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Which platform for a private/hybrid cloud?
My company is looking to deploy a private cloud, and we’ve been considering Eucalyptus, OpenNebula, Nimbus, vSphere, abiCloud and Joyent. I’m very interested in Eucalyptus and OpenNebula, since they are both  open source, they have many features, they both support Amazon EC2 and  Amazon APIs and they seem to be able to work with different...

Answer Question   |  April 8, 2014  3:29 PM
abiCloud, Cloud Computing, eucalyptus, Joyent, Nimbus, OpenNebula, vSphere
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VMware vSphere 5.1 causing network timeouts
We have a VMware vSphere 5.1 Have recently migrated an application,currently Windows 2008 R2 OS from a previous HP-UX server. Application is much faster and very efficient, except we are having a problem with system timeouts. All application timeout settings have been set to 60 min. But users are experiencing timeouts, idle or not, within...

Answer Question   |  April 4, 2014  5:14 PM
VMware vSphere, vSphere 5.1, Windows Server 2008 R2, Wireshark
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Virtual Domain, server and Network!
Hi all, I would just like to find out, which VMWare product I should use when I want to create a virtual Network using Windows Server 2008 and a domain. I want other computers in our workplace to connect to the domain on the Virtual Machine (Server)… Which product should I take? It is only...

Answer Question   |  January 20, 2014  12:10 PM
Virtual networking, Virtual Server, vSphere
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What’s the best way to detect my virtualized OS from an application?
I’m trying to find out whether or not my application is running with a virtualized OS instance. I’ve been searching online for the past few weeks and I found that VMware implements an invalid x86 instruction to return info about itself and VirtualPC uses a magic number / I/O port (with an IN instruction) to...

Answer Question   |  November 12, 2013  12:29 AM
Virtual OS, VirtualBox, VMware, Xen
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Have you deployed Windows 7 desktop virtualization?
Has anyone deployed Windows 7 desktop virtualization? How has it worked out for you? Were there any unexpecteds or things not advertised? I’m looking for use cases to determine if our move to Windows 7 should include desktop virtualization.

Answer Question   |  November 11, 2013  7:28 PM
Desktop virtualization, Desktop Virtualization Implementation, Desktop virtualization software, Windows 7, Windows 7 Administration, Windows desktop virtualization, Windows Virtualization
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Deciding between XenServer vs. VMware Infrastructure
One of my friend’s companies is preparing a virtualization project is looking to use either XenServer 5 or VMware Infrastructure 3. He’s still not sure of which product to use. He has a few questions about it: Are there any significant performance differences? Does either one have any major security risks? What about the client...

Answer Question   |  November 8, 2013  3:43 PM
VMware infrastructure, XenServer
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I’m trying to deploy an Outlook addin to Citrix XenApp
I recently added an Outlook addin (it only has a menu with one menu item on it). It’s working properly on my Windows desktop installation but I can’t figure out how to do it on a Citrix XenApp environment. I can install it but when Outlook is running, it goes into the “Inactive Application Addins”...

Answer Question   |  November 7, 2013  8:56 PM
Citrix, XenApp
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56,495 pts.

How to find unused disks in VMware Virtual Infrastructure Remote CLI?
Is there a way to use a VMware Virtual Infrastructure Remote CLI in conjunction with In VMware ESX/i, to find unused machines/disks? This is a single host that does not share machines or disks with any other host. I looking for a way to isolate and delete a large number of unused files. Can this...

Answer Question   |  November 7, 2013  12:47 PM
Virtual Center, VMware ESXi, VMWare Virtual Infrastructure
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Which virtualization product is the best?
Hi, anybody has any idea which virtualization product is the best? VMware. Xen. I am still confiusing with each one, anybody has experience in one of them. Do recomend us to wait until Microsoft Windows 2008 birth. Many thanks. Eyad.

Answer Question   |  November 4, 2013  6:35 PM
Virtualization, VMware, Xen
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vSphere (or something like it) for Linux?
I want to setup a VM server with a VMware ESXi hypervisor. To use ESXi, I believe you need vSphere to connect and manage your VMs remotely. But I’m working on Linux and as far as I know vSphere is only published for Microsoft Windows. Is there an alternative I could use that provides similar...

Answer Question   |  November 2, 2013  2:39 AM
Linux, VMWare ESXi Hypervisor, vSphere
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vSphere 4.1 Drag-n-Drop Distributed Virtual Switch to a Different Datacenter
Hello…I have a distributed virtual switch (dVS) which is associated with datacenter A. Just created datacenter B within the same vCenter domain, and would like to copy, move, or drag-n-drop the dVS in datacenter A to the new datacenter B. This would save me the trouble of recreating this dVS, which contains over twenty VLANs...

Answer Question   |  October 31, 2013  3:25 PM
ESXi, virtual switch, VMware, vSphere, vSphere 4.1
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Can’t install VMware player with Hyper V running
I’m trying to install VMplayer on Windows Server 2008 R2 with Microsoft Hyper V, but I get the following error message: This product may not be installed as Microsoft Hyper V installed. Is it impossible to add VMplayer when Hyper V is in use?  Are there workarounds?

Answer Question   |  October 31, 2013  12:52 AM
Hyper-V, VMware Player, Windows Server 2008 R2
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VMware server vs. ESXi
This is more of a general question I’m looking for the top differences between VMware server and ESXi. Essentially, I’m trying to run a virtual server in the background, as a daemon (Linux OS). Which one would be better?

Answer Question   |  October 29, 2013  6:55 PM
ESXi, VMware, VMware Server
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56,495 pts.

How can we force VMware virtual machine to stop?
We have a virtual machine on a server that won’t stop or even reboot. We can’t log into anymore / stop it using the VMware server console. We’ve already eliminated rebooting the host since there’s other virtual machines running. Is there a way to force the VM to stop?

Answer Question   |  October 28, 2013  3:41 PM
Virtual machine, VMware, VMware Server
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56,495 pts.

How to connect a remote console to VMware ESXi vSphere?
Is there an open source protocol to connect a remote console to VMware ESXi vSphere? If not, are there any VMware/third party applications that enable a VM Remote console to connect to another vSphere client?

Answer Question   |  October 24, 2013  8:04 PM
ESXi, VMware, vSphere
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56,495 pts.

vCenter Server – Physical or Virtual
What is the best practice to install VC 5.x … Physical machine or Virtual machine? What are their respective advantages/disadvantages?

Answer Question   |  October 3, 2013  1:52 PM
ESXi5, Virtual Center, vSphere 5
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45 pts.

Free IT Book: Two-for-one this week!
We got into the holiday spirit for this week’s free IT book giveaway. Answer one of the unanswered questions below and win two IT books from our coveted technology library. Another plus? You get to pick which two books you receive. So get to answering, because you have a week to throw your name into...

Answer Question   |  August 26, 2013  3:24 PM
BRMS, Data Center management, DHCP, Domain Administration, Failover, Giveaways, IT Books, Network security, Network Security Management, Proxy servers, SSL, VNC
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6,345 pts.

VMware performance data
Hi, We are migrating a few ESX hosts to a different vCenter and we would like to retain the historical performance data from the existing VCenter. Is there anyway we could backup and archive this data and reference to it when required? Thanks in advance Satish

Answer Question   |  March 7, 2013  5:40 AM
VMware, VMware ESX, VMware vCenter
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Unable to install live DVD SL 6.3 in VMware 9.0
Hi Guys, I am running Windows XP SP3. I got myself a VMware workstation 9.0. But when I tried to install SL 6.3 Live DVD in VMware workstation 9.0., it gives me error stating “unable to find the usable disk space”, even though there is plenty of space in my hard drive like 150 GB...

Answer Question   |  March 1, 2013  6:37 AM
VMware Workstation, VMware Workstation error messages
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125 pts.

Is VDI even necessary in this case?
Here’s the question… We’re investigating the need for a hosted desktop solution.  Here’s the data for our case: We have about 100 semi-managed desktop sessions running on top of ESX.  They’ve been built over time and are somewhat consistent.  They all sit in our main data center.  We do not have any VDI solution in...

Answer Question   |  February 4, 2013  3:37 PM
VDI, XenApp, XenDesktop
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