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Application using memory
when some application(like vlc media player) in system is opened, how does it access the cache, virtual memory etc. to get it open?

Answer Question   |  April 20, 2014  1:43 PM
application, Cache, Virtual memory
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Getting rejected by iCloud after using Don’t Backup flag
In my application, I store my Core Data database and audio files. With that, I have to decode them in my documents directory. In an effort to prevent them from backing up, I use the “Don’t BackUp flag” code like this: - (BOOL)application:(UIApplication *)application didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:(NSDictionary *)launchOptions { [self addSkipBackupAttributeToItemAtURL:[self applicationDocumentsDirectory]]; } - (NSURL *)applicationDocumentsDirectory {...

Answer Question   |  April 18, 2014  8:00 PM
Backup, icloud, Storage
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56,495 pts.

iSeries backup & data restore
What are the steps for full data restoration of an iSeries server

Answer Question   |  April 16, 2014  8:29 AM
Backup, Data restore, iSeries
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1,395 pts.

Operating Console
Hi I have operations console running on a laptop which is directly connected to my I-Series. All runs okay until the laptop powers down(for variety of reasons), when i power it on again it will not connect to the I-Series without doing an IPL of the I-Series. I get the message “Connecting Console” and it...

Answer Question   |  April 15, 2014  2:52 AM
AS/400, Backup & recovery, DataCenter, DB2 Universal Database, Security
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Backup storage: What’s the best solution for my Python library?
My partner is working on a project in which he’s writing a data processing library in Python that’s going to read data from different sources into memory, manipulate it, and export it into different formats. I’m helping him load the data but some of the datasets are really large (over 4 gigs). So we’re looking...

Answer Question   |  April 13, 2014  4:00 PM
Backup storage, Python
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56,495 pts.

Active Directory restore problem
Dear All, I have a machine1 on which the Operating System is Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition (Service Pack 2). This is the Domain Controller on which Microsoft Exchange 2003 is installed. I want to perform backup of this machine1 using VSS (application specific writers for AD and System State) and restore it on...

Answer Question   |  April 12, 2014  10:16 AM
Active Directory, Backup, Domain Controller, Exchange 2003, Volume Shadow Copy Service, VSS Backup, Windows Server 2003
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70 pts.

Taking backup of data and copy back
Currently I am working on a project where I need to take backup of huge files with data. Then change the length of one particular field from decimal 3 to decimal 5 and then finally copy the data back to the original file (which now will be having field length of the modified field as...

Answer Question   |  April 11, 2014  11:39 AM
AS/400, Backup
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30 pts.

Backup and restore
If I make a backup of a pre-year end ticking only the archive box and restore that on my current year. Will it just put the archives back on or will it overwrite the current data as well?

Answer Question   |  April 10, 2014  2:05 PM
Backup and restore
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5 pts.

Data restore error
I have my data backed up, but the data cannot be restored. It keeps showing an error. How can I restore my data?

Answer Question   |  April 10, 2014  3:25 PM
Backup, Data restore
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5 pts.

Taking and restoring Ghost image for Windows in RAID 5
I want to take Ghost image for windows in RAID5 and able to restore the image again when the system fails or something happened in the drive.

Answer Question   |  April 9, 2014  10:09 AM
Backup, Ghost image, RAID, RAID 5
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40 pts.

How to add/remove items from mem-cached Java storage?
I’m using mem-cached storage and am looking for the most effective way to add/remove programs from a large list?  Is there some distributed storage within the Java interface that could deal with this problem?

Answer Question   |  April 7, 2014  8:00 PM
Add/Remove Programs, Cache, Java
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56,495 pts.

Creating a shortcut for Exchange 2007 TSM GUI
After I installed the TSM Exchange TDP (Exchange 2007 CCR cluster) and tried to launch the GUI I got an error that the exchange server was unavailable. I did some digging and found out I had to launch the GUI from the tdp command line using tdpexc /excserver=exchangeservername on a clustered exchange server. On the...

Answer Question   |  April 5, 2014  4:32 PM
Backup software, Exchange 2007, Exchange Backup & Restore, Tivoli Storage Manager
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57,010 pts.

Adding two addtional SAN switches to the Fabric
I have an HP eva5000 SAN with 2 controllers and 2 x 16 ports brocade switches – I have purchased two additional 16 port brocade SAN switches – how do I go about adding them to the fabric? Core Edge design maybe?

Answer Question   |  April 3, 2014  7:51 PM
Brocade Switches, EVA5000, SAN, SAN switches, Switches
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HP Blade SNMP query: Getting individual blade power meeting readings
Hi: I’m trying to get individual blade power meter readings on a HP Bladesystem c7000 enclosure through SIM. The blades have the correct ILO advanced license. The problem I’m having is finding the correct mib or oid to pull out this data. I’ve been looking through cpqrack but can’t find anything relevant to the individual...

Answer Question   |  April 3, 2014  1:25 PM
Blade Power Meter Readings, HP BladeSystem, HP BladeSystem c7000, SNMP
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5 pts.

SQL Server 2008 database backup terminating abnormally
I’m running this code for backing up and to have backup log: backup database adventureworks to disk = 'g:radvent6.bak' mirror to disk='g:radvent7.bak' with format,checksum,stop_on_error use adventureworks insert into HumanResources.department (name,groupname)values('dreee','reserch') backup log adventureworks to disk='g:radvent6.trn' After the backup log command executes, it shows the error as: The statement BACKUP LOG is not allowed while the...

Answer Question   |  April 3, 2014  12:38 PM
Backup, Database Backup, SQL Server 2008
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15 pts.

Getting the following AMD RAIDXpert: Task e7 timeout on disk port Number 1, Target ID 1 at LBA 0×00 (Length oxo)
I am getting the following error, do I need to be concerned? AMD RAIDXpert Task e7 timeout on disk port Number 1, Target  ID 1 at LBA 0×00 (Length oxo)

Answer Question   |  April 3, 2014  2:51 PM
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5 pts.

Newly expired tapes aren’t being cleaned using BRMS
Hi, we are having some problems with the behavior of our backup process, since its using the latest / newly expired tapes instead of those which are expired long ago. As a result, the newly expired tapes doesnt get cleaned (STRMNTBRM) since it already has new files in it, together with the older files. What...

Answer Question   |  April 3, 2014  3:07 AM
Backup, Backup Recovery and Media Services, BRMS, Expired tapes, Start Maintenance for BRM, STRMNTBRM, Tape Backups
asked by:
125 pts.

Retrieving missing Excel data
I had an excel file with 10 worksheets on it. I opened the file yesterday and found the whole 10 worksheets missing from the file. What could have caused it and is there a way to retrieve this data back to the file?

Answer Question   |  April 3, 2014  11:17 PM
Backup & recovery, excel, Excel Database, Excel error messages, Excel worksheets
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5 pts.

Setting up a differential schedule using Backup Exec 10d
I have setup the following schedule setup in Backup Exec 10d Monday Full - Backup files Using Archive Bit (reset Archive Bit) Tue Differential - Back Up changed files since last full - Using archive bit( does not reset archive bit) Wed Differential - Back Up changed files since last full - Using archive bit(...

Answer Question   |  April 2, 2014  6:32 PM
Backup, Backup servers, Differential backup, Full backup, NTBackup, Symantec, Veritas Backup Exec
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5 pts.

Wiping hard drives in 100 PCs
We are donating 100 PCs. How can I quickly and effectively wipe all their hard drives? I have looked into Mban and it looks promising but would I be better doing that or pulling all the drives and formatting multiple ones at the same time? What are best practices for doing this?

Answer Question   |  April 2, 2014  2:22 PM
Backup hardware, Backup storage, HARD drive, Hard drive erasure, Security in 2010, Storage, Storage management
asked by:
1,110 pts.

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