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Uncharted Waters by Matt Heusser

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From the Cloud to Virtualization, Software As a Service to Web Services, ideas seem to be everywhere all the time. Somewhere, somehow, someone needs to separate the wheat from the chaff. We’ve asked Matt Heusser to provide his insight and commentary on the prevailing issues for IT staff today.


Now here: Visual Studio for Mac

November 28, 2016 - For twenty years, Microsoft has been a Windows company. The original phones were supposed to run a true version of Windows; Bill Gates wanted Windows to run on the original Xbox. Windows 8 was a ground-up reboot of the operating system, designed to have tablets, phones, and laptops all run the same core code. Microsoft’s...... READ MORE


  • Flash is costly and will never achieve price parity with HDD: Infinidat CEO

    editorial Blog

    Flash storage is over-rated. Well, if not over-rated, then certainly more costly than many would have us believe and price parity with spinning disk is a very, very long way off.

    Those are the views of storage industry veteran (billed as Mr Symmetrix in the PR puff) and Infinidat CEO Moshe Yanai….READ MORE

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  • Google cloud consulting service a two-way street

    editorial Blog

    Google received plenty of attention when it reshuffled its various cloud services under one business-friendly umbrella, but tucked within that news was a move that also could pay big dividends down the road.

    The rebranded Google Cloud pulls together various business units, including Google Cloud …READ MORE

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  • Did I miss anything?

    editorial Blog

    Don’t be alarmed, I am still alive! After a long absence I’m back after an unofficial hiatus. Past six months have been particular busy and it’s been awhile, but that’s always the risk of writing a blog when you have a full time job, a life and a family. So, I’m back and better than ever, well at le…READ MORE

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  • Broadcom buys Brocade in $5.9B deal

    editorial Blog

    Broadcom Ltd. Nov. 2 said it would acquire storage and networking supplier Brocade Communications Systems Inc. in a deal valued at $5.9 billion.

    Chip-maker Broadcom said it will keep Brocade’s Fibre Channel and storage area networking line but will sell the company’s IP networking business, which…READ MORE

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  • AWS users get more options for buying and sizing instances

    editorial Blog

    The latest AWS updates hit on some common themes to  provide customers with more options around compute power and discounted purchasing.

    Amazon’s new P2 instance type offers up to 16 graphic processing units (GPUs)  and up to eight NVIDIA Tesla K80 Accelerators. GPUs provide massive amounts of …READ MORE

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  • Advanced public Wi-Fi is key, but security is imperative

    editorial Blog

    In this guest blog by Cloud4Wi’s Jeff Abramowitz, we explore the need to balance public Wi-Fi network installations with advanced security measures to protect users.

    Connecting to the internet in public spaces is second nature to most of us. Whether it’s in stores, restaurants, shopping centr…READ MORE

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  • Are team chat apps here to stay?

    editorial Blog

    Team chat is the latest trend in unified communications as business-based messaging has capitalized on the popularity and ubiquity of consumer-based texting. Team chat ultimately aims to boost worker productivity and streamline business workflows.

    The popularity of team chat apps has soared in th…READ MORE

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  • Warning: Password policy reaction may offend (Humor)

    member Blog

    A friend of mine recently had to inform his staff of a new password policy requiring all of the following: Upper and lower case letters, a number, a special character, at least 12 characters in length and had not been used in the last six months. Someone sent him this meme in reply:

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  • CMDB meets IoT and Security

    editorial Blog

    Back in February of 2011, I wrote an article called “Disruptive Tech Drives Need for Configuration Management”. The article referenced something called “light cubes” which I had read about in a Yahoo! News article titled “Wireless advances could mean no more cell towers”. At the time, intern…READ MORE

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  • On Test: Google Pixel XL Smartphone

    editorial Blog

    In this contribued blog post David McClelland reviews the new Google Pixel XL smartphone
    In brief
    The Google Pixel XL is a solid 5.5-inch smartphone with high-end specs and a top-end price. Aesthetically the Pixel does little to set itself apart from any other plus-sized smartphone, instead letti…READ MORE

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  • Blue Coat Proxy SG Client Connection methods

    member Blog

    When Blue Coat Proxy SG is configured for internet in any of the mentioned deployment methods the client must need to establish connection with Blue Coat Proxy SG appliance.  A client uses either an explicit method or a transparent method to establish a connection.

    Explicit Proxy:

    In this met…READ MORE

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  • Security Standards: What's in a name?

    editorial Blog

    I had an interesting phone call recently with someone in a CISO-type position.  They were looking for a consultant to help them keep a seat warm working with information security risk assessments and were hoping to find a resource with practical experience using the NIST 800-53 standard.  It was t…READ MORE

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  • GUEST BLOG: Why Apprenticeships offer a lifeline to the UK’s tech industry

    editorial Blog

    This contributed post by David Allison, founder and managing director of GetMyFirstJob, discusses the potential for apprenticeships to fill the UK’s tech skills gap. 

    Despite a challenging economic climate, the UK’s diverse digital industry has thrived over the past five years. According to a…READ MORE

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  • Thank You, Dear Readers


    I have truly enjoyed writing this blog for the last two years, but now it’s time to take a brain break. Thanks for your comments and readership. Happy secure computing….READ MORE

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  • Calling the odds

    editorial Blog

    I’ve had some interesting conversations recently with Professor Fred Piper regarding risk probability. The discussion started because I was concerned about assessments of risk probability, as one might routinely use to populate a risk heat map or risk register.

    What’s the problem? For me, it…READ MORE

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  • My Final Post

    member Blog

    This is, as the title suggests, my final post here at this site. I have been here for a few years and it has been great. But I feel that it is time to start my own blog site and try to build a bit of a brand all my own. So my new blog is DBYAY.com. This will be a site about SQL Server, Powershell, a…READ MORE

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  • Data Protection - Objectives or Outcomes?

    editorial Blog

    One of the greatest challenges faced by Privacy and Data Protection professionals is demonstrating that their organisations have complied with the requirements of the various laws governing the handling of personal data. The freshly revised BS10012 can help organisations to meet their privacy manage…READ MORE

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  • Dell acquisition plan leaves users hungry for details

    editorial Blog

    IT professionals hoping for a taste of what the combined Dell-EMC-VMware will serve up to them for new products and strategies, got a bowl of steam instead.

    In formally announcing the completion of their $67 billion deal, executives from Dell and EMC spent most of their presentation on Sept. 7 re…READ MORE

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  • Robert Morgan, RIP

    editorial Blog

    The sad news that outsourcing pioneer Robert Morgan recently died is a great loss to a great many people.I was with Robert a couple of weeks ago so it was a huge shock to hear of his sudden death.Robert is best known as co-founder of sourcing advisory Morgan Chambers, which cornered its market. It …READ MORE

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  • The IT - Business Alignment Paradox

    member Blog

    A lot has been written on this subject over the years and has also been intensely debated in various circuits. The task of aligning IT with business has probably been the most talked-of topic in the IT Management area. Quite a few seminars and talks on this subject that I attended, did talk of a hos…READ MORE

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