• Administer Table Settings using tcode FB50

    Hello, I am trying to setup a user to change the Table Settings using tcode FB50. At the bottom of the Table Settings box I should be able to see the Administrator button, but I don't. I would appreciate any help. Thank you.

    Bleigh5 pointsBadges:
  • SAP Installation

    Hi i need have installed SAP in Windows 2003 operating system. I am planning to change my Operating system to Windows Vista, But i am confused whether Windows Vista will support SAP? Please clear my doub.

    Icyramesh5 pointsBadges:
  • plm (ecm) classification problem the classification fields are cant open for update

    i was created Characteristic (ct04) and created a classification (cl02). after that i devided the classification to tabs in the ECO (cc02) but: 1.i cant update the fields? 2. i cant see all the fields in one screen, i need to roll down to them?

    PLM30 pointsBadges:
  • PLM (ECM)- i made a bom change in cc03 and i have a Hierarchy. how can i change it for ALV report?

    i need to change the PLM (ECM) report to look like ALV. how can do this?

    PLM30 pointsBadges:
  • SAP Implentation Future

    Hello everyone, I am looking into getting into SAP implementation and designing. I would like to follow a certification path to get this accomplished. Looking at the SAP education site i concluded that i need a PHD just to follow their certifications. Where should i get started? A local college has...

    Linkkoh5 pointsBadges:
  • SAP Retail certfication questions

    Hi, i am under going the SAP Retail Cource in chennai i wanted to know where can i find SAP Retail Certification qquestions online, any help is appreciated. Thanks.

    SAP Retail5 pointsBadges:
  • Thru MIGO transaction, is it possible to issue a different material (not listed in the order) against an order?

    Question Thru MIGO transaction, is it possible to issue a different material (not listed in the order) against an order? If yes, please explain how? Here is the scenario. Sometimes stock room clerks are issuing (goods issue thru MIGO against a Maintenance order) client's parts to fix a vendor...

    Vrishni5 pointsBadges:
  • how to send a pop up message to the particular user in sap-workflow

    hello friends, I have a small querie , How to send a pop-up message to concerned person in workflow. when ever a user login into system. the event will trigerr and concerned person will get a popup message. how to do it please help me.

    Siraz5 pointsBadges:
  • SAP Authorization IW32 sales document by sales area.

    In PFCG, I have created asingle role to manage the service orders by plant. In the transaction IW32, I would like to restrict the sales document assignment by sales area. Which authorization object can do it? Can I define my single role without user exit?

    Lasscor10 pointsBadges:
  • scope for sap-crm

    i have done my computer science engg. have work experience as a tech. support and management trainee for 1.5 yrs. thinking of shifting to sap-crm. wanted to know its scope and will it be helpful if i do it from siemens ?

    Kain5 pointsBadges:
  • electronic EBS

    Hi I am having problem while automating EBS upload in SAP Currently people here use to do it manually, assign each line with particular G/L account What I need to do is to automate such process. The process is like we receive bank statements for reconciliation from different banks. They are around...

    Nayabsiddiqui5 pointsBadges:
  • Installation and updates

    Howdy folks, Tryin to keep things going around here....need some advice. I have Win2003 servers and Active Directory.....single domain....approx. 100 client computers.....one location. Am upgrading all computers from Office XP to Office 2003. My project: Install Office 2003 and all updates remotely...

    TheVyrys0 pointsBadges:
  • CONTROL-M best practices for SAP background jobs

    Hello Basis Gurus. Can you give me some information about what are best practices regarding SAP background jobs scheduling via CONTROL-M tool?

    Rufus_275 pointsBadges:
  • PO price change in ME28

    Hi experts, Good day ! I have a PO that created by buyer on the 10th April using ME21N, and was released same day by a PO approver using ME28 (Release purchasing document). However system reported price changes on the PO Items via ME28 (that the PO Approver changed the price same day). Question is,...

    Koko10 pointsBadges:
  • Order expediting in Smartforms

    Can one proactively expedite open Purchase Orders using Smartforms? Need ability to send out "Material Status Report" to all vendors on a weekly basis, per PO, requesting updated delivery information (on time/del. date, etc)

    Jchap77145 pointsBadges:
  • SAP Workflow indicator

    Can anyone please let me know, how can we identify the documents that have been created through Workflow.

    Krishnaa.745 pointsBadges:
  • Trained SAP PP consultant looking for a job in SAP

    Pls can somebody out there tell me how l can get a job in SAP when l don't have any experience in SAP or IT. But l am good in configuration of most software application. l have HND in print management can l know which course or trainning to do so that l can get into this feild.

    Cotopazie5 pointsBadges:
  • Advice on way forward please

    I'm a PG in Maths and having a management certificate fom IIM, india's most prestigious mgmnt institute. I have 12 years experience in hardcore sales / marketing functions from prestigious companies. I plan to do SAP from Siemens in India now, leaving my present job. I feel that i can shine well as...

    Mayam5 pointsBadges:
  • Role of Java in SAP

    I have been offered a position in the SAP group in my company. I am primarily a Java/J2EE programmer. Is this good for my career? What is the role and importance of Java in the SAP world? What does the future hold for Java in SAP? In what module is it used?

    Shrik5 pointsBadges:
  • services of sap BW version 3.5 has stoped

    i have intalled sap bw 3.5 in my computer which is running on windows 2003 serever operating system recently ihave installed active directory srevices ever since iam not able to work on my sap application what might be the reason? i have removed active directory services even then the problem...

    Abhil5 pointsBadges:

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