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Which platform for a private/hybrid cloud?
My company is looking to deploy a private cloud, and we’ve been considering Eucalyptus, OpenNebula, Nimbus, vSphere, abiCloud and Joyent. I’m very interested in Eucalyptus and OpenNebula, since they are both  open source, they have many features, they both support Amazon EC2 and  Amazon APIs and they seem to be able to work with different...

Answer Question   |  April 8, 2014  3:29 PM
abiCloud, Cloud Computing, eucalyptus, Joyent, Nimbus, OpenNebula, vSphere
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What platform can cloud apps be run on?
What can cloud apps be run on?

Answer Question   |  April 7, 2014  5:07 PM
Cloud Applications
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How can I use Amazon’s RRS for S3?
I’ve recently been looking at new storage options (particularly Amazon) and I’ve come across RRS within S3. I know it’s a bit cheaper than S3 because there’s less redundancy. But I’m having trouble figuring out if my data should use RRS rather than the standard S3. Can someone provide me more insight on how RRS...

Answer Question   |  April 1, 2014  6:00 PM
amazon s3, RRS
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Online file management system
Hi, I have the following issue: On monthly basis, I receive several XLS files from partners. I dive into each file to check format and content. After that, I consolidate all XLS file into 1 ‘output’ file. I would like to work with an online ETL tool, that my partners can use to upload their...

Answer Question   |  March 30, 2014  8:26 AM
cloud, ETL, filesjavascript:validateAskQuestionSplashAttempt();, Validation, XLS
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Better storage option: Amazon S3 or Google cloud storage?
Our company needs help with a big storage question. We have a huge amount of outgoing traffic with large files and we’re trying to find the right storage solution. We’ve come down to two options: Amazon S3 vs. Google cloud storage. We’ve read that Google is much slower than S3 with large files. Is that...

Answer Question   |  March 25, 2014  2:00 PM
amazon s3, Cloud storage, Google Cloud
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What is the difference between Cloud Deployment model and Cloud delivery model? How to relate these two?
I understand Cloud delivery models (SaaS, Paas & IaaS) & deployment models (Public, Private, Hybrid & Community). But still unable to relate these two. Need help please.  Thz, Kesav

Answer Question   |  March 20, 2014  11:16 AM
cloud, Cloud Computing, cloud deployment
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What are the pros of cloud storage?
Whether you’ve used Dropbox or your company outsources some of its data storage to the cloud, we want to hear your pros for cloud storage. Everyone knows the perceived downsides to cloud storage, but we’d love to hear practical and successful uses of this technology. Share your experiences!

Answer Question   |  February 21, 2014  6:02 PM
Cloud Computing, Cloud computing security, Cloud Services, Cloud storage, Open IT Forum, Storage, Storage management
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I want to build a public cloud storage website like Dropbox, Skydrive, iCloud, Amazon S3, Sugarsync, etc.
Hi! I am an entrepreneur, and I’d like to start up my own cloud storage business from the scratch. All I have is a laptop and some money. Please, how do I begin? 1. What cloud storage Software should I install on my Windows 8 operating system to start with? 2. I don’t have a...

Answer Question   |  January 17, 2014  1:56 PM
amazon s3, build, cloud, Dropbox, icloud, public, Skydrive, Storage, Sugarsync, Website
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Security in Cloud computing
Can you please elaborate on the most pressing security issues that cloud computing faces, and its solutions that are being considered to handle them Regards.

Answer Question   |  December 23, 2013  1:22 PM
Cloud Computing, Cloud computing security, Open IT Forum, Security
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Develop real time cloud environment and implement its services
I have heard lot of theories about CC. There are many open source cloud storages are there, we can use their application and develop in it. How can I develop own cloud environment and how can I provide data storage to multiple users? Kindly help me.

Answer Question   |  December 10, 2013  10:11 PM
Cloud Computing, Cloud implementation
20 pts.

Task migration using cloudsim
Hi everyone, can anyone help me to know how the task migration in cloud can be performed using cloudsim. I’m using cloudsim in netbeans IDE. Where do I have to start my work? Please help me.

Answer Question   |  December 9, 2013  6:59 AM
cloud, Cloud migration, Virtual machine
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Suggestions for a hosting (cloud) service.
Hello. We are looking for a simple solution to host a common set of catalog graphics for our remote sites that are both geographically and independent and separate. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks. Paul.

Answer Question   |  November 27, 2013  8:27 PM
Cloud Hosting Services, Cloud Services
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Cloud computing
What is cloud computing?

Answer Question   |  November 27, 2013  7:20 PM
Cloud Computing, cloud computing management
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How to plan cloud computing career for Java developer?
Hi, I am basically Java developer and have 5 years of Java Web Application Development experience. Now I am planning to take my career to the next level by choosing latest technologies like cloud computing and big data. What are the cloud technologies to start with keeping job opportunities in mind. Will Hadoop be a...

Answer Question   |  November 14, 2013  7:23 AM
Big Data, Cloud Compuiting, Hadoop, Java
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Remote processing on Azure Virtual Machines
I have long-running apps (simple console apps/Windows services) on multiple Azure Virtual Machines. Occasionally, I will do a code refresh and need to stop these processes, update the code/binaries, and then restart these processes. Generally, I use PSTools (psexec) to do this remotely.  I’m sure there are better ways to do this, but I don’t...

Answer Question   |  November 8, 2013  2:27 PM
Azure, Remote administration, Virtual Machines
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54,755 pts.

RDP issues via EC2
I’m using Hyper-V to build a VM on my machine so that I can RDP in.  I used the API to export the VHDX to VHD and upload it to AWS.  The problem is that I have no security keypair to access the newly created EC2. To solve this, I created a private AMI and...

Answer Question   |  November 7, 2013  2:35 PM
AWS, Connectivity, EC2, Hyper-V, Virtual machine
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54,755 pts.

Cloud Computing market: Blip or trend?
Based up on the Q1 reports, expert David Linthicum says that while some public cloud providers (such as Amazon) continue to show growth, others are starting to see their sales either stall or even decline. Do you think this is the beginning of a trend for cloud companies? Or could it just be a blip...

Answer Question   |  October 21, 2013  6:25 PM
Amazon, Cloud Computing, cloud computing services
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25,225 pts.

Cloud-based Testing
Do you think opting for cloud-based services is better than having own testing lab for running performance tests? Can I have one example?

Answer Question   |  October 15, 2013  5:10 AM
Cloud Computing, cloud computing management, Cloud Services
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Cloud management platform
What’s the best cloud management platform (rightscale, servicemesh, openstack, etc.) for hybrid cloud and multi-cloud?  We use VMware as as a virtualization platform and currently looking for a CMP tool to do public cloud and private cloud (on-premise).  Thanks.

Answer Question   |  October 3, 2013  5:08 PM
Cloud management, Hybrid clouds, Multi-cloud
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Cache-based side channel attacks
Please help me find a new secure mechanism against cache based side channel attacks in the cloud. I found that ieee published a method for security against AES, RSA, BTB attacks to retrieve the secret key. It is architect based method. Can I do any modification to this work after implementing this idea? Please suggest...

Answer Question   |  September 24, 2013  2:24 PM
cache based side channel, cloud compting, RSA
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