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Bookmarks & Replication in Lotus Domino
How can I change the bookmark prebuild in Domino Admin? If you install Lotus Notes on a new computer there are some bookmark preset, but they got kind of out of date. So much time passed we don’t really now how to change those presets. Is there a way to preset the replication list, so...

Answer Question   |  April 16, 2014  4:53 PM
Bookmark.nsf, Database replication, Lotus Domino
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45 pts.

SQL Server 2008 database backup terminating abnormally
I’m running this code for backing up and to have backup log: backup database adventureworks to disk = 'g:radvent6.bak' mirror to disk='g:radvent7.bak' with format,checksum,stop_on_error use adventureworks insert into HumanResources.department (name,groupname)values('dreee','reserch') backup log adventureworks to disk='g:radvent6.trn' After the backup log command executes, it shows the error as: The statement BACKUP LOG is not allowed while the...

Answer Question   |  April 3, 2014  12:38 PM
Backup, Database Backup, SQL Server 2008
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15 pts.

Database structure and application outsource protocol
When an application has been outsourced, Don’t the software developer need to¬†share the database structure with the client prior to development

Answer Question   |  March 24, 2014  5:10 PM
Application development, Database design, Database Development, Database structure, SDLC, Software Development Process
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Qmf for Windows 8.1 fp18 – date datatype from db2 z/os 8 format error in excel 2003
When I import a DB2 z/OS query result  containing date or date(timestamp) columns from QMF for WINDOWS in EXCEL 2003 using the Add-in the cells cannot be formatted. In the same column the date are displayed sometimes as dd/mm/yyyy, sometimes as nnnnn or in the previously defined format (example dd-month ) if exists. The first...

Answer Question   |  March 18, 2014  10:56 AM
DB2, Excel 2003, Excel 2003 formulas, QMF, QMF V8, Windows XP SP2, z/OS
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What’s the importance of a data model?
Can someone tell me the importance of data modeling?

Answer Question   |  March 5, 2014  11:44 AM
Data modeling, Database administration
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SAP – Create CSV from Text format
I tried to convert the text format to CSV format by USing internal table and the FM isSAP_CONVERT_TO_CSV_FORMAT. But wn i download to CSV format the file contains fields serepared by ‘;’.So becuse of this Im unable to Up load this file.

Answer Question   |  February 7, 2014  4:11 AM
CSV format, isSAP_CONVERT_TO_CSV_FORMAT, SAP development, SAP Import/Export
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70 pts.

Create DB2 table relations
There is a requirement to have a subset of data available in DB2 tables in production to a test environment. There is no relationship defined in DB2 (so info available in catalog relationship tables). Now we need to find the relationship between the tables using some automation process. So we might not able to manually...

Answer Question   |  February 2, 2014  10:34 AM
DB2, DB2 Table Relationships, Mapping table relationships, Table Relationships
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5 pts.

SQL / DB2 Optimization (timing out)
I put together a simple VB program to run SQL commands on any of our 4 I-series machines to return a simple grid view. I have run across a strange problem and was told it may have to do with optimization.  For example if I run the following SQL ( I just want a count of...

Answer Question   |  January 19, 2014  8:37 PM
.NET, AS/400 DB2, DB2, SQL
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6,360 pts.

How to fill Combo Box at runtime in VB 6.0 …I’ve used RecordSet object but rec.count of rs obj returns (-1).I hv enough data in the DB
[Private Sub Form_Load() FillCombo End Sub Sub FillCombo() Dim rs As New ADODB.Recordset, SQL As String SQL = "Select Spare_Name from Spare" rs.Open SQL, Conn, adOpenDynamic, adLockOptimistic Dim i As Integer For i = 1 To rs.RecordCount cboSpare.AddItem rs("Spare_Name") rs.MoveNext Next MsgBox "Successss", vbOKOnly End Sub]

Answer Question   |  January 6, 2014  7:49 PM
ActiveX Data Objects, ADO, ADO Recordset Object, ComboBox, Database connectivity, Database programming, Recordset Object, RunTime, VB 6, Visual Basic, Visual Basic 6
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5 pts.

Corrupted log file on Exchange still needs to be restored.
How would you recover Exchange server when the log file is corrupted?

Answer Question   |  January 3, 2014  8:36 PM
Corrupted database, corrupted log, Exchange 2010, Exchange errors, Windows
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9,860 pts.

Having issues connecting DB2 with .NET
I’m trying to connect to a DB2 database (an iSeries version) using .NET by referencing a .DLL and not installing software on my server. I currently have IBM.Data.DB2.iSeries.dll installed as part of iSeries access for Windows. Is there an easy way to connect from .NET to DB2 by referencing a .DLL in my code? I...

Answer Question   |  January 3, 2014  4:28 PM
.NET, DB2, DLL, iSeries
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54,815 pts.

Is the new WRKDBF out yet?
Anyone heard if the efforts to recreate a WRKDBF utility have borne fruit yet? Once again I find myself needing a general purpose file view utility, and hover on the brink of writing something, for I saw somewhere that a new one was being put together.

Answer Question   |  January 1, 2014  1:51 PM
AS/400, DB2, DB2UDB, i5, iSeries, WRKDBF
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5,520 pts.

Need some help with queries in DB2
Members on our team have a massive database that’s housed in DB2 for i server that they are accessing through SQL Explorer. But the tables aren’t very well documented and they’re trying to do a few things with it. Search the entire database that look for tables with a column called “Remarks” Search the column...

Answer Question   |  December 31, 2013  6:28 PM
DB2, DB2 query
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54,815 pts.

I’m having trouble with a simple query in DB2 for AS/400
I know I’m an amateur when it comes to AS/400. I have this “easy” query but I still can’t do it. Here’s what I have: A B C 1 1100 5 1 1100 5 1 500 1 2 1200 4 2 1200 4 2 600 1 3 1300 3 3 1300 3 3 700 1...

Answer Question   |  December 27, 2013  1:55 PM
AS/400, AS/400 queries, DB2
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54,815 pts.

how to set gridview column width to auto
I put together a simple vb program, or so I thought. I am accessing DB2 tables and trying to pull the data in using a DB2 reader. What I’d like is to have the columns be set to width=auto. The number of columns depends on the DB2 table. I’m getting an error “Index was out...

Answer Question   |  December 27, 2013  2:04 PM
DB2, SQL, Visual Basic .NET, Visual Studio 2008
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6,360 pts.

iSeries: Text fields from different records in same file
We have some data (in a file of course) on iSeries using DB2. Here’s the file structure: Item Textline Text 12755 1 this item 12755 2 is no longer 12755 3 for sale abc123 1 please use abc123 2 another code xyz987 1 obsolete This is the result that we’re trying to get: Item Text...

Answer Question   |  December 24, 2013  5:42 PM
DB2, iSeries, SQL
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54,815 pts.

What’s wrong with my following code for connection to a DB2 database?
I’m trying to connect to a DB2 database with PHP. I have a code but it’s not really doing anything for me. It’s not returning an error message but just breaks JavaScript later in the page. Here’s the code: include(TEMPLATEPATH.'/inc/library/adodb_lite/'); $DBName = 'DBNAME'; $Host = 'IPADDRESS'; $User = 'USER'; $Password = 'PASS'; $db = ADONewConnection('db2');...

Answer Question   |  December 24, 2013  8:03 PM
DB2, DB2 database, PHP
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54,815 pts.

DB2/iSeries clean up
I’m trying to find and clean up line breaks, carriage returns, tabs and “SUB”-characters in a set of 400k string records but I’m having a ton of trouble with my DB2 environment. After doing some searching, and I thought replacing with the “REPLACE()” and “CHR()” functions could work, but it’s not available on our system....

Answer Question   |  December 20, 2013  4:52 PM
AS/400, DB2
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54,815 pts.

Having difficultly making my DB2 queries case sensitive
I’m been having a lot of problems making my DB2 (AS/400) queries case sensitive. Here’s an example of what I’m trying to do: SELECT * FROM NameTable WHERE LastName = 'smith' That returns zero results but this returns 1000′s or results: SELECT * FROM NameTable WHERE LastName = 'Smith' Does anyone have any experience with...

Answer Question   |  December 20, 2013  4:22 PM
AS/400, DB2, Stored Procedure
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54,815 pts.

PowerBuilder Printing Problem
hi all, i have a problem, when i print a powerbuilder report using a network printer, from some PCs the report is blank where from some others it is printed properly. i don’t think so that the problem is in PowerBuilder because all PCs uses the same EXE. thanks in Advance.

Answer Question   |  December 18, 2013  5:15 AM
Database Management Systems, Development, Hardware, Interoperability, Microsoft Windows, Networking, PC/Windows Connectivity, PowerBuilder, Software, Sybase, Tech support, Windows
asked by:
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