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What’s the use of a hard disk?
What is the use of hard disk?

Answer Question   |  April 14, 2014  3:42 PM
Hard disks
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Creating a shortcut for Exchange 2007 TSM GUI
After I installed the TSM Exchange TDP (Exchange 2007 CCR cluster) and tried to launch the GUI I got an error that the exchange server was unavailable. I did some digging and found out I had to launch the GUI from the tdp command line using tdpexc /excserver=exchangeservername on a clustered exchange server. On the...

Answer Question   |  April 5, 2014  4:32 PM
Backup software, Exchange 2007, Exchange Backup & Restore, Tivoli Storage Manager
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57,010 pts.

How can I use fibre channel hard disk in SATA or IDE port
How can I use fibre channel hard disk in SATA or IDE port?

Answer Question   |  April 3, 2014  10:26 AM
Fibre channel, IDE hard drives, SATA hard drives
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Customize Lotus Notes file name when saving email as EML file
Is it possible with Lotus Notes 8.5.2 to customize the name of the EML file when you drag and drop an email on the file server?

Answer Question   |  April 3, 2014  12:40 PM
File Server, File Server Backup, Lotus Notes, Lotus Notes 8.5.2, Lotus Notes administration
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5 pts.

Fibre Channel HBAs initiator or target mode for NetApp
How can you tell if the fibre channel HBAs are in initiator or target mode in a NetApp SAN?

Answer Question   |  April 3, 2014  4:06 PM
Fibre channel, Fibre channel SAN, HBA, NetApp, Netapp 3140, SAN
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AS/400 error MCH4429 – automatic storage overflow
We have an iSeries 9406-525 V5R4. We have a job that runs in the evening submitted by ROBOT. It loops back and forth between 2 clp’s. It builds small files, encasing the files, and emailing them to our branches, and then back to do the next file. Max number of files could be a couple...

Answer Question   |  April 3, 2014  5:49 PM
EZcase, iSeries 9406-525 V5R4, MCH4429 error, ROBOT, V5R4
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170 pts.

What does EMC recommend as best RAID group for RAID 6, (8+2)?
What do EMC recommend as best practices for number of disks in a raid group for RAID 6, (8+2) with SATA drives with A CX3 Clariion array?

Answer Question   |  April 3, 2014  1:23 PM
CLARiiON, CX3 Clariion Array, EMC, RAID, RAID 6, SATA
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5 pts.

Adding two addtional SAN switches to the Fabric
I have an HP eva5000 SAN with 2 controllers and 2 x 16 ports brocade switches – I have purchased two additional 16 port brocade SAN switches – how do I go about adding them to the fabric? Core Edge design maybe?

Answer Question   |  April 3, 2014  7:51 PM
Brocade Switches, EVA5000, SAN, SAN switches, Switches
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Newly expired tapes aren’t being cleaned using BRMS
Hi, we are having some problems with the behavior of our backup process, since its using the latest / newly expired tapes instead of those which are expired long ago. As a result, the newly expired tapes doesnt get cleaned (STRMNTBRM) since it already has new files in it, together with the older files. What...

Answer Question   |  April 3, 2014  3:07 AM
Backup, Backup Recovery and Media Services, BRMS, Expired tapes, Start Maintenance for BRM, STRMNTBRM, Tape Backups
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125 pts.

Setting up a differential schedule using Backup Exec 10d
I have setup the following schedule setup in Backup Exec 10d Monday Full - Backup files Using Archive Bit (reset Archive Bit) Tue Differential - Back Up changed files since last full - Using archive bit( does not reset archive bit) Wed Differential - Back Up changed files since last full - Using archive bit(...

Answer Question   |  April 2, 2014  6:32 PM
Backup, Backup servers, Differential backup, Full backup, NTBackup, Symantec, Veritas Backup Exec
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5 pts.

Recovering public folders from EDB file.
I have a Backup of an Exchange 2007 edb file, which contains public folder data. Is there any way to mount this edb file, or extract public folder data from it, without dropping $1000 on OnTrack Powercontrols?

Answer Question   |  April 2, 2014  11:01 PM
.EDB files, Backup, Exchange 2007, Exchange 2007 SP3, Exchange Backup, Microsoft Exchange
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10 pts.

Eternus DX60 – Failing NL-SAS disks
Hi, We areĀ currently usingĀ a Fujitsu Eternus DX60 with NL-SAS disks as storage for our virtual machines. During the last 18 month 8 out of 12 disks had to be replaced because the system claimed them to be failing. Fujitsu Support told me that this is totally normal. Since our support contract will end within the...

Answer Question   |  March 25, 2014  12:20 PM
Drive Volumes, error, Fujitsu, SAN storage
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EMC virtual storage for Power 7
The company I work for uses EMC for backups of all other servers in our company and wants to move our Power 7 (E4B – V7R1) backups off cartridge to virtual storage. My question is if you had to totally restore the Power 7 system can it be done from a virtual backup or would...

Answer Question   |  March 17, 2014  5:45 PM
EMC backup, Power 7
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35 pts.

Maxtor drive not detected on waking from sleep
I have a Maxtor 1TB OneTouch4 external drive which is not reliably detected when my Win 7 Home Premium 64-bit machine wakes from sleep, when it has been asleep overnight almost never. The only way to make sure it is there is to reboot.

Answer Question   |  March 4, 2014  2:30 PM
Desktop, External hard drives, Maxtor, Windows 7 Home Premium
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5 pts.

Cannot get into EMC or ECS 2010
I installed Exchange 2010 and that seemed to go with out a hitch now I cannot get into the EMC or the shell to setup the server. I want to uninstall the server and reinstall but I cannot because it is a bridgehead to an older Exchange 2003 environment. Without the EMC or ECS working,...

Answer Question   |  January 11, 2014  5:24 PM
ECS, EMC, Exchange 2010
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Toshiba 3TB GPT Partitioned & Fat32
I run Windows 7 Pro 64-Bitwith a ASRock P67 PRO3 (B3) MoBothat has a UEFI BIOS. I have EaseUS Partition Master Pro v9.2.2and EaseUS Partition Wizard Home v8.1.1as well as Acronis Disk Director 11 Home Build 11.0.2121 My C, D and E partitions are on a 120 GB NTFS SSD with a MBR.I installed Windows...

Answer Question   |  December 8, 2013  7:19 PM
3TB, FAT32, GPT Partitioned
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What cable(s) do I need to connect my laptop to my TV?
I have a Fujitsu MH330 laptop that I would like to connect to my LG LED TV (model: 29FU1RLX). What specific cables do I need for video and audio connection?

Answer Question   |  December 2, 2013  1:59 PM
Cables, connect laptop to tv, Fujitsu, lg, tv ports
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Tracking DMX storage allocation
How are you tracking your storage allocations from your DMX to your servers? We began with the Excel-based design workbook that EMC delivers at the end of the installation engagement & that works up to a point. I’ve written code that loads the info into SQL & does some reporting on it, but is there...

Answer Question   |  November 20, 2013  6:08 PM
DMX, EMC, Storage management, Symmetrix
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300 pts.

Is anyone using EMC’s Invista storage virtualization appliance?
I’ve heard rumors that Invista is no longer being updated, but I was wondering if anyone’s actually using it? Have any insight as to its pros/cons or alternatives if it’s being phased out? Any info would be greatly appreciated!

Answer Question   |  November 11, 2013  5:24 PM
EMC, Invista, Storage virtualization, Storage virtualization software, Virtualization, Virtualization software
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1,110 pts.

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