Touch Screen Programming in iSeries

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IBM iSeries
Hi Folks,

Can anyone give some pointers on touch sensitive screen programming or where I could get some info and guidance?

I have seen these being used at supermarket checkouts but not in business applications.  Are there any restrictions to these being used in business applications (iseries)?



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Touch screen programming using Client Access is a breeze. You need to configure a macro that has “Light Pen” and “Enter” for Client Access. In the DDS and RPG you build “Blocks” on the screen using different colors. For example row 1 to row 8 for lines 1thru 4 would be a block. Your Rpg program then is sent the cursor position of the block that was touched. Piece of cake to write and use. We use it for manufacturing, time clocks ets..

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  • TomLiotta
    It's not clear what you need. At my previous job, we utilized touch screens for AS/400 (it was 10+ years ago) inquiries by customers in 'kiosk' style setups. Orders could be created and tracked for example. But the kiosk equipment simply managed screen I/O and communicated to a sockets app running on the AS/400. That doesn't seem like what you're considering. Or maybe it is. OTOH, any touch-screen device that manages a TN5250 app should be seen like any other 5250 device. Related might be mouse-enablement, which is really no different from touch, as long as the app provides the same signals. Likewise, a browser can interact with a web or app server. Can you describe a couple examples use scenarios? Tom
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  • tjgm88
    Hi Tom, Thanks for your response. Yes, my initial details were sketchy. I wanted to see if there was anyone with touch screen experience before going into the details. We have a policy management system on the i-series using currently greeen screens. As everyone else, we are also "talking" about how best to modernize the application without the "rip and replace", strategy as it would just cost too much. I am just investigating the feasibility of touch screen option - how effective it would be with a legacy system. Also the various bits and pieces (apps & sockets & software) that would be required to make it all hang together. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks. Gopal
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  • WoodEngineer
    Check out ASNA's Visual RPG - it combines windows and iSeries very nicely. We used it to develop a touch screen application for truckers delivering raw materials to our plant. Its been in production for over four years. So far, so good. It would be hard to develop a pure green screen app with touch screen. I suspect the program would be primarily limited to F-key touches.
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  • MurrayInfoSys
    RonnieJen - Could you provide more detailed information? > You need to configure a macro that has "Light Pen" ... Macros I have no problem with. But a "Light Pen"? Lost! Sample code would be GREAT! TKS, MIS
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  • TomLiotta
    You need to configure a macro that has "Light Pen" and "Enter" for Client Access. Light pen! Great idea! It's been way too many years since I've even seen one. If it works (which seems very reasonable) and you don't have a basic example, I'll see if I can create one. As long as the field/region is "selectable", it works just as well with a mouse pointer, doesn't it? Tom
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  • RonnieJen
    We use Client access on the workstation and use a macro that is tied to the mouse function of the workstation. The macro is [light pen] [enter] . When the screen is touched the macro takes effect. On the As400 side of things, we use cursor positioning in the RPG program and DDS to find where the user clicked on the screen. That's all there is to it.
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  • MikeJensen
    OK, Rel 7.1 is here and Light Pen is a valid DDS Input keyword.  Do I still need a macro to do this?  Windows 8 Tablet and looking to add the Touch Screen capability.  I have not done macro's before so not sure how to create and attach that to CA Express.  Any help on this three year old thread will be helpful!  Thanks.
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