• XP Boot/finding backup data

    A SearchStorage.com reader recently asked: Please tell me how to erase tape in win2003,And how to make winxp Boot Fastly(Takes time in starting up windows) and how to see the backed up datas after taking the backup.

    aburton195 pointsBadges:
  • A Way to have multiple “Views” (permissions) to the same directory data

    Basically, we would like to reorganize our data repository (right now just a hierarchical directory structure) in such a way that we can present fully permissions ?views? to various levels within our company. So if I have a directory structure something like the following: ----------- | | -...

    Michael7110 pointsBadges:
  • Emulex HBA and Clariion CX500 compatibility

    A SearchStorage.com reader recently asked: Are you aware of any known compatibility issues between Emulex HBA's and Clariion CX500's ?

    aburton195 pointsBadges:
  • Backup examples

    A SearchStorage.com reader recently asked: Are there any example documents out there for the Management and Maintenance of Backup Media(Tapes)?

    aburton195 pointsBadges:
  • bechmark test on video card

    A SearchStorage.com reader recently asked: Is lower better? I just did a bechmark test on my video card using a software that cane with my system, the first time I got a score of 73, after letting the progam optimize the card it dropped to 43

    aburton195 pointsBadges:
  • Selectively removing data from a backup tape

    Is there any method available to remove selected data from a backup tape without erasing the tape? I have several tapes with numerous backup sets on them and need to remove selected data from each backup set while maintaining the remainder of data in each backup set. The need arrives from data...

    scottbr0 pointsBadges:
  • Help with IBM ds6800 storage array. can’t assign storage unit to complex.

    Getting a message that says the storage management console server can not be contacted. we've never installed one of these before, but been to IBM training on it. training was uselsess for implementation from scratch. has anyone done one of these and can tell me where we are going wrong? will be...

    Japeters0 pointsBadges:
  • Mainframe Datasets & EBCDIC codepages

    Hi all, I am 'stuck' & would appreciate some of your time to consider my question below please....... We have some in-house written software which converts data from ASCII to EBCDIC & visa-versa (amongst other functions...) One of our marketing agencies have recently started using a process (on...

    Wadoman0 pointsBadges:
  • How to configure the 4th Hard disk of 36gb into existing 18.2gb x 3 hard disk

    A SearchStorage.com reader recently asked: kindly guide how to configure the 4th hard disk to the existing capacity of 18.2gb x 3 hard disk. we have the system with raid -5 , system already showing the 4th hard disk but we could not get the 4th hard disk capacity into the existing one. I hope you...

    aburton195 pointsBadges:
  • maximize storage space on disk

    A SearchStorage.com reader recently asked: I brought 120g hardisk. I really surprise, that I found there are only 112G. do you have any idea to get back that balance 8G and how I can apply if I find the same problem in thumb drive.

    aburton195 pointsBadges:
  • Veritas Backup Exec 9.1 issues

    A SearchStorage.com reader recently asked: We are using ?Veritas Backup Exec 9.1? for our Windows Server 2000 to backup data. This program is not working and we cannot backup the data. The error message is: ?Device could not be backed up because an error occurred while connecting to the Remote...

    aburton195 pointsBadges:
  • Ultrium1 Autoloader vs Ultrium3 Tape Drive

    Our existing model 820 has an Ultrium1 tape drive attached (the 7 tape autoloader model 3581, I think). Each night we run a Go SAVE, option 21 (1 hour) and our system fits nicely on one tape about 100gb in size. I'm configuring an Ultrium3 on a new i5 to reduce our backup time and increase our tape...

    Teamjots0 pointsBadges:
  • Recommendation of Win2k srvr HDD perf monitoring

    Can anyone recommend what Performance Log Counters they would configure their Win2k server to monitor its disk, RAID controller, and other hardware / software settings that supports a server?s data storage and transfer of data (e.g. SCSI card, Hard Drive, Paging, I/O, etc.)? I have to set up a hard...

    KeithD19670 pointsBadges:
  • Fire proof Device/Data back up

    I was asked by my boss this week about solution or a method of fire proofing a backup drive, tape or dvd. We currently place our previous days back up tape in a firesafe box, but is any device that fire proofs current backup data? For example, Is there a fire proof safe that can contain a hard...

    ESuazo0 pointsBadges:
  • Storage Solution for JIC (Just-in-case) Clients

    We have set up a quota on network storage to our clients for their email and personal data but we have users that keeps everything and refuses to purge any files (some are 10-20 years old). As an alternative solution, we provide a portable cd or dvd burner on a temporary basis to help reduce their...

    CuriousGeorge0 pointsBadges:
  • External Hard Drive Recovery

    HI there I've ran into a little bit of a problem... ok it maybe is not so little. I seemed to have erased the data from an external hard drive. I was re-installing WinXP on a machine that had RAID and would not boot from the cd so I plugged in the external hard drive which seemed to have make it...

    Danielp00 pointsBadges:
  • No bootup with W2k – after “Verifying DMI pool data”

    I had a working Win 2k OS running smoothly on Drive C, with a small D partition. I tried Norton 2004 Ghost and backed up Drive D to a CD. Ghost created a bootable CD with the proper backup file to restore D. I booted with the CD and restored Drive D as a test run, and selected the RESET option when...

    Pieter00 pointsBadges:
  • Dell Poweredge Server 2800

    I am running a Windows 2000 network, and recently purchased a Dell Poweredge 2800 Server, the server is running Server 2003. I need some general tips as to how best to configure this server to best optimise it's capability. One vendor informs me of some of it's capabilities but I need some...

    Gastech0 pointsBadges:
  • High Availablility

    I would like to suggest the best standby, data Guard, or other High Availability solution to management. Specifically, I would like to compare Oracles Standby High availability solutions to Replistor -- I believe by EMC. Currently we have about 12 Windows based Oracle Servers, but the solution can...

    Paralogist0 pointsBadges:

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