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How to search for Access 2003 record using VB6
How can I search for the last updated record in my Access 2003 database from VB 6, the code I’m using only returns the first record on the database. On Error GoTo err: Dim sql As String Set con = New ADODB.Connection con.CursorLocation = adUseClient con.Open "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=C:Program Filesjosoftdatabasejosoft.mdb;Persist Security Info=False" Set rs = New...

Answer Question   |  April 7, 2014  4:44 PM
Microsoft Access 2003, VB6
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Date drop out of field in Microsoft Access
Dates drop out of field….I processed the request and the required response date should appear in the field but it’s coming up blank. Can you help?

Answer Question   |  April 2, 2014  8:11 PM
Microsoft Access
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Field changes back to default in Microsoft Access
Manage a large access database that is linked all over the placE, my question? I have an O & C field. Once C is typed in field, it should stay closed. Field is defaulting back to O. What would cause this change?

Answer Question   |  April 1, 2014  8:09 PM
Microsoft Access
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Retrieving ‘MyFolder’ contents of a deleted user from Access Manager
Hi Cognos experts out there! I have deleted a user’s cognos account unknowingly from the Access Manager. Now i have created a new account for him, but lost all the contents of his ‘MyFolder’. Could you please suggest me a way to retrieve those contents?

Answer Question   |  March 10, 2014  9:09 AM
Cognos, Microsoft Access
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Equations in Microsoft Access
I have a database that contains species, height and diameter for 1000′s of trees. I need to create a query that calculates the volume of each tree using a different and complicated equation for each species (there are approximately 8 different equations to use). I thought about writing a complicated if/then statement but that has...

Answer Question   |  March 10, 2014  4:56 PM
Microsoft Access, Microsoft Access query
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How to read HTML in Lotus Notes inbox messages in VBA
Can anyone show me how to get html from Notes inbox messages in VBA? I am using Access VBA to send notes email messages.  The message is a form I’m asking the recipient to fill out and return.  The message contains html with <select> and <input> elements.  The replies come back and in Lotus Notes, I am...

Answer Question   |  February 28, 2014  9:59 PM
Access VBA, Domino Notes, HTML for Lotus Notes Domino, MS Access VBA
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Database Migration code in MySQL
Code to migrate database in MySQL (tables, triggers, stored procedures, functions and views) to Oracle, MS Access & vice versa.

Answer Question   |  February 17, 2014  2:25 PM
Microsoft Access, MySQL, Oracle
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Exporting vb6 data to pdf using sql select query from ms access .
hi my name is vishal. I think i have a problem in exporting vb6 data to PDF using sql select query(join query from multiple tables). i have a form in which when user selects a GRNno from combobox and then press button with caption:Generate it should generate a PDF report regarding GRNno.Given below is code...

Answer Question   |  February 14, 2014  7:03 AM
msaccess, SQL Select, VB6
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30 pts.

Display image on Crystal Report in
I have a store image on my Access database in bytes format. I want to show this image on Crystal Report using dataset in

Answer Question   |  February 13, 2014  9:49 AM
Crystal Report, Microsoft Access
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Create DB2 table relations
There is a requirement to have a subset of data available in DB2 tables in production to a test environment. There is no relationship defined in DB2 (so info available in catalog relationship tables). Now we need to find the relationship between the tables using some automation process. So we might not able to manually...

Answer Question   |  February 2, 2014  10:34 AM
DB2, DB2 Table Relationships, Mapping table relationships, Table Relationships
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Forms in Access 2007
I am using a form to upload data from the form into a database. I have a submit button on my form that upon clicking, needs to input all the users data into the correct slots in the database but I have no clue on how to do this, or where to get started. How...

Answer Question   |  January 28, 2014  7:55 PM
Access 2007, Access forms, Microsoft Access, SQL, Visual Basic
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40 pts.

Establishing a connection from an IBM DB2 database
I’ve been trying to establish a connection with an IBM DB2 database (from which I can extract data). Here are some of the details I have: Server Name Data Library Username/Password I’ve used both Microsoft Excel and SQL Server 2008 but neither way is working. Using Excel, this is what I tried: I have gone...

Answer Question   |  December 24, 2013  4:50 PM
IBM DB2, Microsoft Excel, SQL Server 2008
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Hi all, i have to import excel data of two column into oralce forms 6 i on button pressed trigger. can any one help me in this regard with source code. thanks a lot in advance

Answer Question   |  December 23, 2013  9:55 AM
EXCEL DATA, Import, Oracle 6i
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5 pts.

Can I select the identity value from an insert statement?
Our company is using iSeries for DB2/AS400 and we’re hoping someone can help us with this simple question. Would there be a way to return the identity value from an insert statement without using two lines of SQL? We’re currently being forced to use inline SQL in C# to perform an insert. Basically, we need...

Answer Question   |  December 18, 2013  9:01 PM
DB2, INSERT statement, iSeries
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54,670 pts.

Inserting multiple rows in Oracle 10g
I need to insert multiple rows of data into multiple tables from one temporary table. I need to put some of the columns into one, some into another, and the remainder into another table. I realize I will need to create INSERT statements for each table insert. Is there an easy way to select specific...

Answer Question   |  December 2, 2013  4:10 PM
INSERT statement, Oracle, SQL
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20 pts.

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5 pts.

Connection between VB forms and MS access DB
I need a code for connecting multiple VB forms and MS access databases.

Answer Question   |  October 25, 2013  12:34 PM
Microsoft Access, Microsoft Access database, Visual Basic forms
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50 pts.

rtf text in SQl Server
We need to migrate a column of rtf-encoded text in SQL Server 2005 to a plain text field in a different table. Using Access, I can save the encoded text in a .rtf file, then open the file in Word and save it as a .txt, then read the .txt back into Access – Word...

Answer Question   |  October 23, 2013  8:22 PM
Microsoft Access, Microsoft Word, Rich text, SQL Server 2005
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5 pts.

Adding a password to a SQL Server 2005 database
We are moving our Microsoft Access database to SQL Server 2005, and the Access database has password protection. How can you add a password to a database in SQL Server 2005?

Answer Question   |  October 23, 2013  4:32 PM
Access Database, Microsoft Access, Password management, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server databases
2,585 pts.

Access 2003 SQL sub-query within query
I’m trying to extract all Person.ID eligible to sit a Level 1 study exam from our database. So I setup a query to look for members with study exam level 1 not equal to “pass” or Is Null, thinking it would give me all people who hadn’t sat or hadn’t passed level one exam. However...

Answer Question   |  October 21, 2013  1:16 AM
Microsoft Access 2003, SQL Sub-query
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15 pts.

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