• Cisco ACS, PIX and VPN problem

    I am trying to configure Cisco PIX to accept vpdn connections that will be authenticated by the Cisco ACS after looking up username and profile details in Active Directory. I am seeing failed attempts on the ACS - so I think the config is ok (below) access-list acl_in permit ip 10.xxx.xxx.0...

    Silks1010 pointsBadges:
  • File Sharing with a PC not in your domain

    I have a PC that is connected to a Windows 2003 server, and as such is a member of that domain. I also have a older PC that is not capable of connecting to our Windows 2003 server. I would like to share files that are on the PC connected to the Windows 2003 server with the PC that is not capable of...

    PacotheGreat0 pointsBadges:
  • hp laserjet 3700n not printing in colour

    Hi, this seems like a really novice question. I have a networked HP 3700n printer and it only prints in black & white except when i print a test page. I installed it using hp laserjet 4000 drivers - it shouldn't make a difference should it? thanks for your help andy

    Andy119830 pointsBadges:
  • Cat 5 Shielded Cable

    I have to construct some cat 5 shielded cables I have shielded cable and RJ45 plugs with metal casings. I already know how to wire up UTP cables but I do not know how to connect the shielding to the plugs. can any please help me or direct me to a web site with the appropriate information Thanks

    Bridgeman25 pointsBadges:
  • network problems on laptop once windows XP SP2 intalled

    Heres an interestiong one thats got me flummoxed... Dell Inspiron 2650 laptops work fine on peer to peer workgroup. Install SP2 and they report "cable unplugged" Update to latest 3com network drivers (2003!) still same problem. Link directly via a crosover cable to a none SP2 machine, hey presto...

    Longshanks0 pointsBadges:
  • can’t receive mails

    hi all, we are able to send mails but are not able to receive from outside.is the problem with DNS or routing or anything else ? thanks for help...

    Xevier0 pointsBadges:
  • Unable to access windows 95 sharing files from windows xp

    I have mixed operating system in my local area network.I am unable to access windows 95 sharing from windows xp.When i restart the system or when i log of windows xp i can able to access the shared directories of win 95,and it is for a while only(one minute).After that iam getting a error message...

    Smrajagopal0 pointsBadges:
  • Random user lockouts

    I have a mixed Server2K & NT 4.0 network. The "PDC" is the Server2K box, also running Exchange 2K. Randomly, the system seems to pick a user and lock them out at boot time. It is only 1 user at a time, with the daily lockout happening from 2 to 10 days. Aftert unlocking the account, user is Ok...

    Clarke20 pointsBadges:
  • History of users for a particular userid.

    I have an userid (username) which is named after a job function and there were changes on the actual owner of the Id. Is there a report or log that I can view who was the actual owner of the Id during a certain period of time? All I can get from the User Information System reporting tool is the...

    Maria50 pointsBadges:
  • bt broadband & netgear dg834gt router

    Hi, ive just bought a netgear adsl router and i have an existing bt broadband connection. the thing is i cant connect to the internet with it. it cant get the ip address etc from the bt dhcp server. a friend tried it on his pipex account and it worked 1st time! Can anyone help? has anybody else had...

    Andy119830 pointsBadges:
  • Implementing NWLink IPX/SPX NetBIOS Compatible protocol in a Windows XP PE (PreBoot Environment bootable CD.

    I have always, for security reasons avoided binding File and Print Sharing for Microsoft Clients to TCP/IP in my small office network. With Windows 2000 I used instead NetBEUI and now with Windows XP I am using the NWLink IPX/SPX NetBIOS Compatible protocol for File and Print Sharing. Recently I...

    Biyahero0 pointsBadges:
  • Why do I need a Print Server?

    I'm in the process of designing a new network architecture for my company and I'm wondering what exactly a print server buys me. In the past I've always hung our networked printers directly off the LAN with their own fixed IP address, then installed the drivers from a network share for each user...

    Stephang0 pointsBadges:
  • XP machine connection to Windows 2000 Server

    I have a Toshiba Equiem Desktop which belongs to my MD. He complained that it was not logging on to the Windows 2000 Server.After making sure the cables where all seated properly and restarting the machine it logs on succesfully. But the next day the same problem. I have installed a new network...

    Bridgeman25 pointsBadges:
  • web sites directing

    is there a way within windows 2000 or windows xp with 2 network cards to direct tcp traffic? both network cards have internet access but different bandwidths. i want to be able to make sure the pc sends certain web sites through one of the interfaces because it has a greater bandwidth. I need to be...

    Autopro0 pointsBadges:
  • Improve MS Access performance on a Win 2k LAN

    We have recently replaced our old DataEase database with a package that was built using MS Access, and the system has slowed away down to an unbearable speed. However we are stuck with it now, and I would like to know if there is anything that we can do to improve the performance of the database....

    Harg77690 pointsBadges:
  • Samba/Kprint/WinNT4

    Hello, I have posted this question on variuos Forums and have yet to recieve any kind of usefull response. I am running a Linux Box (Kanotix/Debian) within a Win network composed of the following: 3 x Win 2000 2 x WinNT4 1 x Linux My problem is the following: I have set up samba so i can see and...

    Fintan290 pointsBadges:
  • F22 key on AS/400

    Hello everyone, we have a couple of acountants onsite at a clients, and they are using an AS/400, they need to know how to access the F22 key, is this depending on the emulator they are using? or is there a way to access it?

    Natethegreat0 pointsBadges:
  • Netgear FVS318 VPN

    I am using a Netgear FVS318 router through Verizon DSL. Everthing is working fine on the network, however, I am trying to setup VPN access. I am using the Netgear VPN client on my laptop. When I get the router configured and the policy loaded on my laptop, I use a dial-up connection through my...

    Billwheat0 pointsBadges:
  • Missing rows in HTML table outprint

    From our database (Oracle 8i) we produce a listing using Active Server Pages / ADO to create an HTML table that may cover a two-digit number of pages in outprint. The table width is set to 99%. But when printed directly from web browser (IE 6.0; paper orientation landscape) there are not only...

    Onilke95 pointsBadges:
  • internet activities

    hello I just bought New VA10 sony notebook for my teenage son, there is LAN installed and Internet access, there is no account on the va10 notebook, but still he connected to internet, i think through another computer but i want to find out how he connected himself wireless OR through another...

    Junior10 pointsBadges:

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