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500 million stolen financial records in the last 12 months

October 24, 2014 - Week after week a new breach is reported, followed by more advice on how best to protect yourself. But as this week’s news roundup from SearchCIO’s Fran Sales shows, the degree to which companies are unprepared for cybercrime is downright scary. She recounts the story of one organization that didn’t know it had been hacked...... READ MORE


  • PowerShell classes - - overloading constructors

    member Blog

    You can usually create a .NET object from a class in one of several ways – no parameters i.e. and empty object up to an object with all of its properties populated as you create it. When you define a class you define the various ways in which it can be created – these are known as its constructo…READ MORE

    Richard Siddaway4,180 pointsBadges:
  • I (Heart) My New Wireless Keyboard

    member Blog

    Several friends and I got into a discussion of the famous IBM Model M keyboard. Unicomp still makes those keyboards, starting at $79. And while Wikipedia says, “Unicomp has had difficulty making them profitable because they rarely break, and most retailers will not stock such an expensive keyboard,”…READ MORE

    Robin "Roblimo" Miller725 pointsBadges:
  • Microsoft Posts Strong Fiscal Year First Quarter Earnings

    member Blog

    PCs are not dead and neither is Microsoft.

    The company proved the skeptics wrong and posted strong revenue for its fiscal year first quarter 2015 earnings. Microsoft posted $23.2 billion in revenue, up 25% compared with the same period last year. However, net income was down $4.5 billion, compare…READ MORE

    Diana Hwang1,320 pointsBadges:
  • 500 million stolen financial records in the last 12 months

    editorial Blog

    Week after week a new breach is reported, followed by more advice on how best to protect yourself. But as this week’s news roundup from SearchCIO’s Fran Sales shows, the degree to which companies are unprepared for cybercrime is downright scary. She recounts the story of one organization that didn’t…READ MORE

    Kristen Lee325 pointsBadges:
  • IT executive pay jumps; security and cloud top the IT priority ladder

    editorial Blog

    The results are in: 2014 was a good year for IT executive pay, according to the TechTarget 2014 IT Salary Survey. SearchCIO Executive editor Linda Tucci talked to IT professionals who said the upward trend is a necessary payback after weak compensation in 2013, and companies can no longer ignore the…READ MORE

    Brian Holak40 pointsBadges:
  • NetSuite: An Overview

    member Blog

    NetSuite had a substantial growth during 2013 with an overall increase in company revenue to the extent of 35%, i.e. USD 418 million. The main focus of NetSuite stays on financial accounting and ERP functionalities. NetSuite takes care of sales force automation to its core level comprising of oppo…READ MORE

    Jaideep Khanduja9,330 pointsBadges:
  • I see the future and the future is gold

    member Blog

    The forty something company SAP has changed it’s branding logo and now it is all gold.

    Just the like the messages that are coming from CEO Bill McDermott and User Experience labs in the form of products like Fiori and Personas, everything is much simpler and changing the way the brand is presente…READ MORE

    Clinton Jones460 pointsBadges:
  • EMC takes control of VCE, Tucci willing to delay retirement

    editorial Blog

    EMC, under pressure to spin off assets or merge with another large company, today spun in one of its assets – its VCE joint venture with Cisco.
    EMC CEO and chairman Joe Tucci would not comment on any other possible M&A strategy during EMC’s earnings report call. Hewlett-Packard executives h…READ MORE

    Dave Raffo4,620 pointsBadges:
  • Protecting Your Data in Any Storm

    member Blog

    Luckily we still have power as I write today’s column. The winds have been gusting to about 55MPH and the rain is lashing the windows of my office. In some ways, it’s akin to being at sea without the added fear that we might capsize. Regardless, the power and Internet are still up and I’m typi…READ MORE

    Jeff Cutler510 pointsBadges:
  • And your SQL PASS Speaker Idol Judges Are...

    member Blog

    If you are attending the SQL PASS Summit in Seattle, WA in November 2014 you’ve probably heard that the SQL PASS Summit is going to be having it’s first speaker idol with the winner of the competition winning a speaking slot at the SQL PASS Summit in 2015.

    In order to have a contest we need judge…READ MORE

    Denny Cherry66,190 pointsBadges:
  • What is the internet of things

    member Blog

    A new tech industry phrase, The Internet of Things, has been floating around the web for a few months now. The Internet of things is a loose term people are using to describe any number of devices that may or may not currently live in your house. It’s all so vague. Last week, I found myself reading …READ MORE

    Justin Rohrman365 pointsBadges:
  • Cisco's Klein on partner progress and feedback

    editorial Blog

    In another six months, on April 27-30, the Cisco Partner Summit 2015 will kick off in Montreal. However, what’s important for partners is what happens between one global Summit and the next.

    Back in March at Cisco Partner Summit 2014 in Las Vegas, the vendor laid out its next-generation partner p…READ MORE

    Lynn Haber1,590 pointsBadges:
  • Thoughts on achieving good MPLS costs

    editorial Blog

    If your idea of obtaining good MPLS costs is to throw a spreadsheet of sites together and hope for the best, you might be disappointed. In this article I share some of my experience where projects have achieved some excellent results.

    Part of creating a WAN proposal is building a specific capabil…READ MORE

    Robert Sturt95 pointsBadges:
  • Executive Dashboard Must Have Add-in

    member Blog

    If you have dreams of developing executive dashboards in Excel, you need this add-in.

    Drilldown PivotCharts
    Add double click drilldown to PivotCharts

    Drilldown Results Management
    Use just one worksheet for all drilldown requests to end drilldown clutter

    Embedded Chart Expand/Res…READ MORE

    Craig Hatmaker1,760 pointsBadges:
  • Finding the right cloud computing partner

    editorial Blog

    It’s clear that cloud computing is no longer a do-it-yourself venture, especially in the enterprise. A lot of companies can roll their own applications on Amazon Web Services for one-off projects, or for prototyping and testing, but for many enterprise application rollouts, a cloud computing consult…READ MORE

    Scot Petersen430 pointsBadges:
  • Do IT and business leaders need an attitude adjustment?

    editorial Blog

    It’s not uncommon for IT and business leaders to want to reap the benefits of having employees collaborate amongst each other, but the same perspective isn’t always seen when it comes to sharing technology resources. Those decision-makers need an attitude adjustment when it comes to shared workloads…READ MORE

    Maxine Giza1,100 pointsBadges:
  • TechTarget's weekly roundup (10/13 - 10/20)

    editorial Blog

    Windows Server image via Shutterstock
    Are Docker and Microsoft a match made in heaven? Find out in this week’s roundup?

    1. Microsoft tries Docker containers on for size – Ed Scannell (SearchWindowsServer)

    Continuing its commitment to not lock users into Windows-only products, Microsoft will…READ MORE

    Michael Tidmarsh31,855 pointsBadges:
  • Lunch time networking causes indigestion

    editorial Blog

    The new email is a retrograde step and not an upgrade; life was so good with the older system. What is happening with our IT? The world is moving ahead and we are going backwards. How do you expect us to be effective when we cannot even communicate with our customers? I don’t know what to do, prob…READ MORE

    Arun Gupta25 pointsBadges:
  • JPMorgan Chase hackers compromised 13 other finance companies

    editorial Blog

    Online consumer security and privacy remains in the headlines as big-name companies continue to report cybersecurity breaches. Further investigations into the JPMorgan Chase cyberhack revealed that 13 other financial institutions’ computers were also breached, while Dairy Queen and Kmart’s in-store …READ MORE

    Fran Sales970 pointsBadges:
  • ITKE Twitter security chat (October 29th)

    editorial Blog

    Twitter image via Shutterstock
    It’s back! That’s right…our security experts are coming back for our second #ITKESecurity Twitter chat on October 29th at 1 PM (EST). Just to remind you, our security experts include:

    Jeff Cutler (ITKE blogger – Security Corner)

    Ken Harthun (ITKE blogger…READ MORE

    Michael Tidmarsh31,855 pointsBadges:

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