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Disable a remote laptop that connects to us over a VPN and to our domain.
We have a few remote sales staff, one of whom is going to be fired. They have XP laptops and work out of their homes. My boss wants to be able to lock them out of the machine once we let them go. I don’t think he’s too concerned about the hardware, but he doesn’t...

Answer Question   |  April 23, 2014  7:04 PM
Laptops, Remote access, User access, VPN, Windows XP
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InterVlan Routing on Cisco
Hi, I have Ipbase Image on a Cisco 4506 switch and configured several vlans eg. 2,3,4 and each have ip addresses associated with them as given below. interface vlan 2 ip address interface vlan 3 ip address i have said ip routing but i do not see ip routing displayed in...

Answer Question   |  April 6, 2014  9:42 AM
Cisco 4506, Cisco VLAN, InterVLAN, Switches, Switching, VLAN, VLAN Routing
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35 pts.

What layer of the OSI model does a switch operate?
At what layer of the OSI model does a switch operate?

Answer Question   |  April 2, 2014  1:45 PM
layers, Network equipment, Network hardware, Networking, OSI Model, Switching
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Setting up a differential schedule using Backup Exec 10d
I have setup the following schedule setup in Backup Exec 10d Monday Full - Backup files Using Archive Bit (reset Archive Bit) Tue Differential - Back Up changed files since last full - Using archive bit( does not reset archive bit) Wed Differential - Back Up changed files since last full - Using archive bit(...

Answer Question   |  April 2, 2014  6:32 PM
Backup, Backup servers, Differential backup, Full backup, NTBackup, Symantec, Veritas Backup Exec
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Does Veritas NETbackup 6.5 encrypt data in backup tape?
Dear All, During a risk assessment exercise, I realized that my backup admin does not encrypt data in backup tapes. He argues, it is not required as an adversary cannot recover/read data from the backup tape, assuming its stolen, if he does not have the corresponding catalog. He further adds that catalog is kept secure....

Answer Question   |  March 29, 2014  6:43 AM
Backup and Recovery, Veritas, Veritas 6.5
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shdocpv.dll – virus – hijack problem
Hi, I’m sorry if I had chosen the wrong recipient. I am running Windows 2000. When I open my browser (IE 6.0) I get this: res://shdocpv.dll/blank.htm Or res://C:WinntSystem32shdocpv.dllsecurity.htm Please help me to get rid of this. Thanks!

Answer Question   |  January 30, 2014  6:23 PM
backdoors, Current threats, Hacking, human factors, Intrusion management, Servers, Spyware, Trojans, Viruses, Windows 2000 Server, worms
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Expiro Invading Network
The Expiro virus has invaded my network. What should I do?

Answer Question   |  January 14, 2014  9:05 PM
Security, virus
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AS/400 – time limited user account
Is it possible to create (or change existing) user account – active in limited time? We have to create accounts for users working for example 2 months

Answer Question   |  January 5, 2014  11:03 AM
AS/400, AS/400 user administration, User access
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15 pts.

Removing CDP numbers from switches

Answer Question   |  January 2, 2014  9:08 PM
CDP, DSC, Nortel CS 1000, RLI, Switches, Switching
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Security control Bandwidth per user in ISA Server
Hello, Dear all is there any procedure in windows that user is allow to read the contents of share folder but it is not allow to copy it. How it is Possible. Secondly if we want to control Bandwidth per user in ISA how it is Possibe without using Third party software. Thanks Muhammad Usman.

Answer Question   |  December 12, 2013  6:10 AM
Bandwidth, Bandwidth management, ISA, ISA Server, Security, Shared folders, User Permissions
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Has this computer been compromised?
One of my computers runs a strange set of files that I don’t recognize when it boots: bash.exe, curl.exe, uname.exe, sed.exe, rm.exe, tail.exe, cut.exe, awk.exe, cat.exe, chmod.exe, ls.exe, grep.exe I know I haven’t uploaded any programs related to these files, so should II be worried about these files?  I do suspect that the computer is...

Answer Question   |  December 6, 2013  1:49 AM
Botnet, Strange files, Virus infection
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62,200 pts.

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What are some of the best practices in handling computer viruses?
I know this might sound like a broad question but I’m looking to start a good discussion here. For many SMBs, acquiring malware sometimes feels like an inevitability (despite putting in different security patches/antivirus software/etc.). I’m not looking to talk about the prevention of viruses but what should someone do after their workstation has been...

Answer Question   |  December 5, 2013  8:57 PM
Antivirus, malware, Security, virus
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Internet access restriction via GPO
I need to restrict internet access in a particular department in my organsation and i need a way by i cld do that using Group Policy

Answer Question   |  December 4, 2013  11:41 AM
GPO, Group Policy Objects, Internet access, User Permissions
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My software is being detected as a virus
I’ve recently created a program but after a few hundred downloads, my Nod32 antivirus is detecting it as a Win32/Agent.NFIWJLP trojan. Can someone help me before my program doesn’t get deleted by the antivirus software? My program mimics the user’s interactions with the PC at a scheduled time. Thanks!

Answer Question   |  November 19, 2013  8:01 PM
Antivirus, Software, virus
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62,200 pts.

Are older viruses removed from virus definition files?
I already know that anti-virus software receives updates from virus definition files (which contains patterns used to identify viruses). But with the size of updates growing frequently each time, I’m wondering in order to limit the size of the updates, do AV companies remove older viruses from their database?

Answer Question   |  November 19, 2013  4:59 PM
anti-virus, virus, Virus Definitions
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62,200 pts.

Can TLS prevent my ISP and others from spying on me?
Is it possible to use TLS exclusively to secure my email, http servers and desktop client, for everything including email, in/out:80 and web surfing/entertainment browsing? My goal is to prevent my ISP and others from spying on my activity. 

Answer Question   |  November 18, 2013  3:02 AM
Internet security, ISP, TLS
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Launching Smart Clients on Citrix
We use Citrix to allow our remote users to launch smart client apps on their machines. Unfortunately our users have to download smart client apps every time they log on via remote Citrix server because their user profiles are purged each time they close their session. Is there a way to maintain the profile purge...

Answer Question   |  November 11, 2013  8:31 PM
Citrix, Citrix Deployment, Remote access, User profiles
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62,200 pts.

USB port security
I have a user that needs their USB port to be able to save data in their USB drive. For security purposes the USB drive is not able to save data into any USB drive but they are able to view data on a USB port. That was approved by corp and I need to know...

Answer Question   |  November 11, 2013  2:13 PM
USB, USB drive, USB port security, USB security, Windows XP
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