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Uncharted Waters by Justin Rohrman

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From the Cloud to Virtualization, Software As a Service to Web Services, ideas seem to be everywhere all the time. Somewhere, somehow, someone needs to separate the wheat from the chaff. We’ve asked Matt Heusser to provide his insight and commentary on the prevailing issues for IT staff today.


Where Has Innovation Gone

May 3, 2016 - Where does innovation come from, and where has it gone? My schedule is jam packed lately. I have a nearly full time contract gig that keeps me at my desk testing software most days. After that, there is writing work to be done. That floats up and down depending on the month and what editors...... READ MORE


  • Gridstore chairman takes CEO reins

    editorial Blog

    Gridstore chairman Nairman Teymourian took over as CEO today, with plans to install a utility services model for delivering hyper-convergence.

    Teymourian has been Gridstore’s chairman since October. He replaces George Symons, who left soon after Teymorian joined and Gridstore closed a $19 milli…READ MORE

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  • Volunteer organisation Stemettes launches careers development app OtotheB

    editorial Blog

    The science, technology, engineering and maths (Stem) careers volunteer organisation has launched an application helping girls through their Stem journey. The Stemettes application, entitled OtotheB, is designed to offer girls aspiring to work in the Stem industry access to role models, activitie…READ MORE

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  • PCI DSS 3.2 multifactor requirement among the version's biggest changes

    editorial Blog

    Details surrounding the updated Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard show that version 3.2 includes new multifactor authentication and encryption requirements. Also in recent GRC news: SEC enforcement actions — or the lack of them — are raising concerns about the agency’s ability to regul…READ MORE

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  • Hortonworks certifies EnterpriseDB advanced

    editorial Blog

    Postgres database company EnterpriseDB has confirmed that its mission-critical special edition release of EDB Postgres Advanced Server (an enhanced version of PostgreSQL) has been certified for the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP).

    The play here is as follows: combining EDB Postgres with HDP p…READ MORE

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  • Slower tech market is backdrop for Apple revenue dip

    editorial Blog

    Last week I wrote about the 13% fall in Apple revenue after 13 years of growth, surveying opinions on whether the news says something about Apple — and the product taking the blame for the slide, the iPhone — or about the market as a whole.

    John-David Lovelock, analyst for market researcher Gar…READ MORE

    Jason Sparapani750 pointsBadges:
  • Joint Commission gets hip to text messaging

    editorial Blog

    The Joint Commission, the independent nonprofit that functions as a sort of unofficial arm of government healthcare regulatory agencies, has essentially reversed its 2011 opinion on clinician text messaging.

    In the May 2016 issue of its Joint Commission Perspectives newsletter, the commission upd…READ MORE

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  • Where Has Innovation Gone

    member Blog

    Where does innovation come from, and where has it gone?

    My schedule is jam packed lately. I have a nearly full time contract gig that keeps me at my desk testing software most days. After that, there is writing work to be done. That floats up and down depending on the month and what editors need….READ MORE

    Justin Rohrman1,225 pointsBadges:
  • Why Europe is coming round to BT's broadband thinking

    editorial Blog

    by Ronan KellyBT has been in the UK headlines quite a lot these past few weeks. News of a rare service interruption aside, BT’s recent press cuttings file is par for the course. A little background chatter about potential regulatory tightening here; some more calls to accelerate faster and cheaper …READ MORE

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  • When IT contracts become a "once in a generation" thing

    editorial Blog

    While central government is increasingly moving away from outsourcing deals with single suppliers with a clear view of creating agile services that respond to the changing needs of both government and the public, the picture is very different in some local authorities
    Earlier this week, I reported …READ MORE

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  • Robert Morgan, RIP

    editorial Blog

    The sad news that outsourcing pioneer Robert Morgan recently died is a great loss to a great many people.I was with Robert a couple of weeks ago so it was a huge shock to hear of his sudden death.Robert is best known as co-founder of sourcing advisory Morgan Chambers, which cornered its market. It …READ MORE

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  • Improving customer focus with intelligent systems

    editorial Blog

    In this contriibuted article, Mindtree’s Suman Nambiar, europe head of travel and hospitality industry group, and Ranjith Kutty, senior director and head of solutions and new business / travel, transportation and hospitality vertical in North America, discuss how the future of technology will chang…READ MORE

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  • Automation Ultimatum...

    editorial Blog

    IT – a job for life? Possibly… just finished a meeting with an old IT mate, Mike Silvey of Moogsoft, and we were talking about how all the recent networking reinvention bollox has basically forced companies into investing in new technology, not least network management in its broadest sense, si…READ MORE

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  • Clearing blurred lines around real-time analytics

    editorial Blog

    This is a guest blog post by Martin Willcox, director of big data, Teradata Today’s increasingly crowded and competitive business environment has led to an explosion in the popularity of real-time and near real-time systems, with enterprises across the globe devoting more and more of their attenti…READ MORE

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  • Twitter hacked: "Unemployed Single Mom"

    editorial Blog

    As the whole of Britain relaxes to watch Andy Murray take on Rafael Nadal at Wimbledon, it seems that a hacker has managed to infiltrate Twitter, causing a wave of spam tweets featuring the words “unemployed single mom” and a random series of cash amounts you can earn working from home.Hacking group…READ MORE

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  • Identity assurance and the sharing economy

    editorial Blog

    The Department for Business, Innovation & Skills has released Debbie Wosskow’s independent review on the potential of the sharing economy,”Unlocking the sharing economy: an independent review”.I haven’t had an opportunity to read the document in full yet, but there are recommendations in there …READ MORE

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  • Did I miss anything?

    editorial Blog

    Don’t be alarmed, I am still alive! After a long absence I’m back after an unofficial hiatus. Past six months have been particular busy and it’s been awhile, but that’s always the risk of writing a blog when you have a full time job, a life and a family. So, I’m back and better than ever, well at le…READ MORE

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  • Putting the SEC into DEVOPS

    editorial Blog

    I’ve been pressing for greater speed in security management for many years. “Replace the Deming Loop with the Boyd (OODA) loop” has been my mantra. Yet when I first encountered DEVOPS, I immediately thought it would fail because it broke the segregation of duties principle. Perhaps it would be …READ MORE

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  • Telecom Services Spend - Market Research Companies

    editorial Blog

    Large market research companies spend £600 per employee on telecom services.  This is comparable with the UK norm.  For smaller sized research firms, the expenditure is higher than the corresponding UK average.  In the case of the smallest concerns it is up by at least a factor of tw…READ MORE

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  • Evapordation

    editorial Blog

    I don’t know how many other people experience it but there’s plenty of times I’ve gone to find data and it’s vanished, disappeared, gone. You know where you saved it, know where you put it but it just ain’t there no more. I call this Evapordation – the process by which data vaporises. Unfortunately,…READ MORE

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  • Commercializing IoT: Don't forget to ship the 'Things'

    editorial Blog

    There’s a subtle reality that often gets overlooked during the ideation phase of an Internet of Things solution. The “Things” are real, physical products that have to be manufactured, shipped, installed, connected, serviced, billed, etc. Enterprise workflow supporting all of those tasks is critical …READ MORE

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