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Uncharted Waters by Matt Heusser

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From the Cloud to Virtualization, Software As a Service to Web Services, ideas seem to be everywhere all the time. Somewhere, somehow, someone needs to separate the wheat from the chaff. We’ve asked Matt Heusser to provide his insight and commentary on the prevailing issues for IT staff today.


Now here: Visual Studio for Mac

November 28, 2016 - For twenty years, Microsoft has been a Windows company. The original phones were supposed to run a true version of Windows; Bill Gates wanted Windows to run on the original Xbox. Windows 8 was a ground-up reboot of the operating system, designed to have tablets, phones, and laptops all run the same core code. Microsoft’s...... READ MORE


  • Get future-ready for omnishoppers

    editorial Blog

    This week, Cyber Monday sales hit a new record with consumers spending $3.4 billion on online shopping. In Searchlight, Senior Executive Editor Linda Tucci spoke with research analysts to find out how digital savvy “omnishoppers” are transforming the U.S. e-commerce scenario and what that means for …READ MORE

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  • click fraud


    Click fraud is the practice of artificially inflating traffic statistics for online advertisements. In the common pay-per-click advertising model, advertisers pay a fee for each click on their ad, anticipating that they have attracted a potential customer. Continued…

    Quote of the Day
    “Ad fraud…READ MORE

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  • How the backlash against cognitive computing will play out in 2017

    editorial Blog

    Science technology image via FreeImages
    By James Kobielus (@jameskobielus)

    Something tells me that 2017 will be a year of intense backlash in the world at large. Judging by the results and immediate aftermath of the US presidential election, the new year does not bode well for positive, uplift…READ MORE

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  • VMware brings the steak – without the sizzle

    editorial Blog

    LAS VEGAS — There have been some years at VMware’s annual VMworld conference where the company sold more sizzle than steak when introducing new technologies and their associated roadmaps. At this year’s show here this week, the company had some steak to work with — but forgot the sizzle.


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  • Windows 10 Desktop Share November 2016

    editorial Blog

    Around the start of each month, I like to look at the numbers for Windows 10’s share of the desktop. This month, I’ll turn to NetMarketShare and analytics.usa.gov for my data. Their take on desktop share is depicted in the two following screen caps made December 2, 2016. Together, they help describ…READ MORE

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  • The smarter your transit, the smarter your city

    editorial Blog

    The need to efficiently move people around dovetails perfectly with the capabilities of the internet of things, making it the ideal framework around which to develop smart cities. This is why building smart transit is so frequently a first step — after all, so much can be accomplished simply by pai…READ MORE

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  • Big Data Predictions and Concerns for 2017 and Beyond - II

    member Blog

    This post is in continuation of my previous post regarding Big Data predictions and concerns for 2017 and beyond. In the previous post, we talk about a huge increase in big data and spending. Let us talk further about big data predictions and concerns for coming years.

    The latest study by IDC say…READ MORE

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  • RSNA 2016: to cloud or not to cloud

    editorial Blog

    CHICAGO – Scott Seidelmann, founder and CEO of Candescent Health, a cloud medical imaging service vendor and sort of spin-off of cloud EHR vendor athenahealth, Inc., got off a plane and headed straight to the show floor of RSNA 2016.

    It was Tuesday, the second day of the 102nd Scientific Assembly…READ MORE

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  • HPE launches flash, SMB storage updates

    editorial Blog

    Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) rolled out a new 3PAR flash pricing initiative and StoreEasy file storage enhancements as part of a late-year rush of storage product releases.

    HPE last week disclosed that its $779 million in storage revenue was down 5% on a year-over-year basis for the fiscal fo…READ MORE

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  • The datacentre industry's "identity crisis" and its impact on recruitment

    editorial Blog

    The datacentre industry operates under a veil of secrecy, which could be having a detrimental impact on its ability to attract new talent, fear market experts.  

    When you tell people you write about datacentres for a living, the most common response you get is one of bafflement. Not many peopl…READ MORE

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  • Evapordation

    editorial Blog

    I don’t know how many other people experience it but there’s plenty of times I’ve gone to find data and it’s vanished, disappeared, gone. You know where you saved it, know where you put it but it just ain’t there no more. I call this Evapordation – the process by which data vaporises. Unfortunately,…READ MORE

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  • December Activity Contest

    editorial Blog

    Christmas image via FreeImages
    Wow – several community users went all out and totaled up the points in November’s activity contest. Three of them will win the $100 Amazon gift cards. They are:

    CarlosDL: 2,600 points
    ToddN2000: 2,580 points
    Subhendu Sen: 1,980 points

    And now onto the…READ MORE

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  • Trump presidency raises questions for regulatory compliance

    editorial Blog

    The future of regulatory compliance is under scrutiny as President-elect Donald Trump’s administration continues the transition process. Also in recent GRC news: Hackers demanded ransom after disabling San Francisco’s transportation system, ‘dronejacking’ could become the next security issue and Fac…READ MORE

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  • It's no use complaining about IT-illiterate MPs - the tech community needs to step into politics

    editorial Blog

    Twice in the past week, the UK government has passed legislation despite overwhelming concerns from the technology community.

    The Digital Economy Bill – a mostly sensible attempt to update laws around the digital economy – was waved through the House of Commons in the face of warnings from pr…READ MORE

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  • Hyper-converged systems: Questions for CIOs

    editorial Blog

    Hyper-converged systems are drawing a lot of interest. The main reason is simplicity. They bring together all the necessary data center components in one package — computation, storage, networking and virtualization. So the systems are easier to buy, implement and manage than traditional infrastruc…READ MORE

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  • Veritas NetBackup 8.0: how to ‘manage’ data inside a cloud

    editorial Blog

    Information management company Veritas Technologies is attempting to provide (even) greater control for data workloads that reside in cloud computing environments. The firm’s NetBackup 8.0 is now tabled alongside an integrated Enterprise Data Management solution.
    What is cloud data control?

    Adrian Bridgwater10,185 pointsBadges:
  • Brits will cancel Christmas and throw out the booze for more data

    editorial Blog

    Research from mobile provider Plusnet has revealed the depths to which the British people will apparently stoop if they can get an unlimited mobile data allowance out of the deal.

    Asked what they would be willing to forego if offered limitless data, a fifth of people said they would give up alcoh…READ MORE

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  • Why we all need to take a deep breath

    editorial Blog

    Dave West, CEO of Scrum.org, is the perfect person to talk with when you feel the sky is falling.

    We chatted a few weeks back, when it seemed that everything — in technology and in the world — was upside down. For starters, a just released survey from Harvey Nash showed technology was starting …READ MORE

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  • Microsoft-DoJ Irish Data Case Headed for Supremes

    member Blog

    As you may recall, in July the Second Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Microsoft did indeed not have to turn over data it owned that was stored in Ireland, in response to a Department of Justice (DoJ) search warrant. At the time, supporters were glad but said it was possible that the DoJ would ap…READ MORE

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  • My VMware AirWatch Transaction Log File Keeps Growing

    member Blog

    Anything the uses a database needs to have the database settings configured correctly, this includes all the VMware tools.  I’ve had a couple of customers contact me recently about VMware’s AirWatch system because the transaction log on the database keeps growing.  The reason in both cases so far …READ MORE

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