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Where to map the SHIPTO segment of inbound 850 with Gentran
We are using Gentran into SAP 4.6. Where do you map the SHIPTO segment of an inbound 850 to? Is a Text Element the only way?

Answer Question   |  April 11, 2014  11:40 AM
850nm, EDI, Gentran, SAP 4.6, SHIPTO
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Will Implementing SAP EHP6 Make the ESS Leave “Leave Type” Menu work with iPads/iPhones?
Will Implementing SAP EHP6 Make the ESS Leave “Leave Type” Menu work with iPads/iPhones? I am trying to find out how to get ESS Leave on our SAP Portal to work with iPads and iPhones. When our employees try using iPads or iPhones, they cannot use the Leave Type dropdown menu and are stuck with...

Answer Question   |  February 11, 2014  9:26 PM
ECC 6.0, EHP6, Mobile device, NetWeaver 7.0, SAP ESS, SAP ESS Leave, SAP portal
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PA/OM Interview Questions
Hi Experts: Can you please provide me with few PA and OM interview questions and answers which helps in eliminating fake experiences .Any help on this regard is appreciated. Thanks

Answer Question   |  January 8, 2014  10:20 PM
Personnel Admin & Organizational Mgmt (PA/OM), SAP careers, SAP HR, SAP PA/OM
35 pts.

Precision Fuel Management
How valuable would it be, to be able to precisely measure the amount of fuel consumed by fossil fuel burning equipment, and be able to transmit the data anywhere in the world? How valuable for managerial decisions, carbon managers, environmentalist, sustainability managers, etc.? Thank you! Add a detailed description…

Answer Question   |  January 7, 2014  9:42 PM
carbon footprint, Measurement Computing, Measurement Document
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SAP Security Best Practices
Hello. I’m working on a presentation about SAP Security Best Practices. Can anybody can tell me where I can find material (documents, books, etc) related with SAP Security Best Practices? I’m trying to find a list of good practices in relation with SAP security. Thank you very much. Patricio.

Answer Question   |  December 12, 2013  8:33 AM
Basis, MySAP, NetWeaver, SAP, Upgrades / implementations
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PMIS rebuild
is there any way to rebuild PMIS without implementing 112841 sap note?

Answer Question   |  November 21, 2013  12:44 PM
PMIS, Rebuilding Logical Files
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How to get into SAP for experieced IT professional
I am in IT for 18 years doing development work under UNIX with C/C++/ORACLE/PL-SQL etc. Have done analysis/design work and feel pretty good about my logic and design ability. I want to break into SAP and get a job after some training. I would appreciate your suggestion to help me get into it. -Mahendra

Answer Question   |  November 12, 2013  2:16 PM
Basis, CO, Development, ED, FI, Financials, Industry solutions, IS-B, IS-H, IS-Ill, IS-P, IS-Retail, IS-T, NetWeaver, RIVA, SAP, SAP careers, TR, Windows
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SAP-MM Module
Dear All, I’m learning SAP with AMUL & IBM at Anand. Please help me to find SAP-MM module related discussion on this page. How can I find the blog related to MM Module? Regards, Nitin

Answer Question   |  August 29, 2013  1:22 PM
MM modules, SAP MM
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Opportunities in SAP Netweaver for a fresh grad?
Hi, I’m a fresh graduate of an information technology course. What is out there for me in SAP? Will it still benefit me in the future if I take up a course on SAP Netweaver?  I’m just thinking of what direction SAP leads into? If it still is developing or has it already reached its...

Answer Question   |  August 29, 2013  9:25 AM
NetWeaver, SAP, SAP careers, SAP NetWeaver
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Is a SAP career suitable for me?
Hi, I’m a Master of Commerce and Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Programming and computing statistics from Pakistan. After completing my education in 1997, I’m working as IT Technician in a power generation company. I have planned to go to Australia after 6 months. Kindly guide me on if SAP will be suitable for me...

Answer Question   |  August 27, 2013  6:29 AM
ABAP, Basis, Career Development, Certifications, CO, Development, ED, FI, Financials, Industry solutions, IS-B, IS-H, IS-Ill, IS-P, IS-Retail, IS-T, MySAP, NetWeaver, RIVA, SAP, SAP APO, SAP careers, SEM, TR, Training, Upgrades / implementations, Windows
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Best SmartForms learning resources
I am starting my carrier as a ABAPer and my first project involves working in SmartForms. I’m not trained in it. Are there any books or sites on the internet from where I can get really good material to start with? It should start from basics and move into advance stuff in SmartForms. I would...

Answer Question   |  August 22, 2013  12:55 AM
ABAP, Development, NetWeaver, SAP careers, Upgrades / implementations
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Would you select SAP’s product or another OLAP tool?
In an effort to validate my opinion of SAP BW/Netweaver Capability – In terms of flexibility, KPI Development, and Predictive Analytics, If you had to decide, would you select SAP’s product or another OLAP tool and why? Situation: Global Manufacturing Company, multiple lines of business, 2 instances of SAP US & Europe, Growing data requirements,...

Answer Question   |  June 27, 2013  4:19 PM
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10 pts.

Difference between different SAP platforms
Specific difference between SAP R/3 and mySAP ERP.

Answer Question   |  June 19, 2013  11:53 PM
ABAP, Basis, CO, ED, FI, Financials, MySAP, SAP, SAP careers, TR
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Does your company have a chief procurement officer (CPO)?
CPOs serve to procure goods for large organizations and in doing so root out redundancies. They work with everyone from the CIO to IT to the company that cleans the carpets throughout the entire enterprise. Has your company brought on a CPO? Or do you have someone else filling that role under another title?

Answer Question   |  May 28, 2013  5:01 PM
Chief Procurement Officer, CPO, Procurement
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4,240 pts.

SAP Transaction Code for ALL MM Transactions
Does anybody know a transaction code to display all the transactions available in the Materials Management Module in SAP (MM Module)

Answer Question   |  May 8, 2013  2:40 PM
Materials management module, MM modules, SAP Transaction Codes
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5 pts.

Loading CSV files into Oracle tables
I want to load data from the Microsoft Excel sheet to my Oracle 8i database. Can I achieve this using TOAD? This question posed on 10 March 2005 You cannot use TOAD to move your data from MS Excel to Oracle. You can save the Excel spreadsheet as a comma-separated-values (CSV) or text file. Then...

Answer Question   |  April 19, 2013  11:46 AM
Corporate Financial Applications, Database Management Systems, ERP, Financials, Human resource applications, Informix, iReceivables, Microsoft Access, Oracle, Payables, Procurement, Projects
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Any details to assist me for finding an LMS GURU?
Does anybody consider themselves an LMS GURU? That maybe can assist me with some key words that I am possibly missing. I am inquiring because I am having the most difficult time matching a candidate for a job opening titled “LMS Network Eng/Dedicated Tech. SCOPE OF WORK: Analyze the NYARNG(NY National Guard) Network using Cisco...

Answer Question   |  February 4, 2013  5:15 PM
Cisco, Lms, The LAN Management Solution (LMS)
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MM Qty Remaining
Hi, I have been facing an issue with excise capturing (J1IEX) wherein the qty remaining field is getting negative on its own. It’s not a regular thing but quite occasionally this happens then it doesnt allow us to do MIGO. Can anybody tell me why this is happening?  best regards, Subha

Answer Question   |  October 24, 2012  10:43 AM
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t603R Table
What is the difference between the Pick/pack time in days vs Pick/Pack time workdays on the T630R TABLE. When is each applied. Should either be set to zero and if so why

Answer Question   |  June 22, 2012  2:32 PM
SAP 4.7
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15 pts.

EDI and B2B orders
When customers order in a UOM other than the base UOM – example Base UOM in Eaches but customers order in cases. WM doesn’t handle this very well so we have to manually change the sales order to the Base UOM. This causes customers to bev upset when we send them back the confirmation and...

Answer Question   |  June 22, 2012  2:05 PM
SAP 4.7
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15 pts.

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