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XLS FILE need to be pulled into IFS using FTP from file server system
How can we upload an XLS file to AS/400 IFS folder using FTP from file server system? We already tried doing using Binary Transfer and it didn’t work. XLS data is ASCII file transfer mode didn’t work.

Answer Question   |  April 17, 2014  10:56 PM
AS/400, File Server, IFS
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AS/400 and iSeries

Answer Question   |  April 17, 2014  7:41 PM
AS/400, iSeries
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Question about transfering licenses for IBM iSeries
We have a IBM Iseries 9406 V5.2 Machine with 50 user license key on it. We are getting a new IBM Iseries Power7+ with V7.1, but was told that we have to pay for the user license key again. I thought we are able to transfer the key over to the new machine. Wanted to...

Answer Question   |  April 16, 2014  10:02 PM
IBM, IBM iSeries, license transfer
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iSeries 9406-810 v5.2 user license key transfer
What key or feature shows me the number of user license and can it be transferred to a new IBM Machine power 7 v7.1?

Answer Question   |  April 16, 2014  10:02 PM
IBM, iSeries
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iSeries backup & data restore
What are the steps for full data restoration of an iSeries server

Answer Question   |  April 16, 2014  8:29 AM
Backup, Data restore, iSeries
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1,395 pts.

How can I create an iSeries user that access directly a IFS dir trough external FTP?
Good Afternoon. Could someone please help me and explain to me how can a external user acess directly to an IFS dir in iSeries trough FTP? Thank you very much for help

Answer Question   |  April 15, 2014  2:18 PM
FTP, IFS, iSeries
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65 pts.

Telnet to a Windows Server 2012 using Port 4184
Hello, First of all, I’m trying to install an OEM 3rd party software agent using an automatic installation procedure on an IBM i V6R1M1. The management server for this software is on a Windows Server 2012, using port 4184. The installation goes to a process when it tries to connect to the Windows server and...

Answer Question   |  April 10, 2014  2:53 PM
IBM i, Telnet, Windows Server 2012
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110 pts.

AS/400 error MCH4429 – automatic storage overflow
We have an iSeries 9406-525 V5R4. We have a job that runs in the evening submitted by ROBOT. It loops back and forth between 2 clp’s. It builds small files, encasing the files, and emailing them to our branches, and then back to do the next file. Max number of files could be a couple...

Answer Question   |  April 3, 2014  5:49 PM
EZcase, iSeries 9406-525 V5R4, MCH4429 error, ROBOT, V5R4
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170 pts.

Excel Spreadsheet to i5 Physical File
What’s the best way to upload an Excel Spreadsheet to the i5?   I’ve been trying to use XLPARSE2 but have experienced a lot of problems with hung up jobs and such.   At first, I thought it was authority. But, that’s not the case.   Currently running V6R1. Thanks,  Dave

Answer Question   |  April 3, 2014  8:13 PM
AS/400, data upload, excel, i5, parse, xlparse2
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10 pts.

AS/400: Adding a F4 prompt to 2 subfiles over/under
I am modifying a 2 subfile screen, one subfile over the other. The TOP subfile is using the EXFMT statement while the BOTTOM subfile is a WRITE statement. I need to add an F4 prompt to the BOTTOM subfile using the customer number that was keyed into the TOP subfile to search with. When I...

Answer Question   |  April 2, 2014  6:54 PM
AS/400 Subfiles, iSeries
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105 pts.

Running display program using macro and input from spreadsheet
Is there a way to create a macro (either from the iSeries or Excel) to copy/paste data from a spreadsheet into an iSeries screen and then invoke keystokes to perform an action within the interactive program?

Answer Question   |  April 2, 2014  3:56 PM
iSeries, iSeries macros, Microsoft Excel
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15 pts.

iSeries HBA Cards WWPN
Can anybody help me to get WWPN of HBA cards installed on my system?

Answer Question   |  March 26, 2014  9:12 PM
HBA, iSeries, SAN, Storage
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1,675 pts.

iSeries, AS/400 CL batch program
I have a condition in an iSeries CL program where, if the condition is false, I want to abort the program. But, I want the system to treat it like an abnormal termination. Not like a logic problem and I just ENDPGM. The job following this first program needs to see 00 to indicate the...

Answer Question   |  March 25, 2014  7:06 PM
AS/400, CL Programming issue, iSeries
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45 pts.

Receiving STRPCCMD error when executing CL procedure on iSeries
I’m executing a CL procedure on the iSeries that uploads several .txt files from a network server. All but one of them works fine but the DOS pop-up screen for that one appears with some sort of message. Problem is it pops up and disappears so fast that I can’t read it. Is there a...

Answer Question   |  March 20, 2014  11:06 PM
CL Procedure, iSeries, STRPCCMD
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15 pts.

iSeries unattended IPL with LPAR
I am using BRMS for our full system backups and use the option in BRMS to IPL the system upon completion. Does the unattended IPL with restart shut down both LPARs gracefully and restart them normally? Our startup program was not modified when the additional partition was set up.

Answer Question   |  March 19, 2014  9:50 PM
BRMS, IPL, iSeries
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40 pts.

Files open in service programs.
Hi Group, If an RPG program calls a service program that leaves files open, then the program ends with SETON LR, should the files opened in the service program remain open, within the job that called the program? Does RETURN or SETON LR have any affect on Service Program? Regards, Rama

Answer Question   |  March 18, 2014  7:17 AM
AS/400, ILE
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525 pts.

Major differences between i5 vs i7
I wanted to ask if there is a major difference between the i5 and i7. If there is a major difference then tell me what the differences are and which one should I prefer when buying a laptop. I also want to know which processor is preferred for which tasks. Dealing with Haswell here

Answer Question   |  March 13, 2014  11:10 AM
CPU, haswell, i5, i7, laptop
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5 pts.

Multiple CLP To CALL Single Program
Can multiple CLP call the same procedural program and not fail becasue of locks

Answer Question   |  March 5, 2014  8:36 PM
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How can I find the version of iSeries Client Access on each PC?
How do I find the version of iSeries client Access each PC is running?

Answer Question   |  March 4, 2014  8:45 PM
Client Access, iSeries
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Page Up & Page Down on iSeries subfiles
Hi, new to this technology. Cleared some basics till. I came across a Scenario like: If I gave option 5 & press PAGE UP & PAGE DOWN & Enter. What will be the output In all the three Subfiles(Loadall,expanded,single page)? Thanks!

Answer Question   |  March 3, 2014  5:02 PM
iSeries, Subfiles
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210 pts.

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