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How can I open .swm file extensions?
My Toshiba laptop wouldn’t boot because of a hard drive problem. I tries a system restore, but no luck. I’ve now removed the drive because it had around 2000 of our childrens pictures on it. I’ve opened it on my desktop, and found them under a folder called Toshiba HDD Recovery. When I open the folder, I find they...

Answer Question   |  April 2, 2014  1:35 PM
.SWN files, File extensions, toshiba
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How do I convert a .rbd to .stl file?
Any converter to convert .rbd file to .stl file?

Answer Question   |  March 24, 2014  1:19 AM
.RBD file, .STL file
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5 pts.

Can I be reported that a company has just filed an annual or quarterly report?
Can I be reported that a company has just filed an annual or quarterly report without having to browse all the investor relationS section of each company’s site? A mail message or a feed, for example.

Answer Question   |  March 3, 2014  8:36 AM
10k, company, filing, investors
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5 pts.

Reading Windows .TXT or CSV file in RPG
I am quite new to RPG. I want my program to pick up txt files placed at some remote location and read them. (later I want to store data in some physical file). Any idea will be appreciated.

Answer Question   |  February 20, 2014  6:49 AM
.txt file, AS/400, IFS, RPGLE
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85 pts.

How do I convert an Open Office doc. to an rtf format doc.
How do I convert an Open Office doc. to an rtf format doc.?

Answer Question   |  February 11, 2014  9:22 PM
.RTF file, Open Office
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5 pts.

Iseries Navigator
When we copy a print out from an iseries printer to a PC it changes it to a .tmp file how can you get it to be a .txt file ?

Answer Question   |  February 6, 2014  6:57 PM
.tmp files .txt files
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20 pts.

0043 error message
I have done everything possible but the message is still on the screen. please help me.

Answer Question   |  January 31, 2014  6:49 PM
0043 connected
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15 pts.

How to play SV5 file? Which player play SV5 file format?
How to open SV5 file format? Which player plays SV5 format and which converter converts SV5 file?

Answer Question   |  January 31, 2014  2:06 PM
.SV5 file, Windows 7
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10 pts.

Event 1058 & 1030
What is meant by “Event 1058 & 1030?”

Answer Question   |  January 10, 2014  5:45 PM
1030, event 1058
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logic circuit
what is a half-adder? write truth table for a half-adder and develop its logic circuit.

Answer Question   |  December 16, 2013  2:04 PM
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5 pts.

Why use 256 bit encryption instead of 128 bit?
Why is that 256 bit encryption has become so popular? Isn’t 128 bit security enough for most applications?

Answer Question   |  November 26, 2013  5:19 PM
128-bit encryption, 256-bit encryption, Encryption
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54,665 pts.

Convert .txt to .mps
How do I convert .txt files to .mps files?

Answer Question   |  November 21, 2013  11:23 PM
.mps file, .txt file
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5 pts.

Can I save files in RTF in Vista 2007?

Answer Question   |  October 7, 2013  3:35 PM
.RTF file, Microsoft Vista, Rich Text Format
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5 pts.

COM in electric panels
Hello, My language is not good. I work in electric panels and sometimes I see “COM” on the equipments. Is that an abbreviation? If yes, what is the definition of it? I want to know what “COM , L+ , L- ,  0V(volt)” means. I want to know how I  can make them or at...

Answer Question   |  September 16, 2013  9:36 PM
0V(volt), Electric panels
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Reading .txt file
How can I read this type of .txt file using base sas? abds 85-89 50 dfg Butterfly =============================================================================== Name                  awe    zxd              cvb       ert =============================================================================== 1   fgtyjuh, a.g.              85     asdf          1:43.72      9 abds 85-89 100 dfg IM =============================================================================== Name                   awe     zxd                cvb  ...

Answer Question   |  September 12, 2013  11:37 AM
.txt file
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5 pts.

How to create a .DNL file from a .DOC or .RTF file?
I need to create a .DNL file from a .DOC or .RTF file containing text and figures? Details would be appreciated. Thanks.

Answer Question   |  July 8, 2013  3:20 PM
.DNL file, .DOC file, .RTF file
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10 pts.

Linux Clustering
what is linux Clustering and why we should use this?

Answer Question   |  May 21, 2013  12:35 AM
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15 pts.

Harvard Graphics .RLB file open to watch
I have an old program which uses RLB files for video clips.  The EXE file is hopelessly out of date and I would like to watch the clips.  I have a file viewer that reads the ASCII file but I would like to see the footage.  Is there anything out there that will let me...

Answer Question   |  May 1, 2013  1:10 AM
.EXE file, .RLB file
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10 pts.

How do I get my DVD Player to work on my TV?
I have an old, 1992, Zenith TV, and I can’t connect it to my, 2010, Magnavox DVD Player. The TV has a Video In, Audio In, and Speaker Out jacks. It also has an Antenna jack, too. The DVD Player has Video In and both audio jacks. I’ve tried plugging in the audio-video jacks into...

Answer Question   |  April 1, 2013  4:50 PM
1992, 2010, Dvd, H2093Y, Magnavox, MDV2100/F7, tv, Zenith
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15 pts.

.MOV to .TPJ conversion
How does one convert a .MOV file to a .TPJ file?

Answer Question   |  March 29, 2013  11:40 PM
.MOV file, .TPJ file
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10 pts.

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