• User that is getting alot of junk mail-How can I change her email address so that she does not get mail from her old email address?

    A question submitted on SearchExchange.com I have a user that is getting alot of junk mail. Our mail filter is not very good at all. Currently, the user's email address was the same as her login account, example sandy@domain.com. I added another smtp address and made it the primary and then deleted...

    ITKE344,900 pointsBadges:
  • Outlook 2007 can’t delete from deleted items

    Some time ago, I was checking my email when we had a brief but sudden power outage. This totally screwed up Outlook 2007. I was in the process of emptying out my Junk mail when it happened. After the power came back on, I went back to my email and the junk mail that I was deleting was in the...

    Lcramer5325 pointsBadges:
  • User unable to send or save new mail in Microsoft Outlook 2003

    When sending new mail from a user's Microsoft Outlook 2003, they receive the error message, "Cannot send this item." That user also cannot save a new mail message, but he can reply to a received email. Why might this be?

    Exchange Ask the Experts580 pointsBadges:

    My outlook literally takes over 10 minutes to open. I have compressed all the PST files, Defragment the hard drive but something has infected the machine. I have WinXP w/512MG RAM Corp NAV, Norton Ghost installed. The PST files reside on an external drive via USB, But I have no problems on m office...

    ZEDnotZEE10 pointsBadges:
  • Unable to send certain attachments in Outlook 2007 Small Business or Windows Mail

    Hello. I'm wondering if anyone has run into this. I've working with someone who just went from an XP system running Office SB 2003 to Vista running Office SB 2007. Thye had no issues whatsoever with 2003 but with 2007 they have trouble sending attachments. Here's what we've discovered so far. We...

    Ferdone5 pointsBadges:
  • configure ms outlook 2003 for pop3 & smtp server

    i want help to configure ms outlook2003 for pop3 & smtp server. they cant send the test mail to that server

    94228739135 pointsBadges:
  • Can’t reply to an e-mail

    Strange problem here: we running Outlook 2003 and there's one user with a unique problem. He can email my boss who uses AOL email and my boss can receive it with no problem but when he tries to reply he gets the following message: Diagnostic-Code: SMTP; 550 5.7.1 n53DbCwM005305 This message does...

    Billykel5 pointsBadges:
  • cannot send this item problem

    I have checked everything. All the accounts, profiles, and pst files are clean. I have a user that sends me emails from his windows mail account in Vista to my Windows XP Outlook 2007 addressed to mulitple people, and when I hit reply, type my message and hit send, Microsoft genrates the error...

    Dgtechman5 pointsBadges:
  • Older email gone from sent folder

    I am missing all of my emails in my Sent folder prior to 6/23/08. Today is 8/25/08. I have eliminated all of the obvious, I am NOT using auto archive, I have no pst files hiding, I have not upgraded either the server or my local client. I am using Exchange 07 and and Outlook 2003. Can ANYONE help...

    Jorjannw5 pointsBadges:
  • Outlook 2007 Excessive file size

    I am running Outlook 2007 and have, and would like to keep, lots of e-mails from customers, vendors, etc. Some of them have large attachments. I have exceeded the max on the .pst file. Normally I would select some old e-mail with large attachment and use :Shift delate: to reducce the size od the...

    Kkiger5 pointsBadges:
  • Microsoft Outlook 2007 indexing duration for 1GB?

    I need information for Microsoft Outlook 2007 indexing duration for 1GB and also for 10 GB?

    Raghavbm5 pointsBadges:
  • Outlook .pst

    Iam trying to import .pst files from an old hard disc to a new PC via import in outlook 2007, when I tell it to transfer it comes up with an error message telling me I do not have permission....HElp

    StarChild5 pointsBadges:
  • Outlook Inbox SubFolders

    I have outlook auto sort my emails, will blackberry enterprise server do this? The subfolders are there but no emails.

    Merls112015 pointsBadges:
  • How do I hold email in Outlook2007 outbox indefinitely.

    I use outlook2007 and get a typist to reply to my email. I need to check her typing before I send the email. How do I hold the mail until I can check it.(It can be up to 24hours)

    Grahamh485 pointsBadges:
  • Outlook 2007 – Count of Accept, Decline, etc.

    How can I conveniently obtain a count of who has accepted or declined an appointment invitation? I invite hundreds of people to my events and cannot find a convenient way to know how many to expect to attend. I cannot even sort by types of responses in the event "tracking". Thank you.

    UnionBanker5 pointsBadges:
  • Automating Outlook Out of Office

    is it possible to automate the out of office function as i job share and am only in the office 3 days a week, so emails that come in from anyone automatically get the out of office message without me having to set the out of office each week. (In case I forget to set it) Thanks

    UNSW15 pointsBadges:
  • Outlook 2003 Send to – Mail Recipient not working

    I am stumped. I have a customer using Outlook 2003 (with latest updates) on a Windows XP (w/SP3) Pro machine. When they right-click a file and select "send to - mail recipient", everything functions normally. A message window pops up with the file they right-clicked attached and a brief message...

    Dwiebesick2,235 pointsBadges:
  • How Many Rules?

    Is there a limit on the number of rules that are supported in Outlook 2007?

    Daniel771115 pointsBadges:
  • Out of Office

    Hi, my question is about out of office assistant, Is there’s any way we can setup out of office assistant in outlook 2003 to start automatically on any particular day for example on every Friday evening and turn off automatically on every Monday morning ?

    Aasmir5 pointsBadges:
  • Exchange 2003 and Lotus Notes Client

    I've have a mail account on an exchange 2003 server (OWA), can I handle the mail and calendar using a Lotus Notes Client?? Tks.

    Qbase5 pointsBadges:

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