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Best platform for measuring web traffic engagement?
Engagement metrics like Time on Site and Time on Page are notoriously inaccurate in platforms like Google Analytics, and while real-time analytics platforms like ChartBeat are much more accurate, they aren’t set up to generate historical reporting very easily. Does anyone have any recommendations for a web analytics platform that tracks time on site/ time...

Answer Question   |  March 15, 2014  5:40 PM
Analytics Tools, Marketing analytics
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How to enter alphanumeric characters for my name
I am of african origin,the computer keep asking for alphanumeric for my name. Please assist in doing this.

Answer Question   |  March 5, 2014  10:48 AM
AlphaNumeric, Alphanumeric conversion
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15 pts.

Receive messages from multiple email accounts
I am talking about web outlook not form office, I’ve set my outlook email as primary and another gmail account I;ve added is sent and receive capability but it’s inbox gets no mails. d I have to make it primary t get mails if I do then what about my outlook mails.

Answer Question   |  March 2, 2014  12:35 PM
aliases, primary account
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what is the advantage of SIP trunking over analog trunks
Could someone help me with what the advantages are of SIP trunking over Analog trunks?

Answer Question   |  January 27, 2014  6:44 PM
Analog trunks, SIP Trunks
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Vulnerability Test analysis
my project is based on the topic vulnerability test analysis of a computer system.can anyone please tell me what to do and where to start..give me some useful ideas to proceed

Answer Question   |  December 18, 2013  9:00 AM
*system, analysis, computer, computer system, IP address, Mac, project, Security, Security Analyzer, Security assessment, test, vulnerability, Vulnerability Assessment & Audit, vulnerability scanning, Windows
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Information Security Degrees
As an IT security professional, does it really matter which school a degree is earned from? For example, I have two schools that are both online and regionally accredited: American Military University and University of Maryland University College. AMU offers a B.S. in Information Systems Security, and UMUC offers B.S. in Information Assurance. UMUC’s program,...

Answer Question   |  December 12, 2013  10:21 PM
american military university, amu, Degree, information assurance, Information security careers, Information Systems Security, IT careers, IT education, nsa cae, Security careers, umuc, university of maryland university college
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Alot file
How do you delete alot program?

Answer Question   |  December 5, 2013  8:40 AM
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How to become a security expert?
Hi, How do I become an expert as a security analyst? I graduated from business IT field without security knowledge. What area should I start studying with? Some people suggested me to take CEH first. What do you guys think? Is CEH a good cert to start with?Appreciate any feedback

Answer Question   |  November 27, 2013  8:18 PM
analysts, Certificate, certification, Security, Security certifications
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Looking for info on ambient energy
Where can I find info on ambient energy from electronic devices?

Answer Question   |  October 24, 2013  11:44 AM
Ambient energy, Electronic Devices
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XP Updates
Anyone know of site where ALL XP updates from SP1 can be downloaded. When Doing clean install requires Loads of Updates taking time and data, Yes I still have many companies wanting to stay with XP. MS don’t have one, But a CD/DVD of All XP updates would be extremely useful, AND I see Many...

Answer Question   |  September 17, 2013  6:51 PM
All XP Updates
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Remote access and down loading + programming
We use an Allen Bradley PLC along with an industrial road-mapped Windows XP pc which in turn runs a Citec Scarda package we need to be able to communicate with these remotely to enable program changes and general monitoring. Each time we complete are process a unique file is created logging time date water temp chemical strength...

Answer Question   |  August 30, 2013  6:56 PM
Allen Bradley PLC, Remote access, Windows XP
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Motherboard upgrade
Hi, I am having KV8 ASUS motherboard and AMD processor in my PC. Now I am planning to upgrade to ASUS P8P67, so I want to know whether my existing AMD processor will support the new ASUS P8P67 mother board? The question here is to understand there is there a dependency for the mother board...

Answer Question   |  April 5, 2013  6:49 PM
AMD processors, Hard disk performance, Motherboards
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55 pts.

ALP file
Is there a safe way of opening this file?

Answer Question   |  March 29, 2013  3:33 AM
ALP, ALP file
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Are AMD processors as good as Intel processors?

Answer Question   |  February 27, 2013  1:11 PM
AMD processors, Intel Processors
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XML-INTO with allowmissing option
if I use the xml-into command with allowmissing=yes, how can I tell if I recieved a tag name? allowmissing=yes will prevent it from giving an error but I want to know which tags I recieved. allowmissing=no will tell me I didn’t get all my fields but I want to know which one I did receive....

Answer Question   |  October 19, 2012  3:07 PM
allowmissing, XML-INTO
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50 pts.

Storage Terminology
I want to get clear definitions for the following: 1.Used Space 2.Allocated Space 3.Logical Space 4.Raw Space 5.Physical Space 6.Landed Space or Drives(heard this in a meeting) If some of these terms are synonymous, please say so. Thanks

Answer Question   |  October 9, 2012  4:01 PM
Allocated Space, Logical Space, Physical Space, Raw Space, Used Space
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10 pts.

RGZPFM allow cancel
I have run a RGZPFM with ALWCANCEL(*YES) RBDACCPTH(*OPTIMIZE)over a large file on a couple of occasions. After 14hrs the job is ended as the file is needed by applications. According to the IBM Website at the next run of this command the system will determine if the Re-org will pick up where it left off...

Answer Question   |  June 13, 2012  1:20 PM
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270 pts.

Are there ANY truly independent analysts out there anymore?
seems IT’s getting worse than big pharma these days, analysts in everyone’s pocket. very disheartening that so many conflicts of interest abound like this. it hurts the whole credibility of the industry and adds to the nightmare of what’s real and true — vs what’s not. analysts should be paid for their independence, not by...

Answer Question   |  March 31, 2012  8:12 PM
analysts, Business Analysts, Open IT Forum
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Configuring Server Level alias
Hi, I want to configure server level alias for my SQL Server instance to avoid application code changes while we move the database objects to different instances. Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks in advance.

Answer Question   |  March 20, 2012  2:01 PM
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AlphaNumeric or Numerical IN VBA Word 2003
Hi, I have the following code which is use to ensure there are only AlphaNumeric or Numerical string allowed in a text box, however it still allows char that are not from A-Z for e.g. it allows

Answer Question   |  February 29, 2012  5:02 PM
AlphaNumeric, VBA Word 2003
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35 pts.

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