• Information regarding SAP

    I am working in service industry last eight years. I am keen to do a SAP a course but need adivse and guidance in terms of what is the best option.Also how can I approach companies for job while I am doing to course.

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  • SAP–which module to select?

    Hi, I will complete my Masters in CS in a few days from now. I am very much fascinated by the field of SAP. Since I have a bit of technical knowledge, I decided to go into SAP Basis. Also, I usually avoid programming. So I was suggested that the technical side of SAP which matches my interests...

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  • SAP Basis Training

    Hi, I have 8.5 years experience in IT field in noted companies. I have hands on experience in Solaris, Veritas Volume manager, Clearcase, clearquest etc. I would like to learn SAP Basis. Is it advisable to change my career to another new field? If yes, Can I directly do SAP certification course?...

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  • Administer Table Settings using tcode FB50

    Hello, I am trying to setup a user to change the Table Settings using tcode FB50. At the bottom of the Table Settings box I should be able to see the Administrator button, but I don't. I would appreciate any help. Thank you.

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  • SAP Installation

    Hi i need have installed SAP in Windows 2003 operating system. I am planning to change my Operating system to Windows Vista, But i am confused whether Windows Vista will support SAP? Please clear my doub.

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  • plm (ecm) classification problem the classification fields are cant open for update

    i was created Characteristic (ct04) and created a classification (cl02). after that i devided the classification to tabs in the ECO (cc02) but: 1.i cant update the fields? 2. i cant see all the fields in one screen, i need to roll down to them?

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  • PLM (ECM)- i made a bom change in cc03 and i have a Hierarchy. how can i change it for ALV report?

    i need to change the PLM (ECM) report to look like ALV. how can do this?

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  • SAP Implentation Future

    Hello everyone, I am looking into getting into SAP implementation and designing. I would like to follow a certification path to get this accomplished. Looking at the SAP education site i concluded that i need a PHD just to follow their certifications. Where should i get started? A local college has...

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  • SAP Retail certfication questions

    Hi, i am under going the SAP Retail Cource in chennai i wanted to know where can i find SAP Retail Certification qquestions online, any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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  • Thru MIGO transaction, is it possible to issue a different material (not listed in the order) against an order?

    Question Thru MIGO transaction, is it possible to issue a different material (not listed in the order) against an order? If yes, please explain how? Here is the scenario. Sometimes stock room clerks are issuing (goods issue thru MIGO against a Maintenance order) client's parts to fix a vendor...

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  • how to send a pop up message to the particular user in sap-workflow

    hello friends, I have a small querie , How to send a pop-up message to concerned person in workflow. when ever a user login into system. the event will trigerr and concerned person will get a popup message. how to do it please help me.

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  • SAP Authorization IW32 sales document by sales area.

    In PFCG, I have created asingle role to manage the service orders by plant. In the transaction IW32, I would like to restrict the sales document assignment by sales area. Which authorization object can do it? Can I define my single role without user exit?

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  • scope for sap-crm

    i have done my computer science engg. have work experience as a tech. support and management trainee for 1.5 yrs. thinking of shifting to sap-crm. wanted to know its scope and will it be helpful if i do it from siemens ?

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  • electronic EBS

    Hi I am having problem while automating EBS upload in SAP Currently people here use to do it manually, assign each line with particular G/L account What I need to do is to automate such process. The process is like we receive bank statements for reconciliation from different banks. They are around...

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  • Installation and updates

    Howdy folks, Tryin to keep things going around here....need some advice. I have Win2003 servers and Active Directory.....single domain....approx. 100 client computers.....one location. Am upgrading all computers from Office XP to Office 2003. My project: Install Office 2003 and all updates remotely...

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  • CONTROL-M best practices for SAP background jobs

    Hello Basis Gurus. Can you give me some information about what are best practices regarding SAP background jobs scheduling via CONTROL-M tool?

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  • PO price change in ME28

    Hi experts, Good day ! I have a PO that created by buyer on the 10th April using ME21N, and was released same day by a PO approver using ME28 (Release purchasing document). However system reported price changes on the PO Items via ME28 (that the PO Approver changed the price same day). Question is,...

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  • Order expediting in Smartforms

    Can one proactively expedite open Purchase Orders using Smartforms? Need ability to send out "Material Status Report" to all vendors on a weekly basis, per PO, requesting updated delivery information (on time/del. date, etc)

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  • SAP Workflow indicator

    Can anyone please let me know, how can we identify the documents that have been created through Workflow.

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  • Trained SAP PP consultant looking for a job in SAP

    Pls can somebody out there tell me how l can get a job in SAP when l don't have any experience in SAP or IT. But l am good in configuration of most software application. l have HND in print management can l know which course or trainning to do so that l can get into this feild.

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