• Help calling an RFC from my Java application to an SAP table

    Hi there, I know next to nothing about SAP and RFC, but let me explain my requirement. I have one Java-based application system, which is developed based on Java/JSP, snd SAP is implemented in our oraganization. In another system, SAP RFC service and type manager is running. I want to call an SAP...

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  • Uploading data using BAPIs

    I'd like to know the procedure for uploading data using BAPIs. Generally we would do that using BDC methods or LSMW -- how can we do the same using BAPIs?

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  • regrading SAP -FI

    what is the procedure of clearing open items?

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  • FI-AA Field status variant dependence on transaction code

    Hi Experts, This is question is related to SAP R/3 FI - Asset Accounting module. We are in SAP version 4.6C. We would like to have Plant (ANLZ-WERKS) and Cost Center (ANLZ-KOSTL) as input fields in transaction code AS01 (create asset master record), but as DISPLAY ONLY (NON-MODIFIABLE) fields in...

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  • SSO for 4.6C

    Looking for info about Single Sign-On options in a 4.6C environment. All I can find to date at MarketPlace/OSS deals mostly with Netweaver. Any info on SSO overview, capabilities, installation in a 4.6C (non-Netweaver) environment would be helpful. Thanks . . . .

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  • Infotype Screen Display

    Does anyone know if there is a way to display an alternate screen for an infotype, depending upon the security profile of a user? A client has a need to hide particular fields from a particular set of users. I cannot think of a way to do this through standard config. Any ideas? Cheers !

    SpikeTheDude0 pointsBadges:
  • How to get the modificationtime of a table, structure or record with

    Im searching for a standard/general way to get the modificationtime of either a table, structure or record in a javaprogramm wich usese JCo to connect to SAP. Is there one and how does it work? Thanks for answering.

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  • What fields displayed in SE16 but not in a report?

    Could any one please tell me what type of fields are displayed while using SE16 but not in a report program and the reason for this?

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  • Who’s implementing .NET connector?

    Is anyone in the process of implementing NCo (.NET connecter)? I have searched online on many sites and can't find any information. I'm wondering if there will be a market for this field.

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  • Creating material with Automatic PO

    I need to create purchase requisition from sales order. In the material master, it is required that 'Automatic PO' be checked, right ? If this is checked and the material is used for regular purchase order (no requisition), would the material be applicable to both scenario ? I do not use MRP. On...

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  • Converting Purchase Requisition to Purchase Orders

    How can i convert purchase requisition to purchase orders manually or automatically ? The purchase requisition is created from sales orders. I do not use MRP. Thank you in advance.

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  • HUM management

    Hi, We have implemented HUM with our SAP 4.6C. Like any other HUM we've noticed several problems/bug with the system. Please share your experiances and repairs you needed to do to fix the bugs. The one of the biggest problem we are facing is related to SMI conversion using LQ02 from a SU/HU managed...

    Dharmesh0 pointsBadges:
  • Sales order billing

    Hi All, I need help with regard to sales order billing. We are using version 4.5B. Scenario:I have a sales order to be billed and we have a BDC program to do billing using VF01. Issue: If a line item has been rejected on the sales order and when we try to bill the sales order through the BDC...

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  • Finding the culprit for data changes

    One of the users on our system may have used transaction KP06 to change the plan data for given plan version, period, fiscal year, cost center and cost element. How can we find out who changed it, on what date and time, the old value and new value?

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  • How to edit abap program without Access Key?

    How to edit abap program without Access Key?

    Kdcwxt0 pointsBadges:
  • How to Execute Batch File (.BAT) from SAP Application(ABAP Program)

    Now I create ABAP program I want to run batch file on PC (XXXX.BAT). please help me... thank you.

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  • Equipment And Functional Location

    I am developing report to display Equipment and Functional Location Classification details. Which functional modules are available to extract classification data. Or else which tables can I use to display this data. Please help to develop this report. Thanks PPS

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  • dot net and SAP development

    Hi, Is there development in SAP using .Net in the Market. I have tried searching online but with no luck. If not now, do you think this is worth looking out for? I have read about NCo 2.0 and seems pretty promising. SJ

    Sreenath780 pointsBadges:
  • Substitutions

    Hi Guys, I have a document generated by the system; the line item (in this case line item 2) does not contain reference to the vendor number (4000150). However line item 3 does. Item Vendor G/L Acc Account Assignment 1 - 133143 20050628 2 - 27600 20050628 3 4000150 4000150 20050628 4 - 15400...

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  • BAPI_PO_CREATE not working

    I am trying to create a purchase order using bapi_po_create but does not work. Not sure what's the right parameters to pass in. I entered the po number,po hdr, po item but to no avail. Can anyone help ? Would there be another function module to use ? Thanks in advance.

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