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Uncharted Waters by Matt Heusser

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From the Cloud to Virtualization, Software As a Service to Web Services, ideas seem to be everywhere all the time. Somewhere, somehow, someone needs to separate the wheat from the chaff. We’ve asked Matt Heusser to provide his insight and commentary on the prevailing issues for IT staff today.


Learning Assertive Communication Skills

August 22, 2016 - In the course of my work I occasionally find a situation: management wants technical staff to be more assertive. That is, the technical staff feel they are not heard, but when we get down to talking, they often don’t know how to ask. Today I’d like to talk about assertive communication, and how different it...... READ MORE


  • Agile Godzilla roars, Blueprint Storyteller for Jira

    editorial Blog

    The rush to adopt, embrace and imbibe Agile (CAPS A) tools both inside and outside of software application development circles has never been greater. Aiming to stake a claim in this space is Blueprint Software with its set of management software products that claim to reduce error-prone functions i…READ MORE

    Adrian Bridgwater9,130 pointsBadges:
  • Governance isn't enough when it comes to designing secure software

    editorial Blog

    In a world where IT capabilities, tools, and infrastructure are evolving at an unprecedented pace, it’s easy to get swept up in the forward momentum. But enterprises are beginning to realize that while free open source code and low-cost cloud infrastructure are certainly valuable, unbridled and un…READ MORE

    jasontee30 pointsBadges:
  • Delta outage sparks disaster recovery concerns

    editorial Blog

    This week, the news of Delta Air Lines’ computer outage soared high, while Delta flights remained grounded. Over 2000 flights were cancelled and delays still continue. In Searchlight, associate site editor Brian Holak talks with industry experts to find out what IT executives can learn from the outa…READ MORE

    Mekhala Roy140 pointsBadges:
  • Whose bloatware is killing your on-line sales?

    editorial Blog

    Internet marketeers appear to have only just discovered that  half their audience “won’t even wait three seconds” for a website to load. I was, however, more interested to learn that average response times are now 4.5 seconds and growing.  Back in 1971, I was taught than an average response time o…READ MORE

    Philip Virgo3,425 pointsBadges:
  • Calling the odds

    editorial Blog

    I’ve had some interesting conversations recently with Professor Fred Piper regarding risk probability. The discussion started because I was concerned about assessments of risk probability, as one might routinely use to populate a risk heat map or risk register.

    What’s the problem? For me, it…READ MORE

    David Lacey3,510 pointsBadges:
  • What's the future of the PaaS "layer"?

    member Blog

    If you give a techie a whiteboard and a marker, regardless of the topic, they tend to want to draw “a stack”. They like to build layers upon layers of technology, showing how each is dependent and interacting with other layers.

    When people talk about the cloud computing stack, they often sta…READ MORE

    Brian Gracely6,135 pointsBadges:
  • Ransomware is reaching for new targets. Protect thyself.

    editorial Blog

    No doubt you’ve read news stories about individual consumers, police departments, and now even hospitals having their computers and data victimized by ransomware , an exploit in which the attacker “kidnaps” and encrypts the victim’s data, demanding payment for the decryption key. As a developer, is …READ MORE

    Joel Shore1,710 pointsBadges:
  • How mHealth will change our kids' lives

    editorial Blog

    My life was different than my parents’ lives, and I am sure their lives were also different than their parents’ own lives. I remember my grandmother telling me the story of when she gave birth to my father — seven days in the hospital, with pain, time and uncertainty defining the experience. Then I…READ MORE

    Don DeLoach45 pointsBadges:
  • Hazelcast: building through 'modularised' efficiency

    editorial Blog

    Hazelcast is an open source in-memory data grid with 500,000 installed nodes and over 16 million ‘node starts’ per month. The firm has now announced Hazelcast 3.7 which is claimed to be 30% faster than previous versions and is the first fully modularised version of Hazelcast.
    Each client/language…READ MORE

    Adrian Bridgwater9,130 pointsBadges:
  • EMC: Commercial drone storage market primed for takeoff

    editorial Blog

    Commercial use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or drones, is just starting to emerge. Drone storage, on the other hand, isn’t getting as much attention.

    EMC wants to gain a toehold in the market for drone-related scalable storage, particularly its scale-out Isilon NAS and object-based Elast…READ MORE

    Garry Kranz2,635 pointsBadges:
  • How to break up GDS without breaking up GDS

    editorial Blog

    The Cabinet Office and its latest recruit – new Government Digital Service (GDS) chief Kevin Cunnington – are adamant that GDS will not be broken up.

    Cunnington told us so in his first blog post of his new job. The Cabinet Office said that the controversial change of leadership “categorical…READ MORE

    Bryan Glick3,100 pointsBadges:
  • Possible Fix for Win10 AU Webcam Fail

    editorial Blog

    Owing to a technology change in the Anniversary Update to Windows 10, webcams on many PCs have since failed to work properly. To be more specific, various kinds of webcam software including programs from Logitech, Skype (and Skype for Business), and others, won’t show outgoing video. Worse, these p…READ MORE

    Ed Tittel7,545 pointsBadges:
  • IBM, Cisco add Watson to edge

    editorial Blog

    Cisco and IBM said they’d work together to add Big Blue’s Watson artificial intelligence and analytics technology to Cisco’s edge devices.

    The alliance reflects Cisco’s strategy to push more intelligence to the edge of the network, eliminating the need to push the data to the cloud, said Mike Fla…READ MORE

    Chuck Moozakis800 pointsBadges:
  • In the fine print: Dissecting a cloud service agreement

    editorial Blog

    Without a cloud service agreement, public cloud users would be in the dark about crucial factors related to cloud performance, security and data privacy.

    Like any contract, though, cloud service agreements aren’t the easiest documents to digest; their length and complexity can tempt even the most…READ MORE

    Kristin Knapp250 pointsBadges:
  • Emerging tech trends point to new era of digital business

    editorial Blog

    Talking SMAC, an acronym for social, mobile, analytics and cloud, is so yesterday. Instead, if CIOs want to be fashion forward — technologically speaking — they should start talking artificial intelligence, machine learning and software-defined security, an approach that relies on software rather …READ MORE

    Nicole Laskowski4,095 pointsBadges:
  • Top 10 VMworld session picks for 2016

    editorial Blog

    If there’s one piece of advice I’d give to first-time VMworld attendees, it’d be to sign up early for breakout sessions. VMworld’s 2016 Schedule Builder goes live July 19, and you can expect the most popular sessions to reach capacity soon after. If you don’t want to be waiting in the overflow line …READ MORE

    Nick Martin1,230 pointsBadges:
  • How the Earlham Institute is showcasing female Stem role models

    editorial Blog

    The Earlham Institute is working hard to break down preconceptions about who can have a Stem career, and Rob Davey and Peter Bickerton took the time to tell Computer Weekly how.

    In the lead up to Computer Weekly’s annual women in IT event was international women’s day, and many organisations…READ MORE

    Clare McDonald2,735 pointsBadges:
  • Project Management Lessons from Cafe Coffee Day Outlet

    member Blog

    Recently I was at one of the busiest Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) outlet. We are drawing some important project management lessons from my experience there. The outlet is at Rajiv Chowk Metro Station in New Delhi. During my transit, I was feeling hungry. And that is the reason I was there to grab some quic…READ MORE

    Jaideep Khanduja11,105 pointsBadges:
  • TechTarget's weekly roundup (8/15 - 8/22)

    editorial Blog

    Cloud image via FreeImages
    Who’s winning the cloud wars? Find out who takes the top spot in this week’s roundup.

    1. Latest Gartner ranking: Who’s winning the cloud wars – Jason Sparapani (SearchCIO)

    AWS, Azure and Google score big in the latest Gartner ranking. But don’t just go by good gra…READ MORE

    Michael Tidmarsh47,855 pointsBadges:
  • Learning Assertive Communication Skills

    member Blog

    In the course of my work I occasionally find a situation: management wants technical staff to be more assertive.

    That is, the technical staff feel they are not heard, but when we get down to talking, they often don’t know how to ask.

    Today I’d like to talk about assertive communication, and ho…READ MORE

    Matt Heusser3,280 pointsBadges:

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