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Domain migration with/without Exchange
Going to be migrating two separate Windows 2003 AD Forests into a new 2008 AD Forest. One Forest is on Exchange 2003 and one is on Exchange 2007. Would like to move he new domain with Exchange 2010 – but one major application we run will not be supported by Exchange 2010 out of the...

Answer Question   |  April 16, 2014  3:12 AM
ADMT, Domain Forest, Domain migration, Exchange 2003, Exchange 2007, Exchange 2010, Exchange migration
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Allow Non-Admins to log each other off in Windows 7
We have windows 7 pc’s on our domain, when people are logged in and the next users try’s to log in they can’t, i need to find a group policy or setting so that if the second user tries to log in it logs of the first user. We can’t use faster user switching because...

Answer Question   |  April 5, 2014  6:59 PM
64-bit Windows 7, Domain Group Policy
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Proprietary application server vs. open source application server
what is a proprietary application server and a open source application server?

Answer Question   |  March 31, 2014  1:40 PM
Application Server
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IP Address on my Yahoo account
When I sign into my Yahoo account, my sign in comes from Ca. Wash.,NY.,and other states. Is this normal?

Answer Question   |  March 21, 2014  3:21 AM
64-bit Windows, IP address, Yahoo
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25 pts.

Left Mouse Click not recognized in Test Complete in Windows 7
I’m using Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit and when I left click in the application on the menu bar test complete 10.0.531.7 doesn’t recognize the click. Any suggestion?

Answer Question   |  March 15, 2014  8:01 PM
64-bit Windows 7, Windows 7, Windows 7 64-bit
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5 pts.

How to Clear AMT Error
Each time I boot my Meccer Desktop I am getting an AMT Error and the system Aborts and restarts. How do I handle this error?   Thanks in advance for your help

Answer Question   |  March 7, 2014  1:43 PM
BIOS settings
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Windows Server 2008 Error Code 0×80070035
The following question was recently submitted by a user via e-mail: Whenever I try to access anything on the network, I get this error message: Network Error Windows cannot access \ShareServerShare Error code: 0×80070035 The network path was not found. I’m using Windows Server 2008. Any other computer can access it just fine; it seems...

Answer Question   |  February 26, 2014  2:53 PM
0x80070035, Windows Network Administration, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server Error Messages
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4,280 pts.

Cannot open a .OST file in Outlook 2007
My hard disk had a problem and I had to back up my data in another hard disk. Once I got a replacement, I copied back my data. On opening my mails, I noted all my .PST files had changed to .OST and thus I was unable to open them. I get an error ” The...

Answer Question   |  February 20, 2014  8:42 AM
.pst, OST, Outlook 2007
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35 pts.

Linux OS
Interested in moving to Linux from Explorer, and Windows OS 8

Answer Question   |  February 14, 2014  5:07 AM
Administrator, Education, Export, Linux, Time
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110 pts.

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Answer Question   |  February 1, 2014  8:34 AM
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When I boot my laptop I have a Black Screen Password to be entered?
I have a IBM, Thinkpad T-22 with Windows XP. When I boot the computer a black screen comes up and asked for a password. I have taken that hard drive out and put it into another computer and the samething happens. Correct me if I am wrong but, I believe that the hard drive has...

Answer Question   |  January 27, 2014  7:44 AM
Authentication, BIOS password, IBM T22 Thinkpad, Password, Windows XP
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5 pts.

New Adventures of The Time Machine by Cryo Interactive extracting music in weird format
Does anybody know how to get audio from this game?   I like the Middle East kind of feel it has yet the audio is in a weird format that Dragon Unpacker will not recognize. Funny thing is I can use Dragon Unpacker to rip audio from another game called Battle for Middle Earth that uses...

Answer Question   |  January 7, 2014  7:04 AM
Audio, Big File, Game music, PC Music, Ripping audio
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5 pts.

ADS for campus – Architecture
We are planning to do some IT services to other companies on our campus. In the near future large and small companies will join on our campus and some need all ind of services and others perhaps only Internet access . . . but all companies need to have access to some data and IT...

Answer Question   |  December 27, 2013  9:02 PM
ADS, Authentication, Security, SharePoint, Storage
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5 pts.

No Audio!!!!
I just recently bought an refurbished laptop, and it says there’s no audio device. I don’t know alot about computers, but I know it doesn’t has volume or sound. What do I do?

Answer Question   |  December 26, 2013  11:40 PM
Audio, Sound
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5 pts.

computer says no operating system found when i try to boot
i have a compaq presario 2715us notebook comp it says  operating system not found when i try and boot it, ive tryed system the quick start recovery disks that came with my comp 

Answer Question   |  December 20, 2013  7:41 AM
Boot disk, hp start up disk, system recovery
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0x8007F0F4 error code when installing Windows Server 2003 security update
When trying to install Security Update for Windows Server 2003, it fails with the following Error Code: 0x8007F0F4.

Answer Question   |  December 12, 2013  1:47 PM
0x8007F0F4, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2003 error messages, Windows Server 2003 Security Updates
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300 pts.

Is it worth it to password protect a servers BIOS?
I have set up password protection on the BIOS of my server, which kicks in when the you enter BIOS setup. My worry is that someone could enter setup and apply a master boot password thereby taking control of the system.  Is this a realistic fear and does a password actually help in securing the...

Answer Question   |  December 5, 2013  1:49 PM
BIOS password, Password Protection
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56,505 pts.

Can’t open PDF files in Windows 7
I have installed, uninstalled and installed Adobe Reader again, and get Acrobat failed to connect to a DDE Server message.  Could open PDF files when we had XP on other computer but not able to since we got Windows 7 on new computer. Have not been able to save and open in another window either. Can create PDF...

Answer Question   |  September 26, 2013  6:13 PM
Acrobat 9, Acrobat Error Messages, DDE server, Windows 7
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15 pts.

DSADD batch script
Would anyone who has esperience with the DSADD batch script be able to help me with the basic steps of creating one? Would you have an example you could send me or know where I could download a good “template” version? I would greatly appreciate it.

Answer Question   |  September 10, 2013  2:36 PM
Batch files, DSADD
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210 pts.

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