• Windows 10 laptop freezes when connecting to Wi-Fi

    I have this strange issue that I'm trying to figure out. My Acer Aspire runs Windows 10. Whenever I try to connect to my Wi-Fi, the laptop keeps freezing. It happens time and time again. How can I fix this issue?

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  • How to open .TFD files in Windows 10

    I have failed to get a Windows 10 based software to open .TFD files from borehole logs. Can you please help?

    Manyama5 pointsBadges:
  • OneDrive disappeared from Windows 10 machine

    I've been using OneDrive but now it's completely disappeared from my machine. I have no idea where it is. I checked it's folder and it's not there. Not in the Add/Remove programs list either. I never installed it and haven't done any updates recently. I'm on Windows 10.

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  • Outlook emails go straight into outbox

    I updated to Windows 10. Outlook receives ok but when I send it goes straight to the outbox and stays there.

    ChrisDewhirst5 pointsBadges:
  • Show events on Windows 10 taskbar calendar

    In the Windows 10 calendar app, I like how it's setup (basically I can see all of my upcoming events). But when I'm using the taskbar calendar, it only shows today's events. Is there a way to change that? So I can see everything on my calendar?

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  • Is WC3270 emulator compatible with Windows 10?

    What kind of support, if any, is available for wc3270? Is it compatible with Windows 10? Is there any cost at all?

    EPalmer5 pointsBadges:
  • Display additional Windows 10 calendars

    Hello, My family uses a Windows 10 PC and I'm wondering if I could display additional calendars on it. In short - we celebrate another religion so we would like that calendar on it. Is that possible? Thank you for any input.

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  • Windows 10 keeps adding back task bar icons after reboot

    At my organization, I'm in charge of adding Windows 10 to all PCs and that includes Office 2016. Now, each user gets Outlook, Excel and Word icons in the task bar. But some users have asked for one or two icons to be removed so I go ahead and remove them but they reappear after I reboot it. I'm...

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  • Restore Windows 10 default display settings

    I was away for work last week and when I got home, I guess my son pressed several keys on my Windows 10 PC and it caused my display to look different (it's a red color). How can I revert it back to the default display settings?

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  • Show login information on Windows 10 screen

    For Windows 10, is there somewhere in the Group Policy that shows me information regarding successful / unsuccessful logins? I would like to show this on the login screen. Is this not available in Windows 10?

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  • Logs for Windows 10 App Store

    Is there any chance I can find the logs from the Windows 10 App Store? Basically, I'm trying to find when / who installed an app? Any help is appreciated.

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  • Remove Windows 10 Start menu recent list

    I upgraded to Windows 10 about two months ago and I cant seem to get rid of this annoying feature. When I'm searching for a program, it keeps bringing up this odd 'recent' list (in the Start menu). I want to remove that. Is it possible?

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  • Wi-Fi connections are not available in Windows 10

    Roughly a week or so ago, I have to do an entire system restore on my HP laptop (that's running Windows 10). But now, I'm not seeing any Wi-Fi connections that are available when I'm logged in. When I'm logged out, they are there. Has anyone seen this before? If so, what's the solution?

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  • Snipping tool in Windows 10

    I'm fairly new to Windows 10 and I just started to use the snipping tool. Would I be able to use the highlighter to create a straight line? Or is there another tool for this? Thanks

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  • Reduce Windows 10 taskbar menu size

    On my monitor, I noticed that the Windows 10 taskbar menu is huge! Just way too big. Can I reduce the size of this? I just need it smaller so it doesn't take up so much space.

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  • USB 3.0 port is not working on Asus laptop

    My Asus laptop runs Windows 10 on it. Now, the USB 3.0 port is not working at all. When it's not even plugged in, I'm still getting this message: Device Manager says that there is an "Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed. What should I do here?

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  • Deleted Windows 10 pinned taskbar items return after reboot

    A couple of weeks ago, I deleted a few Windows 10 pinned taskbar items (IE was included). But whenever I reboot my machine now, they reappear. It's driving me nuts! Why do they keep reappearing? Can anyone help please?

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  • Powershell: Determine when I launched machine

    I use Windows 10 / Linux all of the time at my job. Now, when I'm in Linux, I'm able to see when I launched my machine and for how long I've been on. Can I do this in Windows 10 / Powershell?

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  • Firefox connection is not secure

    Recently I have a big issue with Firefox. I can get to some pages like CNN.com, Facebook.com, Yahoo.com but try and go to MLB.com or NFL.com and it will not load due to a connection is not secure. I have uninstalled Firefox, removed the cert8.db file for the user profile and even used the command ...

    ToddN200084,230 pointsBadges:
  • Determine Apple magic keyboard battery life on Windows 10

    My machine is running Windows 10. I also have an Apple Magic keyboard attached to it. It works great but I have one worry: I'm not sure how much battery life is left on the keyboard. Can I find out somehow?

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