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SAP modules after MBA in Marketing?
Hi, I am Prasad joshi. I have completed B.E. Mechanical and now pursuing MBA (1st year). I am planning to do Marketing as a specialisation. Please suggest me which module of SAP will be beneficial for me?  should  I do this course right now or after MBA? Is any basic knowledge required for SAP as...

Answer Question   |  April 13, 2014  4:18 AM
IT careers, SAP careers, SAP modules
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What’s the best SAP module to learn after SAP PS?
Hi, I am a PS Consultant working in an IT company since 3+ years. I want to upgrade my skills further for better career. I request you to kindly guide me. My question is In addition to SAP PS(R3) what is the best module I can prefer? Shall I prefer R3 or New dimensional Modules....

Answer Question   |  March 4, 2014  11:11 AM
SAP careers, SAP New Dimension, SAP Project System, SAP PS
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Moving from SAP Technical Module to SAP Functional Module
Hi, My name is Sameer, I m Bachelor in IT graduate and Certified SAP basis Consultant with 4.5 years of experience. I been on many support and Implementation projects. I m thinking that I need a change to move from my technical module to Functional module. but I m confused to choose from various functional module...

Answer Question   |  February 25, 2014  5:08 PM
SAP Basis, SAP Functional, SAP MM, SAP Module, SAP modules
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Dear SAP Experts, I want to write an SAP certification in MM module. Can you please provide the useful material and sample questions and Answers for certification. Kindly request you to provide the details of SAP books, which are useful for certificatin. Can you please tell me the levels of certification in SAP MM module?...

Answer Question   |  February 24, 2014  8:25 AM
SAP careers, SAP certifications, SAP MM
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Will Implementing SAP EHP6 Make the ESS Leave “Leave Type” Menu work with iPads/iPhones?
Will Implementing SAP EHP6 Make the ESS Leave “Leave Type” Menu work with iPads/iPhones? I am trying to find out how to get ESS Leave on our SAP Portal to work with iPads and iPhones. When our employees try using iPads or iPhones, they cannot use the Leave Type dropdown menu and are stuck with...

Answer Question   |  February 11, 2014  9:26 PM
ECC 6.0, EHP6, Mobile device, NetWeaver 7.0, SAP ESS, SAP ESS Leave, SAP portal
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SAP – Create CSV from Text format
I tried to convert the text format to CSV format by USing internal table and the FM isSAP_CONVERT_TO_CSV_FORMAT. But wn i download to CSV format the file contains fields serepared by ‘;’.So becuse of this Im unable to Up load this file.

Answer Question   |  February 7, 2014  4:11 AM
CSV format, isSAP_CONVERT_TO_CSV_FORMAT, SAP development, SAP Import/Export
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Sap implementation
What are the pre-requisites for SIT1 and SIT 2 during SAP implementation

Answer Question   |  January 29, 2014  12:12 PM
SAP implementation
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How can I change the default printer for an specific SAP output
I have SAP printer ID that is defaulted to print output ZBOL. Is there a transaction I can use to change the default SAP printer ID?

Answer Question   |  January 29, 2014  1:42 AM
SAP, SAP default printer, SAP printing
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Print SAP PO by User ID
Can I print a purchase order by user id? The print programs I have investigated only print by purchase org. Unfortunately, we only have one purchase org.

Answer Question   |  January 27, 2014  3:55 AM
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Funds committments interface to SAP PS & CO project
How can you interface committments to both projects and cost centers when no Purchase order interface to the project system We could interface project funds committments to SAP using data from an external procurment agency who manage our contract.  However, you need to reduce manually when actual costs are incurred.  We upload the actual costs...

Answer Question   |  January 17, 2014  8:54 PM
SAP, SAP administration, SAP Cost Center Accounting, SAP PS
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PA/OM Interview Questions
Hi Experts: Can you please provide me with few PA and OM interview questions and answers which helps in eliminating fake experiences .Any help on this regard is appreciated. Thanks

Answer Question   |  January 8, 2014  10:20 PM
Personnel Admin & Organizational Mgmt (PA/OM), SAP careers, SAP HR, SAP PA/OM
35 pts.

SAP JCO Problem..64 bit OS
HI, i want to connect SAP from JAvA by using JCo package. So i have added sapjco.jar file in lib folder in my application and sapjcorfc.dll and librfc32.dll file in to system 32 folder.After that i am getting this issue.. JCO.nativeInit(): Could not initialize dynamic link library sapjcorfc [no sapjcorfc in java.library.path]. java.library.path [C:Program Files...

Answer Question   |  January 7, 2014  12:07 PM
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Career Roll from MIS To functional SAP
Hi All I am currently working as a SAP SD End user and would like to shift my career into SAP. I have completed my MBA in finance. Presently have 6 yrs of experience in Invoicing, Billing, Pricing, Budgeting etc. Please let me know which module would suit me the best and which institute in...

Answer Question   |  January 5, 2014  8:53 AM
SAP careers, SAP modules, SAP SD
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SAP IDES 4.7 installation
Hi Experts, I am new comer in Bangalore. Could you let me know from where I get IDES software for practicing SAP MM.Can it download from sites? Please guide me. Thanks in advance Ashish Jha

Answer Question   |  September 5, 2013  4:02 PM
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20 pts.

SAP-MM Module
Dear All, I’m learning SAP with AMUL & IBM at Anand. Please help me to find SAP-MM module related discussion on this page. How can I find the blog related to MM Module? Regards, Nitin

Answer Question   |  August 29, 2013  1:22 PM
MM modules, SAP MM
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5 pts.

Opportunities in SAP Netweaver for a fresh grad?
Hi, I’m a fresh graduate of an information technology course. What is out there for me in SAP? Will it still benefit me in the future if I take up a course on SAP Netweaver?  I’m just thinking of what direction SAP leads into? If it still is developing or has it already reached its...

Answer Question   |  August 29, 2013  9:25 AM
NetWeaver, SAP, SAP careers, SAP NetWeaver
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How to configure the printer in SAP?
When I’m given print from SAP, no print out comes in DMP or Laser Printer.

Answer Question   |  August 23, 2013  9:13 AM
Printer management, SAP administration, SAP All-in-One, SAP printing
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SAP HR hiring process infortype error.
When I hire employee through action PA40, I saw only one action infotype 0000. How can add more infotype here.

Answer Question   |  August 23, 2013  3:16 AM
SAP, SAP HR, SAP Infotypes
5 pts.

SAP ISU – ES32 Installation facts
When the field RATEABLE under the installation facts(ES31, ES32). When the field is not flagged, the billing document and invoice document don’t show. Is there a way I can put an attachment – screenshots so that I can show you what I’m referring to?

Answer Question   |  June 21, 2013  7:01 AM
SAP administration, SAP installation, SAP ISU
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20 pts.

Is SAP-PI a hot skill? What other fields of SAP are hot skill and in demand?

Answer Question   |  June 19, 2013  11:02 AM
SAP Career, SAP PI
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20 pts.

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