Tazzygurl0 pointsBadges:
  • Speed up Exchange 2003 over VPN?

    Hello all, I have a windows 2003 network with 2 servers, one in each of our offices. They are set up to use a site-to-site VPN over a business DSL line (768k/384). The server at the primary office also serves as our Exchange 2003 server. I'm just rolling this project out to the users and at the...

    Titatius0 pointsBadges:
  • Exchange 2003 replication (onsite and offsite)

    Hi there, I have an Exchange 2003 Enterprise server set up with 100 users. I would like to have this server replicate to a second server (in the same data center) to increase redundancy, in case one of them goes down. Can this be done without 3rd party software? I'd also like to eventually get an...

    Linger19740 pointsBadges:
  • E-mail Latency

    Hey Everyone, Here's my problem. I'm running Exchange 5.5 on a W2K machine. Sometimes, with no particular user, it will take 1 hour to 1 day for an email to be received. The emails are sent to local recipients not users outside of our organization. The server has all of its patches, separate MAPI...

    Storm26990 pointsBadges:

    I am trying to install Client Access V5R1M0 on my home PC so that I can use a VPN to the office. When I attempt to install, the first splash screen comes up & the install wizard makes it to 99% then it disappears off the screen, no messages. I am installing it on Windows XP Pro. I had web sphere...

    Bsfconsult0 pointsBadges:
  • Username not found

    I have a network user (new)who on a frequent basis gets this error when trying to log on. I can log on using his id on other PCs and I can log on as myself on his PC. Any idea what I need to check/do to fix this issue? Thanks!

    Leasejj0 pointsBadges:
  • Problem in Windows 2003 Startup

    Dear All, My Windows 2003 Server Standard Edition (its a Oracle Database Server) doesn't moves from "Applying computer settings". but when i disable the Veritas and SQL Manager from the statup and MSSQL$BKUPEXEC Service its works. The system is starting as normal, but when i enable the veritas and...

    Suhaif0 pointsBadges:
  • module moves on i5

    I wanted to check on a possible solution for a problem we have run into with our module moves. Cause of audit requirements we can't have pgmr's in the productions systems. So as a work around I have them creating their code in sourclib on the test partition then I have operations copying it into a...

    Mstallings0 pointsBadges:
  • Getting “no response” as status for invitees to a meeting

    Hello, I'm running Notes 6.5.3 on a 2000 machine. I'm wondering how I change my calendar to reflect the "status" of the invitees (are they coming or not?) when I am the chair person of a meeting? The response ALWAYS says "no response". Thanks in advance for your help, Wes

    Wes19610 pointsBadges:
  • Windows 2003 Server Applying computer settings

    I started a facing problem in My Windows 2003 Server Standard Edition (its a Oracle Database Server) that i changed the screen resolution and restarted the server. Now after the Retarting its not moving from "Applying computer settings". Now when i start the server in the Safe mode and Disable the...

    Suhaif0 pointsBadges:
  • Mainframe Datasets & EBCDIC codepages

    Hi all, I am 'stuck' & would appreciate some of your time to consider my question below please....... We have some in-house written software which converts data from ASCII to EBCDIC & visa-versa (amongst other functions...) One of our marketing agencies have recently started using a process (on...

    Wadoman0 pointsBadges:
  • login script drives not mapping for certain users

    I have this scenario where i have a simple working login script which just maps network drives. However for 2 or 3 of my users the login script doesn't map the drives on certain computers. In other words for the same user it works on one computer and not another; with the same operating system. any...

    Kwoodman0 pointsBadges:
  • Export data out of tables in Lotus Notes

    I have one form with about six tables consisting of six columns, 25 rows each table. How can I export each table out of notes into excel, is there a tool that I can use Regards,

    Loutwice45 pointsBadges:
  • Internet Connection Sharing

    Hey all, Got a little problem with Internet Connection Sharing on Windows XP that I hope someone can help me with. I have a laptop with a built in wireless networking card (802.11b) that connects to a wireless router. The router also has two other computers attached to it (one wireless, one CAT5),...

    Filmfanatic0 pointsBadges:
  • iSeries NetServer Support for Windows Network Neighborhood

    I get iSeries NetServer Support for Windows Neighborhood work fine with OS/400 V5R1 by configuring NetServer through iSeries Navigator. However, the same operation does not work with OS/400 V4R2. Are there any PTFs that need to be applied? Your help is very much appreciated. Sincerely, OUMAROU

    Masquita0 pointsBadges:
  • Automatic print of email attachments

    I have recently changed over to a virtual fax methodology for the company whereby all faxes arrive as a pdf attachment to a designated email address. One area requires all received faxes to be be printed, how can the pdf attachments by automatically printed?

    Inscape10 pointsBadges:
  • USB connected fingerprint scanners

    While discussing testing biometrics (fingerprint scanners) for single factor authentication, one of the sales reps indicated his device encrypted the fingerprint (scan) prior to sending to the computer via a usb connection. I was wondering if this sounds true as the scanner would need additional...

    MarkN500 pointsBadges:
  • wireless access points DHCP and drive mapping

    Hello all, I recently installed wireless access points in my organization. They are configured to set automatically via DHCP on a 2000 server machine. It seems to work fine. But when I map a drive on client laptops running XP Pro and set it to reconnect at logon the drive either mysteriously...

    Zzegri0 pointsBadges:
  • Upgrade to SQL Server 2005 sooner or later?

    Hello, I'm the editor of SearchSQLServer.com and I am hoping to get your opinons on a timely topic. Prior to Microsoft announcing its November 7 release date for SQL Server 2005, we had run a poll asking site members: How have the delays with SQL Server 2005 affected your organization's plans? 58%...

    RobynLorusso230 pointsBadges:
  • Auto-Reply Message for mailbox

    Good Morning Exchange God!, Is there a way to have an instant reply message that reads:" Verbiage" When someone sends an email to the mailbox whaterver@something.com, I know we can set it up with the out of the office assistant, but the subject line is appended with Out Of office message. Thanks in...

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