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Yottabytes: Storage and Disaster Recovery by Sharon Fisher

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A blog for users, storage solution providers -- including value-added resellers (VARs), systems integrators, managed service providers (MSPs) and consultants -- about data storage hardware and software products and services, backup/archiving products and services, disaster recovery, storage area networks (SANs) and network-attached storage (NAS).


Another Reason Not to Poke USB Sticks in Things

July 31, 2014 - Black Hat is always a fun time to find out what new security vulnerabilities there might be to keep you up at night — particularly if you attend and get your system infected while you’re there — and this year is no exception. The conference will be held in Las Vegas next week and the...... READ MORE


  • ITKE July giveaway contest - The winners!

    editorial Blog

    Contest winner image via Shutterstock
    After a grueling month of answering questions and commenting on discussions and blog posts, we finally have our three winners in our giveaway contest. Let me tell you, the race for the top spot was as close as it gets. Here were the final standings:

    Carlo…READ MORE

    Michael Tidmarsh28,955 pointsBadges:
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection Privilege Escalation Zero Day

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    What do you do when the very software you depend on to keep you safe from malware has vulnerabilities? Those of us who use Symantec Endpoint Protection on our networks are pondering this dilemma. Seems that SEP is vulnerable to attack.

    From the Internet Storm Center (ISC) InfoSec Handlers Diary:

    Ken Harthun1,180 pointsBadges:
  • Is a mobile-optimized website or app right for your small business?

    editorial Blog

    Check out part one of this blog post to learn an easy trick for developing a mobile strategy for your small business.

    Arguably the strongest case for going mobile is the opportunity it gives you to engage with customers. The widespread adoption of smartphones and the evolution of mobile apps h…READ MORE

    Fran Sales635 pointsBadges:
  • IBM Fellow Andrew Walls discusses flash strategy

    editorial Blog

    IBM Fellow Andrew Walls thinks most if not all active data will eventually reside on flash storage, and when Walls speaks, IBM Storage listens.

    Walls is responsible for setting the strategy for the company’s storage portfolio and defining the architecture for next-generation flash arrays and st…READ MORE

    Carol Sliwa900 pointsBadges:
  • Beating Jetlag

    member Blog

    The biggest downside of traveling to places far and wide is jetlag. If you’ve never flown father than 1 or 2 timezones you’ve never experienced the true joy that is jetlag. For most people traveling east, sucks while traveling west isn’t to bad. I’m one of these people.

    What most people do, espec…READ MORE

    Denny Cherry66,010 pointsBadges:
  • Will Internet Neutrality Cost Us Money or Save Us Money?

    member Blog

    I’m personally in favor of Net Neutrality — that is, having all Internet content providers pay the same rates to the broadband ISP oligopolists. And I say oligopolists because there are hardly ever more than one or two available to any given American, and often there is only one. So if you’re a con…READ MORE

    Robin "Roblimo" Miller645 pointsBadges:
  • Another Reason Not to Poke USB Sticks in Things

    member Blog

    Black Hat is always a fun time to find out what new security vulnerabilities there might be to keep you up at night — particularly if you attend and get your system infected while you’re there — and this year is no exception. The conference will be held in Las Vegas next week and the online world …READ MORE

    Sharon Fisher410 pointsBadges:
  • member Blog


    This happens more often than I’d like.  It does get more difficult to work on projects when you have to think of all the dependencies you need, then find out you need to change pieces halfway through….READ MORE

    Eric Hansen1,775 pointsBadges:
  • How CIO Cynthia Nustad vets the cloud

    editorial Blog

    For my ongoing research on the economics of cloud, I interviewed  Cynthia Nustad, CIO at Health Management Systems, Inc., on how she vets her cloud providers. For starters, Nustad said she looks at cloud as “more of a business technology strategy versus an IT project.” And, for that reason, she d…READ MORE

    Kristen Lee110 pointsBadges:
  • TechTarget's weekly roundup (7/21 - 7/28)

    editorial Blog

    Mobile image via Shutterstock
    Between Android, iOS and Windows Phone, which is the best choice for you? Find out in this week’s roundup.

    1. Android, iOS, Windows mobile OS war a positive for customers – Jake O’Donnell (SearchConsumerization)

    Which mobile OS is best for your enterprise? IT p…READ MORE

    Michael Tidmarsh28,955 pointsBadges:
  • New SQL Server certifications: What you need to know

    member Blog

    April 1st, 2014, saw the release of SQL Server 2014, Microsoft’s cloud first data platform. Latest in a long line of relational database management systems, SQL Server 2014 boasted a range of new and improved features. This included greater performance through In-Memory OLTP,  increased availabili…READ MORE

    FirebrandInstructors55 pointsBadges:
  • IE no more secure than an unlocked car

    member Blog

    My MINI Cooper is parked in a garage. In the car is a pile of coins that if counted would amount to $34, probably. That’s why I locked the doors, hid the coins, parked in sight of the lot attendant and ensured that nothing else of value was in view of passersby.
    Paranoid? Maybe. For $34 I probabl…READ MORE

    Jeff Cutler230 pointsBadges:
  • Rumor Roundup: Windows' Future Lacks Clarity

    member Blog

    With the upcoming release of Windows 8.1 Update 2 reportedly immanent, expected to fall on Patch Tuesday in August (8/12/2014), there’s certainly been a lot of fuss and bother lately about what’s coming (or not) for upcoming Windows releases including that particular one. With a variety of Russian a…READ MORE

    Ed Tittel4,465 pointsBadges:
  • Explaining SMAC (social, mobile, analytics and cloud)


    WhatIs.com Word of the Day

    SMAC (social, mobile, analytics and cloud) is the concept that four technologies are currently driving business innovation. SMAC creates an ecosystem that allows a business to improve its operations and get closer to the customer with minimal overhead and maximum reach….READ MORE

    Margaret Rouse1,685 pointsBadges:
  • Kaspersky Lab survey reveals security opportunities for partners

    editorial Blog

    By Lynn Haber

    If a lack of awareness about IT solutions equals opportunity for savvy partners, then Kaspersky Lab’s recently released survey results highlight a healthy opportunity for channel partners that have expertise in virtualization security.

    In the “Global IT Security Risks Survey 2014…READ MORE

    Spencer Smith80 pointsBadges:
  • Thoughts from OSCON 2014

    member Blog

    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was making mainstream media believe that everyone in IT was an experienced Linux SysAdmin.

    Or so I thought as I traveled to Portland, Oregon for OSCON 2014 (all content and videos included). I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, although I’ve been to seve…READ MORE

    Brian Gracely305 pointsBadges:
  • Wait a minute. What did Kevin Mitnick actually do?

    member Blog

    He was arrested twice for computer crimes and wire fraud. At the time of his second arrest, he was on probation from the first, caught by a large multi-agency dragnet including the FBI.

    The actual term in the FBI press release was “manhunt”; he has been called The World’s Most Famous Hacker.


    Matt Heusser875 pointsBadges:
  • A Project Driven by Tencent Inc: WeChat

    member Blog

    We have a number of mobile chat apps available in the market – or rather on internet market – Whatsapp, Line, Viber, WeChat, Facebook messenger, twitter and so on. Most of these apps support cross platforms so as to enable you to connect with your friends irrespective of the mobile they use and the …READ MORE

    Jaideep Khanduja9,040 pointsBadges:
  • Consultants (don't) add value

    editorial Blog

    I was at this social gathering organized by one of the top global consulting companies for their current and potential customers. It had attendance from veteran industry leaders, founders of companies, CEOs and CFOs, sprinkled with a few Venture Capital heads and off-course partners from the sponsor…READ MORE

    Arun Gupta25 pointsBadges:
  • History cmdlets

    member Blog

    There are 4 cmdlets for working with the history in a PowerShell session:

    Add-History – adds an entry to the history
    Clear-History – clears the history
    Get-History -enables you see the current history
    Invoke-History – enables you to run a line in your history

    Get-History is the one I …READ MORE

    Richard Siddaway3,860 pointsBadges:

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