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Can I found out which computer is the domain controller in Microsoft Windows?
Inside of our company, we have several small networks that are used for testing and the majority of them have their own domain. I have a Windows XP workstation and I’m a member of one of the domains and I’m trying to figure out the name of the domain controller so I can see what...

Answer Question   |  April 16, 2014  2:00 PM
Domain Controller, Microsoft Windows, Networking, PowerShell
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56,100 pts.

Domain migration with/without Exchange
Going to be migrating two separate Windows 2003 AD Forests into a new 2008 AD Forest. One Forest is on Exchange 2003 and one is on Exchange 2007. Would like to move he new domain with Exchange 2010 – but one major application we run will not be supported by Exchange 2010 out of the...

Answer Question   |  April 16, 2014  3:12 AM
ADMT, Domain Forest, Domain migration, Exchange 2003, Exchange 2007, Exchange 2010, Exchange migration
asked by:
5 pts.

DHCP assigning IP – windows event
Hello, Is there a windows even generated by the DHCP each time an IP is assigned to a machine. I would like to trace which machine used which IP and when. Thanks

Answer Question   |  April 13, 2014  7:27 AM
Active Directory, DHCP, IP address assignment, Windows Server 2008
asked by:
95 pts.

Active Directory restore problem
Dear All, I have a machine1 on which the Operating System is Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition (Service Pack 2). This is the Domain Controller on which Microsoft Exchange 2003 is installed. I want to perform backup of this machine1 using VSS (application specific writers for AD and System State) and restore it on...

Answer Question   |  April 12, 2014  10:16 AM
Active Directory, Backup, Domain Controller, Exchange 2003, Volume Shadow Copy Service, VSS Backup, Windows Server 2003
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70 pts.

Group Policy Windows 7
Hi, When I login as a user to a Windows 7 machine I cannot play/view/listen youtube videos/sound and only a black screen appears. However, if I login as an administrator I can play and listen the same videos. I would like to unblock it for the other domain users and I need some help. Any steps by step instructions...

Answer Question   |  April 10, 2014  11:33 AM
Domain Group Policy, Windows firewall
asked by:
5 pts.

Allow Non-Admins to log each other off in Windows 7
We have windows 7 pc’s on our domain, when people are logged in and the next users try’s to log in they can’t, i need to find a group policy or setting so that if the second user tries to log in it logs of the first user. We can’t use faster user switching because...

Answer Question   |  April 5, 2014  6:59 PM
64-bit Windows 7, Domain Group Policy
asked by:
5 pts.

How to configure DNS server & client in Linux RedHat
How can I configure a DNS server & client in Linux RedHat?

Answer Question   |  April 4, 2014  8:23 AM
DNS, DNS server, Linux, Linux administration, Red Hat, tecnical
asked by:
5 pts.

Error message when checking my domain controller: 58- server2008.domain
Hi, I’m trying to run adprep /forestprep, but before I try to check my domain controller 2003 to see if there’s any error with repadmin /replsum, and the result is the message above. Can anyone help me out. Thanks!

Answer Question   |  March 26, 2014  1:18 PM
Domain Controller
asked by:
5 pts.

How to enable URL to load with or without www
We have several websites that are hosted on our Systemi. We have tried to set them up so that a user can access them with or without including www. as part of the URL. The IP addresses and port assignments for all of the sites are identical. All of the sites are defined with Apache...

Answer Question   |  March 22, 2014  3:14 PM
Apache Server Directives, DNS Issue
asked by:
5 pts.

Assign the value to attribute with hyphen in Active Directory using PowerShell code
Here is the code I am using to modify the attribute of the object class “User” in active directory. The attribute is “cvx-informationStewart”. Can anyone help how to update the attribute that has hyphen as I am getting error. .Csv data contains: "samAccountName","informationSteward" "!tqjz","tqjz" Code : Add-PSSnapin Quest.ActiveRoles.ADManagement foreach ($record in (Import-Csv C:name.csv)) { $user...

Answer Question   |  March 18, 2014  12:12 PM
Active Directory, PowerShell Scripts
asked by:
40 pts.

IIS website not accessible to network and remote computers
I have a site hosted with IIS v6 on Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2 on a Windows domain (the DC is a spearate machine). The site is accessible by typing in “localhost” on the server, but a “Cannot Display the Webpage” error is displayed (in IE) when trying to access the site using either the...

Answer Question   |  March 15, 2014  7:25 AM
Domain Controller, IIS, Network connectivity, Website accessibility, Windows Server 2003
asked by:
5 pts.

Details of Active Directory roles
Can someone provide me more details of Active Directory?

Answer Question   |  March 12, 2014  6:13 AM
Active Directory
asked by:
5 pts.

Active directory group policy for printing permissions
We have a color printer on AD. We want normal users to only be able to print black and white and managers/exec users to be able to choose. How can we set this up?

Answer Question   |  February 20, 2014  3:18 PM
Active Directory, Active Directory Groups, Group Policy, Printing, Windows, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2003 R2
asked by:
9,860 pts.

Can´t logon MS Server 2003 R2
Helo, The server is not a domain controller but acts as a replication server. I remove this server from his original domain network, change your network settings so that it now forms part of another IP address where exist “different domain”. I could access the server with administrator user and password of the first domain....

Answer Question   |  February 20, 2014  7:14 PM
Active Directory, Windows Server 2003
asked by:
5 pts.

Can’t forward emails.
I setup an email account for a user and he is able to open and read emails but can’t forward. I have set him up in active directory with full control of this email account but when he tries to forward emails he gets an error saying he does not have sufficient permissions. Any help...

Answer Question   |  January 17, 2014  8:18 PM
Active Directory, Email forwarding, Outlook, Outlook error messages
asked by:
5 pts.

Change display name in GAL to Arabic
Hi, We use Exchange 2010 as a server platform and Outlook 2010 as the client. When our Outlook 2010 users click on their address book, the GAL displays the display name in English language, because we have a weakness in our organization with English language, our GM asked to change the display names to Arabic...

Answer Question   |  January 13, 2014  4:40 PM
Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Outlook
asked by:
5 pts.

Bulk – set-aduser to change -HomePhone -MobilePhone
I need to update our internal active directory with users home and mobilephone numbers, I’ve tried to do it using dsquery and it works as a once off update, but my users are all spread out in different ou’s and I’ve a couple of hundred to do :  Someone suggested using powershell. I’ve never used...

Answer Question   |  January 9, 2014  2:08 PM
Active Directory Administration, PowerShell Scripts, Window Server 2008
asked by:
5 pts.

Domain controller
What is the hardware specification for the domain control machine? The server will be for a school with 200 teachers and about 1000 student.

Answer Question   |  January 7, 2014  4:13 PM
Domain Controller, Windows Server 2012
asked by:
20 pts.

Self Service Password Reset
I want to implement self service password reset for an Active directory domain that will be used by a program and it based on user/password details. I want to provides the option to users perform self- update of their accounts without any help.

Answer Question   |  December 30, 2013  12:54 PM
Active Directory, Password
asked by:
5 pts.

Scripting MMC
Hi, I am a bit out of my depth here so I have some questions. At my site we do unattended installs and configuration of our machines. I would like to script the install of a mmc snap in but have come to an impasse. I have found some sample code but I cannot find...

Answer Question   |  December 17, 2013  4:45 PM
Active Directory, Group Policy, Group Policy management console, MMC, VBScript
asked by:
5 pts.

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