global tape market is in a state of very slow shrinkage, being eaten at by disk-based methods of storage, although in the …READ MORE

    Antony Adshead15 pointsBadges:
  • Spectrum auction is fair to whom, asks CMA

    editorial Blog

    Ofcom’s rebuttal to a Communications Management Association opinion in Computer Weekly regarding proposals for the upcoming spectrum auction for so-called 4G licences has drawn further comment from the CMA. Ofcom’s response left it wondering whether the auction process, which it described as “fair”,…READ MORE

    lannison375 pointsBadges:
  • Dodging a Data-Driven Debacle

    editorial Blog

    Volkswagen alerts us to missing ethical thinking in the otherwise powerful concept of data-driven business. Thanks Guys!

    One of the most intriguing examples of being supremely data-driven came recently from, of all places, the automobile industry. I refer to the emissions-rigging escapade of …READ MORE

    Barry Devlin285 pointsBadges:
  • The fragile bridge of corporate relationships

    editorial Blog

    The CIO had spent almost 5 years in the position thriving and surviving all the uncertainties of business and change in management. He had done well to build a reputation with business leaders with his can do attitude and ideas helped them win in their playing field. Technology vendors loved him for…READ MORE

    Arun Gupta30 pointsBadges:
  • Are small businesses coming round to the cloud?

    editorial Blog

    The uptake of the cloud among small businesses hasn’t been as strong as some experts originally expected. According to the research from managed services provider Claranet, more medium-sized companies are using cloud services (60%) than smaller businesses (44%).But Matthew Thornington at solar elect…READ MORE

    khall2825 pointsBadges:
  • Blended security threats require a unified response

    editorial Blog

    The new mantra today is that it is not if your organisation will suffer a security breach, but when. In a recent survey released during Infosec Europe 2013, 93% of large organisations reported that they had been breached in the past year, as did 87% of small organisations. And the report also shows …READ MORE

    fhowarth185 pointsBadges:
  • Rollable display, electronic newspaper


    CES 2016: LG Display shows off displays that you can roll up, see through, and use in your car

    When I saw that article on Tech Republic, my heart skipped a beat. Could the rollable display finally deliver my electronic newspaper?

    I have been waiting a long time. In 2009 I wrote about having b…READ MORE

    Ivy Wigmore705 pointsBadges:
  • Is IT Still Relevant?

    editorial Blog

    When an inpatient business unit marketing manager with a credit card can stand up an instance of Salesforce in a matter of a few days, and many companies have long outsourced their daily IT operations, many business executives are questioning if a traditional centralized IT organization is the right…READ MORE

    Beth Cohen10 pointsBadges:
  • Ikigai: Finding your life's purpose


    Ikigai is a Japanese word and concept that roughly translates as the reason for one’s life.

    Author Anthony de Mello wrote about the concept in his book Taking Flight. De Mello wrote about exploring your responses to the four elements in the diagram below. He said that where all four overlap is ik…READ MORE

    Ivy Wigmore705 pointsBadges:
  • Hello world!

    editorial Blog

    Welcome to IT Knowledge Exchange. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!…READ MORE

    Shaun Sutner2,365 pointsBadges:
  • Define "Unified Communications"


    It can be very frustrating for IT managers and C-level executives to continuously see unified communications in the headlines, and apparently driving business communications and strategy, yet nobody seems to know what it even means. How do you adopt and implement such a thing?

    A recent article in…READ MORE

    Tony Bradley595 pointsBadges:
  • Managed Service is not break/fix in a can

    member Blog

    I don’t want to sound like a harsh critic on how people do business, but switching from break/fix to managed services by going flat rate without changing how you provide service will only fail. The idea that you can “wait til` it breaks” and expect to make a profit is silly. Not only will you …READ MORE

    mspprophet0 pointsBadges:
  • July in review: The most popular Exchange Server content

    editorial Blog

    In our monthly feature, we take a look at the most popular pieces of content with our readers in the previous month and recap it for you.

    Exchange 2016 continues to be a hot topic, and readers want to learn more about how to deploy the new version of the server. Exchange admins also wanted to lea…READ MORE

    Tayla Holman795 pointsBadges:
  • Hold the phone: Report says companies not measuring cost of customer channels

    editorial Blog

    It’s wise to pinch a grain of salt on any study released by a software or service provider.

    With that said, it’s worth considering one bit of data in a report issued this week by Dimension Data, an IT service provider in Johannesburg, South Africa. The report said that contact centers aren’t meas…READ MORE

    Albert McKeon555 pointsBadges:
  • Advice for Passing Comptia Network+ Exam

    member Blog

    Now I know this exam isn’t the most highly regarded exam for networking, it is basically an entrance exam to networking, but please don’t take it lightly, Networking can be an intimidating subject. Network+ is an exam that is 85 questions long, 5 scenarios (performance based), some drag and drop, an…READ MORE

    Nathan Simon700 pointsBadges:
  • Haydn Shaughnessy and the Next Generation Enterprise


    I’m finding that more and more my role here is going to be to point you to great thinking that’s going on about thought leadership.  I didn’t know about Haydn Shaughnessy until this week, but I’m adding him to my blogroll today and suggest you do to.

    Just this one quote from him is enough …READ MORE

    pennypacker0 pointsBadges:
  • Will EMC deal give Dell an edge with data center infrastructure?

    editorial Blog

    Announced in October, Dell’s $67 billion bid for EMC is likely to disrupt the status quo for both companies– but what does Dell stand to gain from the purchase?
    As a traditional server hardware vendor, Dell seems to be angling to take a bigger piece of the hybrid cloud and data center infrastructu…READ MORE

    Nathan Lamb735 pointsBadges:
  • Filling out Oracle's marketing strategy

    editorial Blog

    To remain competitive with CRM rivals such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle announced several additions to its marketing strategy at its annual user conference, OpenWorld. The upgrades strive to better tailor messages to customers and prospects and cater to SMBs.

    Brent Leary, partner…READ MORE

    Timothy Ehrens180 pointsBadges:

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