• Estimating offline in SAP

    We are looking for a solution that will enable us to use SAP Estimating and function offline. It is essential to our business that we can build an estimate without Internet access and present it to the customer on a one-stop sale. I'm hoping to find someone that has built or bought a solution that...

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  • Two column output

    How to print a application data or text in column format in main window of smartforms

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  • edi subsystem in sap system

    is it possible to have EDi subsystem in sap ssystm itself(may be with some constraints), so that customer can reduce the cost of buying a separate EDI subsystem.if it is possible then what the different procedure applied for outbound and inbound idocs??

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  • SAP-PS Estimating Offline

    We need to do Job Estimating offline from SAP. Although the SAP -PS functionality looks like it would work, we must be able to estimate even without connectivity. SAP's work with Adobe sounds promising, using something like Flex would be ideal. Has anyone heard of someone either building or buying...

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  • Passing Values Through EDI 3rd party

    I'd like to automatically generate a sales order from a preview purchase order passing it's price to the sales price. It is all done by IDoc. I already can do everuthing except transfer the prices from the first to the second. How could i copy PR00 condition from the purchase order and pass it to...

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  • SAP for recent Graduates????Need Advice!

    I know about certain consultancy companies who provide training to recent graduates with MS degrees with little or no work experience.Is it fine to go with such trainings and take the job of SAP consultant being a recent graduate with MS degree(Software) and less than a year of corporate...

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  • SAPHR Manager’s Desktop

    How can I allow executive assistants to view the same levels of info as their managers in PPMDT, without utilising the Communications infotype in PA? (If we do so, it skews the relationships reported in org charts in our third-party software.)

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  • iView timed out, no cached content to display

    Dear all, Yesterday we had following error message while calling our portal (/irj/portal/anonymous): The iView has timed out. There is no cached content to display. Click 'Reload' to retrieve updated content. You may need to wait for the cache to retrieve the content from the source. Reload....

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  • SAP(FI)

    what are cut over activities what is reversal of billing entry how the data transfer from testing server to production server

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  • Authorizations – CAT2- Across Company codes

    Hello! Is there a standard SAP functionality that could prevent users from dropping time ( in cAT2 ) to a different company code other than the one they are assigned to? For now...as far as i know...users are able to drop time to any network activity in any company code..regardless of what company...

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  • Document Archive in sap

    could anyone be of any help in giving tips about document archiving in SAP

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  • Compare TIE Commerce EDI Software to Seeburger EDI Software

    We use SAP/R3 4.7. How does TIE Commerce EDI software compare with Seeburger EDI software when needing to interface the data with SAP.

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  • External Number range for HU with prefix zeros

    I need to give external number range for Handling Units coz its supplied by vendor I have maintained 00001000000000000000 to 99999999999999999999 with External tick But when i try to give the number say 00001222222222222222 its taking only 1222222222222222 without prefix zeros. the number range...

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  • Cash management in SAP

    hi Camn any body send configuration of Cash management as well as standard report fot Cash management. Regards Anant Malvankar

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  • How to monitor and aministrate SAP XI.

    How to monitor and aministrate SAP XI. Need detail information.

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  • Performance issue with RBDAPP01

    Performance issue with Program RBDAPP01. When large number of inbound CREMAS idocs are processing from the People soft, the performance (processing rate) is extremely slow down and causing a delay to employee vendors being updated with correct information. The program took over 3 days to process...

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  • SAP HR

    How do you restrict employees who are peers and in the same org, from seeing each other's HR data?

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  • How to transfer BAPI from one system to another

    Hi, I want to transfer BAPI developed in one SAP system to another SAP system by using Jco please help me OR tell me that how to take mirror/copy of SAP standrad tables to MySQL using Jco automatically without user iteraction My mail is : sandy_24065@gmail.com

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  • SAP profile parameters and their related memory keys

    As of the SAP Basis version 7.0 (possibly in 6.40) there are some new memory keys that I would like to find the related SAP instance profile parameters. So far I have not been successful in my search of the SAP Notes, etc. The memory keys can be seen in the table TSHM0 and there related values in...

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