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Registry fix for forcing audio files to open in Windows Media player
Problem: QT takes over and tries to open audio files such as mp3, mp4 etc, instead of WMP. I have set WMP as default player in the “Set program access and defaults”; I have made sure that file associations were done in ctr. panel -> folder options -> file types for mp3 and mp4. I...

Answer Question   |  April 14, 2014  9:57 PM
File associations, QuickTime, Registry settings, Window Media Player, Windows Registry, Windows XP
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Does anyone know of a workaround for closed ports?
I’ve been teaching a programming class at a high school and I’m working on giving them a networking project for their final. I figured out what I want to do but the problem is that all the ports at the school are closed and they’ve already told me that they’re not going to open them...

Answer Question   |  April 9, 2014  4:00 PM
Networking, Ports
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Is there a way to look at a specific port using a command line?
Hi everyone! I’m looking for a way to examine the status of a port using the Microsoft Windows command line. I know there’s NETSTAT that examines all ports but it’s really slow so I want to look at one specific port.

Answer Question   |  April 7, 2014  6:30 PM
Command line, Networking, Ports
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Step-by-step procedure for Core Configurator 1.1
I need step by step procedure of CoreConfigurator 1.1 for RODC of Windows Server 2008 32bit.

Answer Question   |  April 2, 2014  6:47 PM
CoreConfigurator 1.1, RODC, Windows Server 2008
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What is a File copy limit in Windows XP?
Does any one know what is a copy limit in windows XP as when we copy a lot of small files Windows XP stations come up with low resources error ex. we copy 40GB=800000 files windows 2003 server edition is fine no problems.

Answer Question   |  April 1, 2014  10:01 AM
Desktops, Management, Microsoft Windows, OS, Security, Servers, SQL Server, Storage
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Windows 7 must restart print spooler every morning in order to print
We are currently deploying Windows 7 64bit PCs within our organization. Some of the computers need to have their print spoolers restarted in the mornings or else they won’t print.  After the spooler has been restarted they seem to print fine. We deploy printers via Group Policy from Windows 2003 and I administer the print...

Answer Question   |  March 26, 2014  1:41 PM
64bit, Group Policy, Printer Administration, Printer deployment, printer management component, Server 2003, TCP/IP, Windows 7 deployment
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RODC User Accounts
If I have deployed a RODC, does that mean that user accounts must be created up a level on the Read/Write domain controller? Does this mean that user accounts can’t be created locally on the local site?

Answer Question   |  March 25, 2014  1:49 PM
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Ghost imagaing
Hiya all, Specs first.. Ghost Corporate multicast server 7.5. Switches are all 3com, 10/100. Wireless network is 10mg network ports (2) shared via 2 wirelss access points, (D-Link 22Mbps) Problem is, whenever i image multiple machines, the whole network goes slow. The machines affected are old and the new ones don’t suffer that much. The...

Answer Question   |  March 24, 2014  8:02 AM
Availability, Bandwidth, DataCenter, Desktops, Management, Microsoft Windows, Networking, OS, Performance management, Routers, Security, Servers, SQL Server, Tech support, Wireless
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What is Port 443? Why do SSL VPNs make use of it?
I am setting up a Web SSL VPN for remote access across my WAN. Can someone explain why SSL VPNs use Port 443? Can I use any other port?

Answer Question   |  March 16, 2014  7:10 PM
Network security, Port 443, Ports, Remote access, SSL, Ssl vpn, VPN, WAN
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What is the AS/400 PCL command for 39 barcode?
what is PCL command for 39 barcode sent from AS400

Answer Question   |  February 28, 2014  12:34 PM
AS/400 commands, CL Commands, PCL, RPG/400
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Do we need trunking or a router for inter-VLAN communication?
Do we need trunking or a router for inter-VLAN communication?

Answer Question   |  February 17, 2014  6:16 PM
flat network, Ports, VLAN
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How do I enter my product key after I installed win 7rc?
How do I enter my product key after I installed win 7rc?

Answer Question   |  February 7, 2014  12:15 AM
Microsoft licensing, Product ID, Windows 7
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Printer drivers with interrupt programming
how to make a printer driver with intruppt programming

Answer Question   |  February 6, 2014  12:40 PM
Printer drivers
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Prompt user to change password before expiration Issue
I have a problem with only one user so far where the system will not notify them that their password will expire in ‘X’ days. I have the following item set in the GPO: “Interactive logon: Prompt user to change password before expiration – 5 Days” I’ve checked the Group Policy results and it shows...

Answer Question   |  January 24, 2014  3:49 PM
DataCenter, Desktops, Management, Microsoft Windows, OS, Security, Servers, SQL Server
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Parameterized Query Syntax
Thank you Mr Hatmaker for sharing the “Parameterized Query with excel.” I have watched the videos on youtube (beyond excel) describing the function and I have a few questions. 1-I am looking for the syntax for “contains”. I am searching for the syntax to place in the criteria field that would return all cities that...

Answer Question   |  January 23, 2014  1:42 PM
excel, parameter
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i get a message ink system failer error code oxc19a003e? what can i do??

Answer Question   |  December 31, 2013  3:44 PM
Printer Administration
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PowerBuilder Printing Problem
hi all, i have a problem, when i print a powerbuilder report using a network printer, from some PCs the report is blank where from some others it is printed properly. i don’t think so that the problem is in PowerBuilder because all PCs uses the same EXE. thanks in Advance.

Answer Question   |  December 18, 2013  5:15 AM
Database Management Systems, Development, Hardware, Interoperability, Microsoft Windows, Networking, PC/Windows Connectivity, PowerBuilder, Software, Sybase, Tech support, Windows
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Critical Error in Security Log
All, I manage a Windows 2003 Small Business Server Network with 9 clients. The server provides all network services. We use Logon/logoff, shared storage, and print server functions. We do not use exchange except for the server reporting tool. We do use about 4 instances of SQL. All clients are Windows XP Professional patched to...

Answer Question   |  December 12, 2013  7:08 AM
Biometrics, configuration, DataCenter, Desktops, Digital certificates, Identity & Access Management, Management, Microsoft Systems Management Server, Microsoft Windows, OS, Patch management, patching, PEN testing, Platform Security, provisioning, Security, Security tokens, Servers, Single sign-on, Software, SQL Server, Tech support, vulnerability management
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How to generate a listing of security information of Win 2003 server folders
Does somebody know if there is a way to query the Directory database to obtain a listing that includes security and other settings (shares, permissions, etc) of all folders and subfolders of a machine running Win 2003 Server ? Any help or comment will be appreciated.

Answer Question   |  December 6, 2013  12:45 PM
Auditing, Data center operations, DataCenter, FAT and NTFS, Hardware, Help Desk, Operating system platforms, Performance/Tuning, Policies, Registry, Remote management, Servers, Space/structure, Storage, Tech support, Windows, Windows 2000 desktop, Windows 2000 Server, Windows client administration and maintenance, Windows Server 2003
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Home Dir Security and file sync aka CSC
I having issues configuring Home directory file sync. After I configured folder redirection by MS recommendations, I receive a folder permissions error when I right click on a file and tell it to sync. Following MS’s white paper on configuring redirected folders,, they specify to set the following permissions 1) system, creator owner and...

Answer Question   |  December 6, 2013  11:51 AM
Desktops, Management, Microsoft Windows, OS, Security, Servers, Software, SQL Server
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