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Developing mobile applications using Lotus Notes
How can we develop a mobile application using lotus notes. what are limitations; and do we have the mobile version of domino designer applications. Provide the related url to refer.

Answer Question   |  April 11, 2014  4:55 AM
Lotus Notes, Mobile Application Development
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Microsft Visual Studio performance issues do to antivirus software
Does anyone know which antivirus program causes the least amount of slowdown while working in Microsoft Visual Studio? Every time my virus checker goes off I run into serious performance issues due to the system check. Does this happen to other people? Do you think the issue is the virus checker or could there be...

Answer Question   |  November 27, 2013  2:16 PM
Antivirus software, Microsoft Visual Studio, Performance issue, slow down
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54,890 pts.

Source code for multiuser programming in VB 6 with SQL Server 2000
hi to all, I’m developing a security software in Vb 6.0 with Sql Server 2000 as back end wherein 10 users will be there. I’m a newbie in multiuser programming. The question before me is that how to proceed further. My stand alone code is almost ready 50%. I’m using Ado for establishing connection and...

Answer Question   |  November 12, 2013  8:31 AM
Database programming, Multiuser application, SQL Server 2000, VB 6, Visual Basic, Visual Basic 6
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5 pts.

How to Test for Numerics in AS/400
I need to test for Numeric. I have to check, If a variable contains Numeric values. I wanted to use TESTN opcode, but people are saying not to use it; as it does not work properly some times. Is there any other alternative to this? Has anybody done this before? Any help would be of...

Answer Question   |  October 25, 2013  9:18 AM
AS/400, Numeric, RPG/400, RPGILE
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560 pts.

ODBC connection to the SQL server from the iSeries
Is there a way on the iSeries to establish an ODBC connection to the SQL server?

Answer Question   |  October 23, 2013  6:14 PM
iSeries Access, ODBC, ODBC Permissions, SQL Server, SQL Server connectivity
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150 pts.

OLE error message
When I try to open a hyperlink to a password protected word document in Excel, I get the message that Excel is waiting for another application to complete an OLE action.

Answer Question   |  August 13, 2013  1:10 PM
Microsoft Excel 2010, Microsoft Excel error messages, OLE
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5 pts.

Would you select SAP’s product or another OLAP tool?
In an effort to validate my opinion of SAP BW/Netweaver Capability – In terms of flexibility, KPI Development, and Predictive Analytics, If you had to decide, would you select SAP’s product or another OLAP tool and why? Situation: Global Manufacturing Company, multiple lines of business, 2 instances of SAP US & Europe, Growing data requirements,...

Answer Question   |  June 27, 2013  4:19 PM
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10 pts.

Open Source Music Manager for Windows 8
Songbird isn’t available for Windows 8 yet. Are there any other open source options for Windows 8?

Answer Question   |  June 12, 2013  3:00 AM
Open source applications, OpenSource, Windows 8
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565 pts.

What is the difference between object oriented system and object oriented language
Hi, Can anyone please tell me What is the difference between object oriented system and object oriented language since AS/400 system is an object oriented system?

Answer Question   |  June 11, 2013  10:26 AM
AS/400 system administration, Object-oriented, Object-oriented programming languages
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695 pts.

Install SQL server client tools
With client utilities like query browser, or query analyzer…how do I install on client workstations? I am not interested in installing a SQL server. I should just be able to query a SQL server and display some results from my laptop. Can anybody guide me? Well, if we have to buy any licenses we will....

Answer Question   |  April 19, 2013  9:29 PM
MySQL Query Browser, SQL Query Analyzer, SQL Server Agent
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20 pts.

How to construct a detailed query
What is a detailed query and how do I construct one?

Answer Question   |  March 7, 2013  7:04 PM
Microsoft Query, Microsoft Visual Studio
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5 pts.

Parameter Manipulation – Turning ‘abc’ type string into a number

Answer Question   |  November 16, 2012  4:17 PM
Microsoft Visual Studio, ORA
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70 pts.

Do until loop help!
I’m trying to figure out how to produce an error message if the person doesn’t enter an actual string when prompted to enter a product code. If they enter the empty string or push okay/cancel without entering the right product code a msgbox is supposed to pop up. I can’t figure it out! This is...

Answer Question   |  October 29, 2012  10:40 PM
DO LOOP statement, Input box Question, MsgBox
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5 pts.

cloud computing middleware
hi dear as we know that data should be in encrypted form to preserve data privacy, in cloud computing we have a middleware that is installed on client machine to encrypt/decrypt data. in this case encrypted data is used in computation instead of unencrypted data. is it possible to implement such middleware at web-side rather...

Answer Question   |  October 4, 2012  7:15 AM
Cloud Computing, middleware
10 pts.

i need to include N number names into the database from single textbox at the run time of the program using java

Answer Question   |  August 16, 2012  6:54 AM
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15 pts.

how to return entire table records using mysql database functions
how to return entire table records using mysql database functions

Answer Question   |  June 24, 2012  5:14 AM
MySQL functions
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5 pts.

Recovering the MySQL database
In the process of editing my database, I accidentally deleted the MySQL database. I thought I recovered it, but when I opened MySQL Query Browser, it was not there. Is there an easy way to recover it for good?

Answer Question   |  May 31, 2012  6:14 PM
MySQL, MySQL Query Browser, Recovery, SQL Server
2,585 pts.

OpenNTF Extension Library problems
I’ve installed the extension library to the letter but still am having no luck getting them to work on my server through a web browser.  the Notes client works fine.  I continue to get this error: “Cannot find the library, required by the application /Demo/XPagesExt.nsf.” When I look at the server console I see...

Answer Question   |  May 25, 2012  4:58 PM
Open source software
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5 pts.

Excel 2000 cannot open .ods file
I have a client using Excel 2000, and he is unable to open an Open Office Spreadsheet in his email attachments. I have set the file association, and tested the actual file to make sure there is no corruption. No matter what, this file will not open on his computer – a message comes up...

Answer Question   |  May 1, 2012  9:33 PM
Excel 2000, Open Office, Open source software, Windows XP Pro
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7,570 pts.

Restoring a MySQL database
Perhaps somebody can point me in the right direction. I have a MySQL database that I inadvertently deleted all records from. There is a regular backup I have which I can access, but I have no idea where the MySQL database tables reside in the system. I have the root password and complete access to...

Answer Question   |  April 24, 2012  7:33 PM
Linux, MySQL, MySQL Restore
270 pts.

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