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A blog for users, storage solution providers -- including value-added resellers (VARs), systems integrators, managed service providers (MSPs) and consultants -- about data storage hardware and software products and services, backup/archiving products and services, disaster recovery, storage area networks (SANs) and network-attached storage (NAS).


There’s a Dropbox IPO? Really?

March 20, 2018 - Anyone who’s surprised by the Dropbox IPO this Friday, please poke out your right eye. Because this thing has been a loooooooooooooong time coming. As far back as 2011, analysts were speculating that Dropbox would file for an IPO. It was actually pretty surprising when Box filed for one first, in 2014. Then there was...... READ MORE


  • IBM analytics GM: data is the new cargo

    editorial Blog

    There are many magic rings in this world Frodo, just as there are many job titles spanning the ever-growing realm of software application development, programming and all related disciplines that fall under the wider banner of software engineering and data management.

    Of all the new job titles th…READ MORE

    Adrian Bridgwater13,600 pointsBadges:
  • Facebook data privacy missteps seen in light of GDPR

    editorial Blog

    C-suite folks and others have taken notice this week as Facebook finds itself in a sack of woe. Data privacy is at issue.

    The Silicon Valley high flyer has gained the kind of publicity you don’t want, in the wake of news that its social media platform was used to gather up Facebook profile info…READ MORE

    Jack Vaughan5,965 pointsBadges:
  • Fourth Industrial Revolution rhetoric: mere cant?

    editorial Blog

    Philip Hammond’s Spring statement, as UK chancellor, reached, predictably, for the rhetoric of the so-called fourth industrial revolution.

    Not for the first time. Whenever he gets the chance to say the UK is in the forefront of artificial intelligence, big data analytics, and so on, and so fort…READ MORE

    Brian McKenna3,710 pointsBadges:
  • Cloud-centric IBM patents promise payoff

    editorial Blog

    IBM plans to sow its latest crop of U.S. patents with a strong cloud emphasis, and prepare a feast for its hungry customers.

    A substantial number of IBM patents for 2017 — more than 1900 out of 9043 total patents — were for cloud technologies, the company disclosed last month. Those numbers ill…READ MORE

    Darryl Taft185 pointsBadges:
  • Acts of discrimination lets gender inequality in technology go unresolved

    editorial Blog

    Coming up in tech over the past few decades wasn’t easy. A successful entrepreneur told me a story of how she landed her first tech job as a sales rep for a telecom agency. This was in the early days of deregulation, long before gender inequality in technology was an issue organizations were willing…READ MORE

    Daisy.McCarty80 pointsBadges:
  • Data-sharing and cloud: A big data match made in heaven

    editorial Blog

    In this guest post, Thibaut Ceyrolle, vice president for Europe, Middle-East and Africa (EMEA) at data warehousing startup Snowflake Computing, makes the business case for using cloud to boost data-sharing within enterprises and beyond.

    The phrase, ‘data is the new oil’, continues to hold tru…READ MORE

    Caroline Donnelly5,170 pointsBadges:
  • The citizen data scientist comes of age

    editorial Blog

    Business intelligence in an IoT-enabled world promises to convey competitive advantage, operational efficiency and automated support for revamped business models. Great! You get those benefits by using cloud computing, location intelligence, end-user data, advanced analytics, machine learning, AI an…READ MORE

    Mark Palmer10 pointsBadges:
  • Researchers use EHR data to predict opioid prescriptions

    editorial Blog

    EHR data can help healthcare providers identify which patients in a hospital were most likely to be prescribed opioids after discharge, according to researchers at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus.

    According to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), in 2016, more tha…READ MORE

    Tayla Holman930 pointsBadges:
  • Io-Tahoe CEO Shares Insights on Smart Data Discovery

    member Blog

    Io-Tahoe has just announced the General Availability (GA) release of its smart data discovery platform. I sat down with Oksana Sokolovsky, CEO of Io-Tahoe, to better understand the data challenges facing modern enterprises, and how Io-Tahoe is attempting to address them.

    You’ve just announced t…READ MORE

    Jaideep Khanduja17,400 pointsBadges:
  • Will Alexa kill the radio star?

    editorial Blog

    I am fond of my Amazon Echo smart speaker (other brands are available). Some would say perhaps too fond. I am wont to ask, “Alexa, do I look good today?” and ‘she’ sometimes says I look great, which is in equal measure reassuring, but also rather unlikely.

    By the way, before you ask, I do…READ MORE

    Jason Stamper110 pointsBadges:
  • The sweet life of Cambridge Analytica

    editorial Blog

    Channel 4’s hidden-camera exposé on data firm Cambridge Analytica has made familiar faces of the puppeteers of democracy who wished to remain invisible, but we’re glad to meet them.
    Not since the third season of Fargo have we seen an ultra-British supervillain as captivating as Mark Turnbull, …READ MORE

    Ryan Priest235 pointsBadges:
  • Alibaba’s dual-mode SSD platform raises bar for storage performance

    editorial Blog

    The growing use of artificial intelligence and big data has put a strain on hyperscale datacentres, particularly traditional, standardised storage infrastructure that has been unable to adapt to different I/O requirements.

    Standardised storage, while offering backward compatibility and portabilit…READ MORE

    Aaron Tan1,385 pointsBadges:
  • Amazon RDS


    Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) is a managed SQL database service provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Continued…

    Quote of the Day
    “One of the advantages of developers using Amazon RDS instead of managing their own databases is that it reduces or eliminates their administrati…READ MORE

    Kaitlin Herbert1,600 pointsBadges:
  • Symbolic IO becomes Formulus Black

    editorial Blog

    Symbolic IO has changed its name as part of “complete rebranding” months after its founder was arrested on a domestic violence charge.

    Symbolic IO is now called Formulus Black. The company made no formal announcement, but the old Symbolic IO web site redirects you to formulusblack.com. Linked…READ MORE

    Dave Raffo10,405 pointsBadges:
  • Compose/Comprise - Which is correct?

    editorial Blog

    The AWS portfolio ______ more than 100 services, including those for compute, databases, infrastructure management, application development and security.

    a. comprises
    b. composes




    Answer: A

    Comprise means “is made up of” or “consists of.”

    Compose means…READ MORE

    Kaitlin Herbert1,600 pointsBadges:
  • Effective Communication with Senior Management

    member Blog

    If there’s one email that every consultant looks forward to, it’s probably “What are your rates and availability for work?”

    I got that email a few years ago at an awkward time; I was in Germany at the Agile Testing Days Conference.

    So I wrote the email you might expect. For a duration of less …READ MORE

    Matt Heusser3,935 pointsBadges:
  • Reducing Win10 Upgrade Offline Time

    editorial Blog

    Last week, the Windows Insider blog featured a notable bit of information. Under the somewhat bland heading of “feature update improvements” Joseph Conway (Sr. Program Manager, Windows Fundamentals (Deployment)) dropped some fascinating information. Talking about feature update installation, he repo…READ MORE

    Ed Tittel10,745 pointsBadges:
  • AI is shaking the application market to its core

    editorial Blog

    Application image via FreeImages
    By James Kobielus (@jameskobielus)

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming practically every aspect of the application, analytics, data management, and IT infrastructure markets.

    Increasingly, AI applications live in the cloud. As Wikibon found in our r…READ MORE

    Michael Tidmarsh61,620 pointsBadges:
  • There's a Dropbox IPO? Really?

    member Blog

    Anyone who’s surprised by the Dropbox IPO this Friday, please poke out your right eye. Because this thing has been a loooooooooooooong time coming.

    As far back as 2011, analysts were speculating that Dropbox would file for an IPO. It was actually pretty surprising when Box filed for one first, …READ MORE

    Sharon Fisher9,195 pointsBadges:
  • Innovate Finance Global Summit gets fintech ready for adulthood

    editorial Blog

    Fintech is an adolescent suddenly realising it can’t use the excuse of being young for any inadequacies. Like with everyone when they reach adulthood the rules change.

    Remember when fintech was on the fringes of the IT and banking industries? Today it is an industry of its own which combines the …READ MORE

    KarlFl4029,440 pointsBadges:

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