• Plant assignment change options

    Hello, We're in the middle of a project where we are supposed to move a plant from one company code to another. For business reasons a plant defined for company code A which is in country C1 will have to be movedto/owned by company code B which is in country C2. Both countries are in the EU but...

    Dbrzozow0 pointsBadges:
  • Travel Plan approval fails –

    Hello I get the following error message when trying to approve a travel plan: "No entry in table T549Q for argument 00 at time 04/21/2005" The table appears to have all the correct settings for the payroll periods for the US; I have clearly missed a crucial Travel--Payroll integration step in...

    ROBSES0 pointsBadges:
  • ALV Grid

    Can anybody recommend a good book, which explains thoroughly how ALV Grid works. I always seem to be coming across new bits I haven't encountered before.

    Exilescot0 pointsBadges:
  • Is there an XML function module?

    I am working on an SAP project, and I have a text file in XML format that I need to read in SAP. Is there any function module to read a text file in XML format?

    SillyITgirl0 pointsBadges:
  • LSMW – 2 source files Associate/Map to target fields

    In a MM conversion, having two files (Header/Detail) with each being keyed with MATNR ...it is not possible to link two files to one LSMW structure? Source Structures ITEM Item |_ITEM_INVENTORY Inventory ----------------------------------- Structure Relations BGR00 Batch Input Structure for Session...

    Abap040 pointsBadges:
  • Regarding Search helps

    Hi All, I've created a search help with parameters Empid and location. I've both these fields on a screen in a dialog program. I've attached the search help to the empid field. Now after pressing F4, when I dblclick empid of a row in the list, the empid on the screen field gets filled. Is there an...

    SAPFAQ1 21340 pointsBadges:
  • - DB2 – RPG

    My question has two parts: 1- Is there any way to create DB2 at a PC similar to what is exist at IBM I-Series AS/400? 2- Is there any RPG Compiler that I can install and run it and PC?

    Qawasmeh0 pointsBadges:
  • Business Object Instance in SAP?

    When an external app creates a SAP business object by calling GetSAPObject - is the instance created in SAP as well (in memory)? Or does the instance exist only in the external application as a proxy handle but no real SAP object instance behind it? I read somewhere that SAP creates a communication...

  • Validation

    The requirement is set up validation that will validate the cost center and profit for specific account. I have set up cost center validation using COBL structure and every thing is working fine. The question is which table structure to use for profit center validation. I tried using COBL but it...

    Kamain780 pointsBadges:
  • GR/IR Account Clean-up

    I have inherited a GR/IR account that has a lot of old, useless items appearing in the account. What is a good approach to take to clean up the account. A lot of the old items will not have off setting items (i.e., no unmatched receivers, po's, etc.) Thank you.

    Jgutierrez0 pointsBadges:
  • changing from ABAP to BW

    I'm a newbie to ABAP but wish to migrate to BW. Can anyone tell me the most important prerequisite knowledge for a successful migration to BW?

    SillyITgirl0 pointsBadges:
  • Connect to SAP though VBA

    I want to connect to SAP thought VBA in ms.access. Please advise me what .ocx or any component that I have to register before use. I use SAP Gui 6.2 and want to RFC or BAPI as interface tools. Regards, Anek

    Aneksuk0 pointsBadges:
  • Crystal Report Print Engine API in Domino

    Hi, I would like to print crystal report using Print Engine API. As refer to some of the discussion, global.nsf & global32.lss are the example that requested to refere to, but I found that these 2 example are from older version of crystal report and Notes. The object that used in the Lotus Script...

    Tcc0 pointsBadges:
  • Cluster Table

    Hi!!!, I have created a cluster table having two clustered tables attached to it. How to access the contents of the table cluster?. Is there any nice documents reagrding table cluster?

    PinkyV0 pointsBadges:
  • ABAP coding for XML

    Is it possible to use ABAP to code XML ? Am in R/3 v46B. Would anyone have a sample of this program using XML tag like <>, </>, "" ?? Say i want to extract open purchase orders into XML file. If you have a sample program, it would be very helpful. Any suggestions are most welcome. Thank...

    Joycesvp0 pointsBadges:
  • sap installation error…

    hi friends... i am trying to install sap r/3 4.6c on windows 2000 advanced server with oracle 8i ( but i experience some error at 69 %.the error is as following... Info: DBR3LOADEXECDUMMY_IND_IND InternalWarmKeyCheck 2 725 Set R3LOAD_RESUME to: YES. Info: InstController MakeStepsDeliver 2...

    Amdabhi0 pointsBadges:
  • Checklist of common taksks and T.shoot examples

    Can anyone give me... 1) Checklist of 10 - 20 most important and commonly performed tasks by the Basis Administrator. Step-by-step instructions if possible w/ screenshots. 2) Realtime SAP Basis TROUBLESHOOTING scenarios with Solutions. Thanks

    Mazter0 pointsBadges:
  • Outputting report data to MS Excel.

    Hi, I have created a new ABAP report which outputs in ALV format. The problem is that when I try to output to MS EXCEL with the keys CTRL+SHIFT+F7, I get the error message: ?Message no. 0K412 Template not found in BDS - Layout: Template-Guid:?. Any help and advice on this would be much appreciated....

    MikePallister5 pointsBadges:
  • CRM 4.0 v’s Customised Mobility Sales Solution

    Hello We are a consumer goods company operating R3 & CRM 3 and looking to implement a hand held mobile workforce solution. We are trying to decide whether to use Mobile CRM 4.0 or integrate with a third party customised mobility sales solution. Does anyone have any evaluations on the advantages and...

    Peppers0 pointsBadges:
  • Error with adapter based on JCo

    We have some problems with an Adapter.MySAP (of IBM) based on JCo. The message "RFC_SYSTEM_FAILURE" appears sometimes and the adapter is shuting down. How can I find the reason for this error? Is it an SAP problem or a JCo problem? SAP version : 4.7 JCO version : 2.1.4 librfc32.dll : 6402.2.41.4489...

    SillyITgirl0 pointsBadges:

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