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The IBM System i, formerly AS/400 and also known as "iSeries", is IBM's mid-range computer operating system that still powers many enterprise business systems, from POS terminals to critical business logic systems. While critics have declared that the system has aged, the AS/400's resiliency, scalability and security are nearly unmatched, making it a beloved choice by many IT professionals who will happily trade a GUI for rock-solid dependability.

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Business Intelligence
The more you know about your business processes, the better you can deliver results from your work. Business intelligence (BI) covers a range of process and workforce management strategies and software, from inventory and supply chain management to enterprise resource planning tools.

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Career Development
If you’re not learning in IT, you’re falling behind. Career development advice may start with which IT certifications to get (and what it will take to get them), but it also includes tips on in-demand skill sets, salary specifications and the wide variety of technical training options.

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While the big name vendors create the products that power modern IT, it's often the channel that brings those products to market, explaining their value to the end users and then integrating IT technology into polished, full-on solutions that actually solve the business problems holding business back.

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Cloud Computing
Cloud is no longer just a buzzword – it’s a fact-of-life affecting every facet of the technology industry. Which cloud solution you choose – private, public or hybrid – and which provider you use will play key roles in determining your success, but so will the methods you use for deploying and monitoring cloud applications in your organization.

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There are many legal landmines in IT. By staying up on the latest regulatory compliance rules, from Sarbanes-Oxley to PCI DSS, you’ll limit your company’s liability and make smart decisions on how to handle all types of data.

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No longer can IT control the technology that employees use to do their daily work. Whether it’s a mobile device or a cloud storage service, IT departments in today’s “BYO” world must prepare for the challenges of managing and securing many new technologies in the enterprise, and also recognize the opportunities that come along with the shift to user-centric IT services.

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Content Management
Content is the lifeblood of many organizations, and managing its flow has become an increasingly complex endeavor. An effective enterprise content management strategy involves everything from CMS selection to information governance to records retention and retrieval.

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) covers technology tools for managing and nurturing a company's clients and sales prospects, and how the sales teams interact with them. The subject includes SalesForce, Dynamic CRM, and a host of other CRM players, large and small.

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Data Management
Information is everywhere – you just have to know how to use it effectively, whether it’s big data or small. To truly master data management strategy, you’ll want to know everything from data mining to integration, from analytics to warehousing.

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Database systems are at the heart of modern businesses, whether they're using Microsoft Access, Oracle RDBMS, or one of the plethora of open source options now available. A good database can speedily, reliably and predictably return the data businesses need to grow, while a mis-configured database can disrupt even the most carefully laid plans.

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The modern data center houses all the necessary computer systems and components that power modern business, government, and telecommunications, complete with backup power supplies, redundant connectivity options, and the heating, cooling, and shelter needing to keep data safe, secure, and intact.

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Desktop Management
Whether your organization oversees 20 desktops or 2000, you know there are any number of ways that things could go wrong. Desktop management covers PCs, Macs, remote management and more.

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Development covers the whole lifecyle of software creation: From the objective setting to coding, beta testing and refactoring, to bug reporting and troubleshooting the "final" product while keeping an to the next release, whether the software is internal or external.

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Email Administration
Microsoft Outlook may be the dominant email provider in the enterprise, but it’s not the only one. Learn the ins and outs of managing email clients, troubleshooting bugs, restricting user access and more.

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IT Strategy
Whether it’s a budget question or an organization process, managing an IT department is full of what ifs. CIOs and IT directors must constantly balance business priorities with user concerns – all while making sure each system runs as smoothly as possible.

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Linux has long powered the Internet, but it's popping up in increasingly more spots: Enterprise servers, various network appliances, and even widely desktops and laptops. The Open Source Software (OSS) has found a massive following for its price, customization, and solid security.

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Lotus Domino
Lotus Domino, the enterprise groupware application that powers many corporations collaboration efforts. Lotus Notes lets a corporation and its workers develop communications- and database-oriented applications so that users at different geographic locations can share files with each other, comment on them publicly or privately (to groups with special access), keep track of development schedules, work projects, guidelines and procedures, plans, white papers, and many other documents, including multimedia files.

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Microsoft Exchange
Microsoft Exchange defines e-mail for many, many organizations, but its features go well beyond simply sending the ubiquitous electronic missive. Microsoft Exchange coordinates enterprise calendars, contacts and, increasingly, connects users via voice and video.

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Microsoft Windows
Microsoft Windows, the world's dominant operating system, powers many of the world's desktops, laptops and netbooks, providing the software that other applications sit on and managing the user experience and application requirements. From early incarnations like Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 to current versions, the OS has been an information technology staple few major companies choose to forgo.

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Mobility spans a gamut of technologies, protocols and devices, but ultimately comes down to giving end users the flexibility to get their job done where and when their job requires it. From enabling wireless technologies like 802.11n networking and 4G wireless services like LTE and Wi-Max, IT professionals who master mobility give the business they work for the power to distribute their workforce in a flexible, secure and effective manner.

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Both wired and wireless networking, from 10G Ethernet to 802.11n, are the core connectors of modern business: Without them, companies might as well not even open their doors. Skills like LAN troubleshooting, WAN bandwidth optimization and proper firewall security are all essential to keeping communication open and business objectives being met.

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Oracle is one of the leading database platform vendors, and for good reason. Oracle Database, also known as Oracle RDBMS, provides a solid relational database management system that can be scaled to solve some of the largest database problems. To solve those database problems, however, IT professionals must master stored procedures, backup and restore and other related skills.

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Productivity Software
Microsoft Office – and especially Word, PowerPoint and Excel – dominate the traditional enterprise, but alternatives abound with their own complexities. Take comfort: Every error message you might encounter has probably been seen before.

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SAP ERP is the leading enterprise resource planning tool, aimed squarely at midsize to enterprise organizations. It helps companies consistently plan and allocate time, money and energy across the business, taking a unified looking at what is and isn't working. It also requires a degree of professional integration to work with business systems, including customer SAP module development, troubleshooting and analytics.

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Enterprise security ranges from penetration testing and intrusion detection to user education and prevention, from configuring firewalls to setting password policy. IT security is often driven by regulation like PCI and HIPAA, but whether mandated or not, companies once burned learn quickly that even one lapse can have devastating effects.

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SQL Server
Microsoft SQL Server, a relational model database server, is a mainstay in enterprise IT, providing a familiar, consistent SQL framework to power traditional and SaaS applications. SQL server. Its primary query languages are T-SQL and ANSI SQL.

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While storage prices consistently drop, storage demand continues to soar leaving storage and data backup professionals constantly in search of saving a dime while maintaining critical backup and recovery capabilities.

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Systems Management
The number of items on the typical sysadmin’s to-do list is perhaps surpassed only by the number of tools available to help with doing them. So, what to automate and what to avoid completely?

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Desktop, server and network virtualization have all dramatically cut down deployment time and capital costs while giving system administrators greater control and dominion over the virtualized devices they manage. However, that comes with a tradeoff: Virtual machines often add complexity to an already confusing world of ever shifting devices.

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Voice over IP, or VoIP, has drastically slashed the costs associated in running call centers, businesses, and even mobility, to the extent that many VoIP professionals, after tackling call quality and advanced SIP features, are now tackling video communications technologies like Telepresence or real-time collaborative suites.

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Windows Server
While there may be questions about Microsoft’s other products, its server OS remains a touchstone for the enterprise. Every aspect of Windows Server administration, from Active Directory to WSUS, is covered here.

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