• accessing oracle application thru internet

    currently we are using this address to login to the application within LAN http://oracle-svr.gsmsc.com:8000/dev60cgi/f60cgi what is the next step in order to let external user to log in? is it there any port i need to open on the firewall?and where should those ports pointing to? currently my...

    Pohseng0 pointsBadges:
  • Is java better thab vb ?

    what do you think about this ? is that worth to learn java or you think the future is for vb?

    Kkk10000 pointsBadges:
  • Oracle Import

    I am trying to do export from vax alpha oracle 8.1 to Linux Oracle 9i I am getting following error in Import on Linux Oracle 9i machine IMP-00010 : not a valid export file , header failed verification. Can you suggest something? I thought earlier may be file not in binary or got corrupted in email...

    Singhbb0 pointsBadges:
  • Synchronizing expired merge subscription database with publication database

    I had a merge subscription expire and now need to synchronize two disparate databases. How do I do so without overwriting the subscriber database with the publication snapshot? Thanks for any help you can give.

    Micjones0 pointsBadges:
  • ORACLE Question – Split data in 90 days chunk

    I need to aggregate data in 90 days chunk. For example, I have following data. Date Custorm Qty 1/5/05 1 7 3/31/05 1 9 5/10/05 1 10 I need to sum(qty) for chunk of 90 days. The chunks should be such that the first chunk starts on 1/5/05, and goes to 4/5/05 (1/5/05 + 90 Days). My second chunk would...

    Eaiexpert0 pointsBadges:
  • Help using oracle Analytical function.

    I am trying to create a query that will do two parallel select from the data available. I want to write one select statement using analytical functions, What I want to do is as follows: I one single query I want to find out the count of the transactions in the last 7 days from sysdate and last 6...

    Prativa0 pointsBadges:
  • Knowing the number of rows in a cursor

    Hello everybody. Can somebody tell me if there is a way to know the number of rows returned or included in a cursor without having to cross the entire result set ? a function like "resultSetCount" or something like that ? I thought that %rowcount could work, but this returns the current row number,...

    carlosdl69,510 pointsBadges:
  • Oracle Import to Linux

    I have full export dump from Oracle database version 8i from Vax/alpha machine. I want to impoet to Linux system which has Oracle 9i installed What steps should I do?

    Singhbb0 pointsBadges:
  • oracle error

    Hi, pl respond urgently The following error has occured while executing a package. The following error has occurred: ORA-21000: error number argument to raise_application_error of -6508 is out of range ORA-06512: at "ECW_LOADER.CREATE_CTL_RANGES", line 154 ORA-06512: at line 19

    Satyam1230 pointsBadges:
  • Deleting duplicate rows based on timestamps

    Hello.. I'm quite new to MYSQL.. I have a table with two fields : tag_in and time_in, where time_in is a timestamp field.. Some rows have the same value for tag_in.. I'd like to neaten up the database in 2 ways: 1. Delete rows with duplicate tag_in but removing the one with the oldest timestamp...

    Amateur20050 pointsBadges:
  • Database Upgrade

    1) I am migrating a database to 10G (from 9i) to a new server. The database is the backend for Forms and Reports (currently running 9iAS). How will moving the database to a new server, and upgrading, affect the current application server environment? Other than changing the TNS entry on the web...

    CBarton0 pointsBadges:
  • What is wrong with my code?

    Posed on behalf of SearchOracle member Deepa: Question: How can I get a oracle database connection? Here is a code to which accepts username and password and checks for validation. is it correct? Pls tel me import javax.servlet.*; import javax.servlet.http.*; import java.io.*; import java.util.*;...

    Margaret Rouse1,785 pointsBadges:
  • Need help with max function within a left outer join

    I need to search for a max timestamp of a column within a left outer join statement. I have tried many different combinations unsuccessfully.

    Sfss10230 pointsBadges:
  • Oracle Hash Partitioning.

    Hi, In Oracle hash paritioning do we have control over hash value based on which partitioning is done? My issue is - We have to make a design for datawarehouse application and in the landing area we are planning for range-hash partitionining based on the keys (and their volumes). Now, if we use...

    Techanalyst100 pointsBadges:
  • EMCA

    When trying to start EMCA I get the error message 'couldnt set locale correctly' also is it better to let EMCA build the database or should I do it.

    Gypsydavi0 pointsBadges:


    Abcd1234110 pointsBadges:
  • blocking session

    hi i am new to oracle and i have a question that if a user session that is blocking other sessions and processes from accessing the oracle database so how we can overcome this problem?Could you please explain with example by using a sql command if you can. Would really appreciate. Regards Obaid

    Obaidiqbal0 pointsBadges:
  • 9i and 10g installation on the same server

    i have 9i installed on windows 2003 server. what i need to do is to install 10g on the same server as well. so, i'd like to know if there would be any difficulties if i do so. they both have to be able to run side by side.

    Kilroywashere0 pointsBadges:
  • Installing Oracle 10g on an external USB drive

    I have asked this question before but got no reply. I hope I have better luck this time. I have an external USB hard drive which I can plug into either of my two PC's. I would like to install Oracle 10g on the external USB hard drive and be able to access/use it from either PC. How do I go about...

    GunnyT0 pointsBadges:
  • Oracle 8.1.7 Rman commands

    I am trying to run Oracle 8i Rman and cannot find any explanation for the Rman command line. I can connect to the recovery catalog and the target and by using some examples of Rman run commands I can do certain things. But I need to know the commands?.. When I get an error saying Rman found THIS...

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