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Should I use MEDIUMBLOB to store large files in MySQL database?
I need to store user uploaded files to our database (and I can’t use a file system). The files are all different types and I’m running into a problem deciding if I should use “MEDIUMBLOB” to store these as binary data. And this problem arises from the files having various file sizes. I understand I...

Answer Question   |  April 17, 2014  6:00 PM
BLOB, MySQL, Storage
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56,495 pts.

Creating a report in Access 2007
I have a table in an Access 2007 database that contains the following fields:  Emp. Name, Date Worked, a Yes/No field showing Paperwork received and a Yes/No field showing Paperwork Returned.  I am trying to create a report that will be run for a selected month that has each day of the month as a column...

Answer Question   |  April 16, 2014  6:19 PM
Access 2007, Access reports
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Create a form/subform in Access 2007 that displays multiple records to be updated.
I have an Access 2007 database that has 2 tables:  1st table is the Employee table that contains Employee ID, Employee Name, and the Location code they work at.  2nd table is the Work Log table that contains the Employee ID, date they worked, and 2 yes/no fields for paperwork received and paperwork returned.  I need to...

Answer Question   |  April 7, 2014  4:16 PM
Access 2007 form creation, Update table
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Can I use a Linksys print server as a bridge or access point?
Can I use a Linksys print server as a bridge or access point?  I want to use it to connect a VoIP phone.

Answer Question   |  April 7, 2014  8:43 PM
Access Points, Linksys, Print Server, VoIP, Wireless Access Points, Wireless bridges
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Will streaming media work in a motorhome?
I am new to Streaming.  A couple of questions.  How are my computers, VCR, and TV connected to the provider.  We are planning to buy a motorhome and need to know if this is a good solution to use on the road? Rex Ralston

Answer Question   |  April 7, 2014  9:17 PM
Access, Hardware
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What’s the best SQL Query Formatter tool?
Hi experts, Is there any free SQL query formatter tool? I am using this free SQL Query Formatter Tool for small queries. It is very good tool. But I can not customize everything what I would like. Is there any other good free tool?

Answer Question   |  March 26, 2014  12:43 PM
Access Database, MySQL, SQL Query
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185 pts.

Microsoft Access: ACCDE and ACCDB
what does the word ACCDE and ACCDB stand for?

Answer Question   |  March 17, 2014  9:11 AM
ACCDB, ACCDE, Access 2007
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Hotel database in Access 2007
How do I create a Hotel database in Access 2007?

Answer Question   |  February 28, 2014  3:59 PM
Access, Access 2007, Access 2007 form creation, Access Database, Access Database Design
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10 pts.

Hotspot button – reply with mail history
Hi, I would like to have a hotspot button in email which will send a reply back to designated email address (not sender) with email history will give me @prompt after sending the email. I came up with something like this.. but this just sends email and not replies to the email. tmpMsg :=@Prompt([OkCancelEdit]; "title";...

Answer Question   |  February 28, 2014  4:24 PM
Access and Lotus, Lotus hotspot
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20 pts.

How to read HTML in Lotus Notes inbox messages in VBA
Can anyone show me how to get html from Notes inbox messages in VBA? I am using Access VBA to send notes email messages.  The message is a form I’m asking the recipient to fill out and return.  The message contains html with <select> and <input> elements.  The replies come back and in Lotus Notes, I am...

Answer Question   |  February 28, 2014  9:59 PM
Access VBA, Domino Notes, HTML for Lotus Notes Domino, MS Access VBA
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5 pts.

my data in A1 cell is ABCDE. I want to display it as 56789 in B1 cell
example: my data in A1 cell is ABCDE. I want to display it as 56789 in B1 cell. (because my codes are A=5, B=6, C=7, D=8 and E=9) In a similar way I want a formulae that automatically converts my alphabet codes in row A into number format in row B. Another similar example: my...

Answer Question   |  February 17, 2014  3:11 AM
Access to Excel
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Print 2 A5 sheets on one A4 sheet in Access 2007
I want to print 2 A5 sheets(the same content,printing two copies) on one A4 sheet in the Access 2007. if you have any solutions, please contact with me. mail: many thanks in advance    

Answer Question   |  February 10, 2014  1:45 AM
Access 2007
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How to access database file remotely
How should i access database file remotely in the internet? I want to connect this database file directly to internet i don’t want to upload this file manually.

Answer Question   |  February 9, 2014  1:18 PM
Access Database
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Handling Record Update Collisions
I have a split database. A form on the front end allows users to input their updates and then press a “Save” button to send their updates to the back end database. If two users simultaneously try to update the same record, one will connect, lock the record, and the change is committed. The other...

Answer Question   |  January 28, 2014  12:30 AM
Access 2007, Access query, Access VBA
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15 pts.

Forms in Access 2007
I am using a form to upload data from the form into a database. I have a submit button on my form that upon clicking, needs to input all the users data into the correct slots in the database but I have no clue on how to do this, or where to get started. How...

Answer Question   |  January 28, 2014  7:55 PM
Access 2007, Access forms, Microsoft Access, SQL, Visual Basic
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40 pts.

MS Access split database link to MS Query
I have a Microsoft Access database which I would like to split.  I also have Excel spreadsheets with Microsoft queries set up to pull information from queries in the Access database. When I tried splitting the database my Excel queries stopped working.  If I tried to link them to the front end of the database they could not...

Answer Question   |  January 21, 2014  5:05 PM
Access Database, Microsoft Query
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Acess servers
list of access servers used by different isp??

Answer Question   |  January 13, 2014  5:55 PM
access servers
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save all listbox items to access DB
Trying to save all items from a listbox, ListBox1, to an access db named CalcDB when a button is clicked, “Save To DB”

Answer Question   |  December 30, 2013  4:05 PM
Access, Database, ListBox, VB .NET
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5 pts.

Access Database
Access Database Question. I have two databases: Company and project. I want to be able to input a primary and secondary description of the work at the project level that is saved at the project level, but also adds to the company database (if that primary and/or secondary description hasn’t already been field). Each project...

Answer Question   |  December 16, 2013  8:32 PM
Access 2010, Forms Design
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Link Query to Report on Access 2010
In an existing database, I have copied an existing query and an existing report so my new report will be in the same format as existing reports. I changed the criteria on the query so that it is pulling only the information I need. Now I need to link the two so the report will...

Answer Question   |  December 5, 2013  1:40 PM
Access 2010, Access reports
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5 pts.

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