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How to find packet sent address
I need to create an automated response so that when I receive a UDP packet for a sender, that sender receives the address it was sent from. I tried using the recvform, but that only brings up the address of the sender, not the the address from which the packet was sent.

Answer Question   |  April 5, 2014  11:00 PM
Linux, Packets, Sent messages, UDP
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Exchange 2003 internal network relay
I have an Exchange 2003 Server Standart with ISP in my Windows 2003 organization. When i try to relay internal mails from an application server, the SMTP relay fails. Is some specific configuration or permission required for relaying internal mail? OBS: - Only the options Anonymous access  and  Resolve anonymous e-mail  are checked in Authentication options for...

Answer Question   |  January 7, 2014  5:50 PM
Exchange 2003, SMTP Relay
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Send group invitation on Outlook 2010
I have a group list i made. But i keep getting an error that says “Only users with SMTP email addresses can be invited” Does anyone know what this means or why it is happening?

Answer Question   |  January 2, 2014  9:40 PM
Calendar, error, GROUP, INVITATION, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2010 Calendar, SMTP
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MS Exchange POP3 Connector for SBS
I have configured a POP3 Connector in my SBS Exchange server. I believe if have the SMTP working, I can send and receive locally, and I can send to an external email address and it be delivered. What I can’t do is receive an email from an external address. I can watch the inbox of...

Answer Question   |  December 18, 2013  5:52 PM
Exchange 2003, Exchange 2003 and Small Business Server 2003, POP3 connector, SBS, SBS 2003, SMTP
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Security implications of a password blacklist
Does maintaining a password blacklist on database create any security risks?  Basically, I’m looking to create a list of 500 or so commonly used passwords to stump very basic automated spambots.

Answer Question   |  December 4, 2013  3:52 PM
password blacklist, Spam prevention
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How do spammers send email that looks like its from a real company?
How do spammers send e-mails that appear as if they came from a big company and more importantly, are there techniques to detect which messages are soam and which are real?  Are the emails being sent from a spammers server or do they hijack the company’s mail servers. Is it possible for someone to create...

Answer Question   |  November 26, 2013  2:11 PM
Email security, Email servers, Spam
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Does SSL equal secure email through transit?
If an email server sends messages via SMTP/SSL and the recipient uses SSL to receive his email, will the message be secure through the entire transit?  Des this mean the e-mail will be delivered in plain text between the servers?

Answer Question   |  November 25, 2013  4:53 PM
Email security, SMTP, SSL
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S/MIME and PGP: How do they differ?
This is more of a general question but is S/MIME an abstracted system for MIME type encryption (Just as PGP is used more for email)? Why should I choose one over the other? Is it possible both could be used at the same time?

Answer Question   |  November 13, 2013  7:05 PM
Encryption, PGP, S/MIME
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How to send mail different domain users in VB.NET
how to send mail different domain users in VB.Net

Answer Question   |  October 31, 2013  5:55 AM
SMTP server, VB.NET, Visual Basic, Visual Basic .NET
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Social bot
What is the importance of social bot?

Answer Question   |  October 8, 2013  6:09 PM
SBS 2000
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Shared Calendar
I would like to create a shared calendar for members to put their time off in, however, I do not want everyone’s meeting schedules to show up on the shared calendar…just their schedule vacation times. How do I do this. I tried creating a shared calendar for this purpose but it pulls up everyone’s meeting...

Answer Question   |  October 8, 2013  4:57 PM
Shared calendars
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How to export a SPF. file to text
Hello, I need to know how to change a SPF. file into text so I can read it in English. Not other languages. Please help me out thanks!

Answer Question   |  October 7, 2013  2:41 AM
SPF, spf file
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Delivery Failures for mail I did not send – Spoofing or Trojan
I’m getting delivery failures for email I didn’t send. It’s probabaly someone spoofing my account, but could it be a trojan sending emails directly via SMTP? How can I tell? Is there a way to query the SMTP service for a list of sent emails?

Answer Question   |  September 17, 2013  5:05 PM
malware, SMTP Trace, SMTP transmission failure, Spam, Trojans
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Contacts list in Outlook 2007
I would like to export a copy of my contacts list from my computer to my boss’s computer so she can see the contacts from her blackberry. How do I do that?

Answer Question   |  September 13, 2013  7:32 PM
Outlook 2007 contacts, Outlook 2007 import/export, Outlook contacts, Outlook Exports, Shared Contacts
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Replacing IIS SMTP in Windows Server 2012
I’ve read several articles about deprecated and removed features in Windows Server 2012. It says that the SMTP was deprecated, so I’m assuming that means the IIS SMTP server. So my question is: What do I use instead of the IIS SMTP server? Has it been fully removed?

Answer Question   |  September 12, 2013  6:11 PM
IIS Server, SMTP server, Windows Server 2012
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Sending and receiving email in Exchange Server 2003
My email received for but we are creating an Exchange Server 2003. We want any user to send and receive email for Exchange Server 2003 so what’s the SMTP connector setting?

Answer Question   |  August 26, 2013  6:40 AM
Exchange 2003, Outgoing email, SMTP
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Free IT Book: Network Security Technologies and Solutions
From the back of the book: “A comprehensive reference to the most cutting-edge security products and methodologies available to networking professionals today. Understand and implement current, state-of-the-art network security technologies to ensure secure communications through the network infrastructure.” Help out around IT Knowledge Exchange and learn how to effectively secure your network with this great...

Answer Question   |  August 26, 2013  6:35 PM
Cisco, Disaster Recovery, Giveaways, IT Books, Network security, Network Security Management, RAID 5, RAID Array, SMTP, VLAN, WAN
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Forged IP
Forged IP My organization runs with Exchange Server 2007 SP1 with 400 Mailboxes,When one of Mailbox users send a Mail to the following domain( it is getting rejected by the below #554 5.7.1 Message refused by ForgedIP check. This email has been rejected. The email message was..

Answer Question   |  August 26, 2013  11:30 AM
Exchange 2007, Exchange 2007 error messages, Exchange 2007 SP1, Forged IP, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, SMTP
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I send a mail with the SNDDST command. When it is received by the recipient on lets say Outlook I see the following: 1.  The sender’s name from the ‘SMTP user id’ in the ‘Change name for SMTP’ display and it shows as MyName@Domain.COM 2.  The subject, etc When I send a mail from my...

Answer Question   |  August 17, 2013  4:28 PM
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