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How to setup Sonic Wall NSA 3500 as NTP server
I would like to set the NSA 3500 as the NTP server for internal devices such as switches. The version of code is

Answer Question   |  April 2, 2014  5:49 PM
NTP, NTP Configuration, SonicWALL, Sonicwall NSA 3500
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Zebra ZM400 network configuration
How do change the printers name and IP address from the printers LCD?

Answer Question   |  April 2, 2014  1:20 AM
IP address, Network printers, Printer management, Printers, Zebra printers, Zebra ZM400
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Import data from Access into SQL Server 2005
Hello, I have a large database on ms access with more than 100 tables. I am planning to do migrate this database into MS SQL Server 2005. I am receiving info into database access on a daily basis. So I have to do an auto job to import data from access into SQL Server 2005....

Answer Question   |  March 29, 2014  10:30 AM
Migration, SQL Server 2005, Stored Procedures
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.XLSM doc password protected?
We are all using office 2003, he tries to open an XLSM document it asks for a password, he presses enter, doc fails to open. He sends it to me, It goes through the conversion process just fine & opens as usual, Where do I look on his machine? -

Answer Question   |  March 21, 2014  7:33 PM
File conversion, HP, Office 2003, XLSM
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120 pts.

How do I prevent 2003 installation attempts after Office 2010 is installed?
I have 2010 office pro installed. Everytime I open it through a document or though start bar, the appropriate 2010 application begins to open. But then, I get the please wait while 2003 install wizard configures. I have to cancel out of the 2003 wizard several times, but I do get to 2010 eventually. Any...

Answer Question   |  March 19, 2014  12:12 PM
Microsoft Office 2003 installation, Microsoft Office installation, Microsoft Office installation error, Microsoft Office Professional, Office 2003, office 2010
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scanning over the network
how to scan in hp laserjet M 1522 MFP through the network

Answer Question   |  February 28, 2014  12:16 PM
HP LaserJet M1522, Network Scanners, Scanners, Scanning
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10 pts.

Migrating DFSMS COMMDS at DASD migration
At DASD migration how to migrate DFSMS COMMDS ?

Answer Question   |  February 21, 2014  9:09 PM
COMMDS, DFSMS, Direct access storage device, Migration
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product key for office home and student
How do I no if I have the right product key for office.

Answer Question   |  February 11, 2014  7:29 PM
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Need to create a batch file using if and else
Hi  pls. can anybody help i need to create a file in which i need to compare the hostname with the my given hostname which if matches calls another batch file..else echos a msg pls. can somebdy guide i am new to batch files

Answer Question   |  February 6, 2014  5:18 PM
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How to logon sap system from MS DOS without Sap system management console
I want to start the sap-system from MS-DOS without using SAP Management Console. Is this possible? i made this code just to start sap system ; @echo off rem SAP Logon cd cd %windir%Program FilesSAPFrontEndSAPgui start saplogon.exe exit

Answer Question   |  January 23, 2014  1:51 PM
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What are the three components that must conform to the same socket type?
list 3 component that must conform to the same socket type

Answer Question   |  January 17, 2014  2:32 PM
Cisco, Motherboards, Socket
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50 pts.

Scripting MMC
Hi, I am a bit out of my depth here so I have some questions. At my site we do unattended installs and configuration of our machines. I would like to script the install of a mmc snap in but have come to an impasse. I have found some sample code but I cannot find...

Answer Question   |  December 17, 2013  4:45 PM
Active Directory, Group Policy, Group Policy management console, MMC, VBScript
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5 pts.

Mochasoft tn5250
Hi, I have recently downloaded the Mochasoft trial version. I installed the same in my personal laptop for my basic learning. Now the problem I’m having is I’m not able to connect to the AS/400 server. Can anyone please share the IP address which can be connected to AS/400 for public usage? Or tell me...

Answer Question   |  December 16, 2013  2:37 PM
AS/400, MochaSoft
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5 pts.

asus mother board Chassis intruded – Fatal Error … .System Halted
i have some problem Chassis intruded -¬†Fatal Error … .System Halted on asus motherboard…

Answer Question   |  November 28, 2013  2:18 AM
ASUS, Hardware devices, Motherboards
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110 pts.

object missing operation failed when sending outlook 2007 mail.
object missing operation failed when sending outlook 2007 mail. Currently tried to uninstall Office 2007 using the Windows add/remove programs and reload. This same result. Operation Failed, object missing message appreas. How can I get a fresh copy of MS outlook 2007 to load?

Answer Question   |  November 21, 2013  6:47 PM
Office 2007, Outlook, Outlook 2007, Outlook error messages
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5 pts.

Does Office 2013 work on XP
Does anyone know if Microsoft Office 2013 works on Windows XP?

Answer Question   |  November 2, 2013  2:41 PM
Microsoft Office, office 2013, Windows XP
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Is a Microsoft certified database administrator (MSDBA) certification course good with my SQL Server experience?
I am working in a data migration team on SQL Server. I am planning to do the Microsoft certified database administrator (MSDBA) course. Please let me know if this certification matches with the line of work I am doing, or if there is a more preferable certification that would contribute to my SQL Server work...

Answer Question   |  October 14, 2013  7:30 PM
IT career planning, IT jobs, Microsoft certifications, Microsoft Certified Database Administrator, MSDBA, Networking certifications, SQL Server, SQL Server certifications, Training, Training and certifications
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1,545 pts.

Can I save files in RTF in Vista 2007?

Answer Question   |  October 7, 2013  3:35 PM
.RTF file, Microsoft Vista, Rich Text Format
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5 pts.

How to disable command prompt for non-admins on windows 2003?
My environment has a requirement that the command prompt be disabled for any non-administrator users. This is easy to do in Windows 2008 with a local policy via the MMC, as per instructions from maxvre here:   I cannot figure out how to do the same thing in Windows 2003 SP2. The options are...

Answer Question   |  October 7, 2013  5:16 PM
MMC, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008
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Adding appointment to shared calendar opens an email form to calendar owner
I have a business client uses Microsoft Hosted Exchange. One of the 15 users is having difficulty creating appointments in shared calendars. On one PC, she uses Office 2007 with Outlook 2013, and on another, Office 2013. In the shared calendars, when this user tries to add an appointment to any shared calendar, it brings...

Answer Question   |  September 27, 2013  5:00 AM
Microsoft Hosted Exchange, Microsoft Outlook 2013, Office 2007, Outlook
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5 pts.

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