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Windows 8.1 desktop re.password
I just purchased a new HP Windows 8.1, when my computer goes to sleep and I wake it up, why do I have to put every time my password in? Is there a way that I can stop this?

Answer Question   |  April 25, 2014  6:32 PM
HP, Windows 8.1
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What may be wrong with my social media apps?
I’m having trouble with my instagram for nearly 4 months. It keeps deleting photos, unfollowing people without my control and often when ı open the app the page with log in button appears and it doesnt accept my password so I have to reset it. I wrote to instagram via their help center in the...

Answer Question   |  April 22, 2014  10:38 PM
Applications, help, instagram, ipad, iPhone, need help, Snapchat, social media apps, Technology
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HP Proliant ml 370g4 support Win 2008 64-bit
Dear all experts, I would like upgrade the HP Proliant ml 370 g4 from 2003 to 2008. I help you help answer my question as below. Is the HP Proliant ml370 g4 compatible with Windows 2008 g4? How to change the boot sequence in HP Proliant ml370 g4? Can I boot from external DVD Rom...

Answer Question   |  April 19, 2014  12:06 AM
HP ProLiant, Windows 2008
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575 pts.

Taking and restoring Ghost image for Windows in RAID 5
I want to take Ghost image for windows in RAID5 and able to restore the image again when the system fails or something happened in the drive.

Answer Question   |  April 9, 2014  10:09 AM
Backup, Ghost image, RAID, RAID 5
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My HP mini 110 crashed: User profile service failed the logon/user profile cannot be loaded
The computer crashed because a lack of charge on the battery . When I went to go log back in it says “user profile service failed the logon/user profile cannot be loaded. I can logon in safe mode ,do not have a back up disk or a restore point because of the system that is...

Answer Question   |  March 31, 2014  1:01 AM
HP, HP Mini
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15 pts.

What type of training is needed to install and manage the HP BladeSystem c7000?
Recently my company has acquired a bladesystem c7000. What type of training must I attend to install and manage the c7000, and storage.

Answer Question   |  March 25, 2014  10:22 PM
Blade Server Installation, HP, HP BladeSystem, HP BladeSystem c7000, Storage Blades, Storage training
15 pts.

.XLSM doc password protected?
We are all using office 2003, he tries to open an XLSM document it asks for a password, he presses enter, doc fails to open. He sends it to me, It goes through the conversion process just fine & opens as usual, Where do I look on his machine? -

Answer Question   |  March 21, 2014  7:33 PM
File conversion, HP, Office 2003, XLSM
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120 pts.

scanning over the network
how to scan in hp laserjet M 1522 MFP through the network

Answer Question   |  February 28, 2014  12:16 PM
HP LaserJet M1522, Network Scanners, Scanners, Scanning
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10 pts.

Can’t print from Lotus Notes to HP LaserJet Pro
I can’t print from Lotus Notes 1 2 3 to Hp LaserJet Pro 400 MFP M475 printer; the printout comes as symbols or some strang characters. How to fix it?

Answer Question   |  February 27, 2014  7:44 PM
HP LaserJet, Lotus Notes
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5 pts.

Fix language in HP printer
How can I change the language on touch screen of HP printer pro 400?

Answer Question   |  January 20, 2014  11:27 PM
HP, HP Printer
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Hover Help AS400 RPG coding
are you able to code in RPG the ability to have hover help, where hovering the cursor over a location or field that a help screen can pop up

Answer Question   |  December 14, 2013  7:40 PM
Help text
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Sideways screen
My screen on the computer has gone side ways. I can’t log in or do anything that is right screen. How do I click on something to change it back. My granddaughter said my laptop went sideways.

Answer Question   |  December 13, 2013  3:06 PM
GATEWAY, Windows 8
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5 pts.

Windows Server 2003 FTP security and monitoring
How can I see who is connected to my Windows 2003 FTP server and review what files have been uploaded or downloaded? Can I be emailed this log file daily or weekly? Can I be alerted if specific files or folders are touched?

Answer Question   |  December 12, 2013  2:04 PM
FTP, FTP management, FTP Server, Windows Security, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2003 security
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62,460 pts.

Masters in Network from UK or Cisco Certifications
Hi All,  I am new to this forum and after reading to many forums i feel you guys can really help me out of the mess. Currently i am working in an IT company as Sr. Software Engineer for Oracle Applications(2 years of experience) but lately i feel more inclined towards Computer Network and also...

Answer Question   |  December 7, 2013  1:51 PM
#mastersinnetworking, Certifications, computer, help, Network
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15 pts.

Hotmail emails
Hotmail emails are suddenly not showing up on my BlackBerry. What should I do?

Answer Question   |  December 5, 2013  10:56 PM
BlackBerry, Hotmail
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5 pts.

to add from email body to subject by clcking agent
Lotus note: Hi, I am using IBM Lotus Notes 8.5, My requirement is I am receiving many emails from client, that emails reference number (Eg:- AD197-ADMA-NTC-00397) mentioning inside the body of email, I want to add that reference number to starting of subject automatically instead of copy pasting. if you could help on that it...

Answer Question   |  December 4, 2013  4:26 AM
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5 pts.

Hacking a hotmail account with URL
Hi! I need to go into a Hotmail account. I have the sign-in and inbox URL. Can I just use this to see the inbox?

Answer Question   |  November 26, 2013  3:05 AM
asked by:
15 pts.

which tools can be used to analyse vulnerabilities?
tools which are used to analyse vulnerabilities(which can be downloaded for free)

Answer Question   |  November 26, 2013  7:04 PM
help, Security, Security accessment, security tools, vulnerability, Vulnerability Assessment & Audit, vulnerability scanning
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60 pts.

Will litigation against Huawei affect me as a buyer?
I have been working on assessing a few leading network equipment vendors in the likes of Cisco, HP, Juniper, etc., to procure Layer 2 switches. I am currently assessing the capabilities of Huawei and i have been hearing about a litigation raised by Nortel (Avaya) against Huawei on their Layer 2 switches, however, I have...

Answer Question   |  November 6, 2013  6:12 PM
Cisco, HP, Huawei, Juniper, Layer 2 switches, Unified Communications, Unified Communications Hardware
660 pts.

Lacking a FQDN during database mirroring on SQL Server 2005
I am trying to work with database mirroring on SQL Server 2005, and I keep receiving the error message, “One or more of the server network addresses lacks a fully qualified domain name (FQDN). Specify the FQDN for each server, and click Start Mirroring again.” I know that the syntax for a fully-qualified TCP address...

Answer Question   |  October 22, 2013  6:59 PM
Database mirroring, FQDN, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server errors, TCP
2,585 pts.

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