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Active Directory restore problem
Dear All, I have a machine1 on which the Operating System is Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition (Service Pack 2). This is the Domain Controller on which Microsoft Exchange 2003 is installed. I want to perform backup of this machine1 using VSS (application specific writers for AD and System State) and restore it on...

Answer Question   |  April 12, 2014  10:16 AM
Active Directory, Backup, Domain Controller, Exchange 2003, Volume Shadow Copy Service, VSS Backup, Windows Server 2003
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SQL Server trigger, insert result of multiple where clause into a variable
Hi All, I have a select statement that stores the result in a variable,this works fine if there is only one condition and field in the clause.How do I go about it if there is more than one? For example (Working one) SELECT @Variable = (SELECT [Field] FROM [Table] WHERE [FIELD] = Value) But I...

Answer Question   |  October 23, 2013  8:23 AM
SELECT statement, SQL, SQL variables, Triggers
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20 pts.

Explaining triggers in SQL Server 2005
Can you explain to me the syntaxes of triggers used in SQL Server 2005? Could you also give me a simple example of a trigger?

Answer Question   |  October 22, 2013  6:52 PM
SQL Server 2005, syntax, Triggers
2,585 pts.

Design a SQL Server trigger to calculate column averages and return them to another table
I’m quite new to SQL Server and I’m struggling to design a trigger. I need this trigger to execute daily and calculate averages of columns and return them to another table.

Answer Question   |  October 18, 2013  10:25 PM
SQL Server development, SQL Server performance, Triggers
2,585 pts.

Timestamp InCOBOL/400
Can we use Timestamp in COBOL/400. If we can, how?

Answer Question   |  September 5, 2013  11:03 AM
COBOL, Timestamp
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25,300 pts.

Backups failing due to VSS errors
On a Windows Server 2003 standard SP2 virtual machine, set up for 3rd party (Syncsort) backup to run daily. this has been running for a while, but now every single one fails. If I go to event Viewer I get: EventID:12289 Volume Shadow Copy Service error: Unexpected error DeviceIoControl(?Volume{a5511180-7eba-11d8-bdbf-806e6f6e6963} - 00000198,0x0053c00c,000377C0,0,000387C8,4096,[0]). hr = 0x80070057. Also...

Answer Question   |  August 20, 2013  4:13 PM
Backup, Syncsort, VSS, Windows Server 2003
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20 pts.

Oracle 9i Designer
Do you have any opinions on the use of Designer versus a tool like Erwin or PowerDesigner in handling the following concerns: Database generation Reverse engineering Accurately representing every detail of a database Speed Use for different DB platforms Thanks for any comments.

Answer Question   |  August 12, 2013  3:29 PM
Availability, Backup & recovery, Migration, Modeling, Normalization, Oracle 9i, Oracle 9i Designer, Performance/Tuning, Security, Storage management, Very Large Databases
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SQL Server TempDB
How do I clear data from TempDB?

Answer Question   |  October 17, 2012  7:59 AM
SQL Server, TempDB
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What is the use of the trigger?

Answer Question   |  September 21, 2012  9:02 AM
SQL Trigger, Triggers
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25 pts.

What’s your fastest /’Unique number’ issue method?
Once again I need to incorporate a mechanism which will issue a unique number as an object discriminator. I’m sure we’ve all been there. – Incorporate a timestamp – quick and almost always unique, though this application will be busy, so the multiple ‘threading’ is attractive, Big problem is the length though, I only have...

Answer Question   |  March 31, 2012  8:53 AM
AS/400 TimeStamp, IBM i, IBMi RPGLE, Timestamp
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5,520 pts.

DFS restrictions
What are my restrictions for DFS? File limit? Replication Partner Limit? Can we use VSS on the DFS shares?

Answer Question   |  March 31, 2012  3:11 PM
DFS, DFS Replication, VSS, VSS Backup
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975 pts.

MS SQL query to update a table with the last entry in another table.
Hi, Could anyone please assist. I’m trying to update a Reporting Table with the last entry in another table. I’ve tried to arrange the table according to the ID row. This works great. Then the query to get the last entry woks as well, but to get the two to work together and update the...

Answer Question   |  March 26, 2012  11:14 AM
Query, SQL, SQL queries, SQL Query, sql report, UPDATE statement
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75 pts.

how to find the difference between structure of the table?

Answer Question   |  February 28, 2012  2:37 AM
Oracle Schema, Oracle Table, Toad Data Modeler
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5 pts.

Trigger over table that uses transaction inserts
I have a table that is being updated via JDBC. The program that is writing records (sql insert) is using transactions. This table has an after insert trigger on it. When the trigger is disabled the table is updates correctly. When the trigger is on we get the first record and the tigger locks the...

Answer Question   |  February 28, 2012  5:23 PM
iSeries, JDBC, SQL INSERT, Triggers
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90 pts.

How to call trigger stored in database using Oracle Forms
how to call trigger stored in database using oracle forms

Answer Question   |  November 12, 2011  9:47 AM
Oracle development, Oracle Forms, Oracle triggers, Triggers
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5 pts.

Change order of timestamps
I’m doing legal research on a case; If some files’s timestsmps were changed, could the files be put in chronological order with existing files on the harddrive? (so these new files would look older)

Answer Question   |  November 7, 2011  1:40 AM
Forensic analysis, Timestamp
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5 pts.

Tempdb Size increases and acquires the complete disk space
The issue goes as follows, Tempdb size generally remains around 3GB. One day it starts increasing and acquires the whole of the empty disk space of 29 GB within 15 hours. How can we avoid such kind of situations from happening in future? Any specific reason for such thing to happen? Also the .LDF file...

Answer Question   |  November 4, 2011  11:59 AM
Disk space, LDF file size, SIMPLE RECOVERY model, TempDB, Tempdb Size
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5 pts.

Display date in Oracle Toad
how to display all the months between two fromdate format is ‘mon-yyyy’ and todate format is ‘dd-mon-yyyy’.plz sugest

Answer Question   |  August 9, 2011  3:07 AM
Oracle, Oracle Database, TOAD, Toad Data Modeler
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50 pts.

Is there a timestamp on an Outlook rule?
I am trying to determine when an Outlook rule was set up and wanted to know how to find out

Answer Question   |  June 14, 2011  2:33 AM
Exchange 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2007 rules, Outlook Rule, Outlook rules, Timestamp
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5 pts.

Microsoft Sequel Server 2005 VSS backup
What’s seems to have happened is that the SQLVDI.dll files in the 2 directories: C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft SQL Server80COM C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL Server80COM are out of sync. This seems to have happened as a result of a service pack for MSSQL which was applied in Dev. The Microsoft Sequel VSS writer is unable to initialize...

Answer Question   |  March 22, 2011  11:45 AM
Hyper-V, Red Gate SQL Backup, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2005 backup, SQL Server backup, SQL writer, SQLVDI.DLL, Volume Shadow Copy Service, VSS, Windows Hyper-V, Windows Server 2008
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140 pts.

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