• Managing a multi-channel structure

    How can we establish multiple channels and yet manage channel conflict?

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  • Management bios on corporate websites

    I'm noticing a trend of companies including management bios on their company websites. Some companies offer up just the main info (name, job title and responsibilities). Meanwhile there are other companies that include baby pictures of the management team and information about their wives/husbands...

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  • Making the switch to email marketing

    Should I make the switch to e-mail marketing? I'm hearing rumblings that social media is a better way to spend my time. How do I prevent my e-mail messages from being perceived as "junk e-mail"?

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  • Making money with affiliate marketing

    Do I need to spend money (e.g., PPC, paid advertising, etc) to make money with affiliate marketing?

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  • Looking for website best practice tips

    I'm looking for some opinions on the customer behavior in relation to page scrolling, for both home page and product page. Stats show the longer the homepage the lower the click through but is this true of all site? Does it / could it make a difference on the product page, or does it even matter?

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  • Looking for tips to become a freelancer

    I would like to start doing some freelance marketing and design work, but I've never done it before and I have no idea where to begin. I'm thinking I'll offer up my services on LinkedIn but I'm wondering what kind of legal documentation do I need? And do I have to claim this work on my taxes? Is...

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  • Looking for a good social media monitoring platform

    Can anyone recommend a good social media monitoring platform? There seems to be a lot out there like Radian 6 and curious to see what others are using.

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  • Live vs. pre-recorded virtual events

    I would like to do a virtual event/trade show but I can't decide if it should be live or pre-recorded. Does anyone have experience with live vs. pre-recorded and are there any stats that prove one to be more effective than the other.

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  • Link to our website in online directories

    Can someone explain to me what online directories are? I always see emails about getting links to your website in a directory...is there any value in doing that?

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  • Links within Adwords Ad

    I have an ad that is in top position of the top sponsored ads. There are 4 links under the editable second description line (Home, Product Video, Reviews & Gallery) which have appeared that I feel are not useful to the campaign as they dilute traffic from the main landing page. Is there any way...

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  • Links and spiders

    Does the spider program run through all links on a Web page?

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  • Linking your site…everywhere

    Do you see value in posting links to your website, wherever you can find a location? For instance, as a member of many LinkedIn groups, someone will start a "discussion" and it says "Post a link to your blog/facebook page/website/etc" and the result is a compilation of a bunch of links to different...

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  • Linking to the competition

    I know that linking is a very good way to increase visibility in my site, the more links, the better but will linking to my competitors help me or hurt me? And how?

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  • Link building strategy

    What is the value in adding links to external sites on my company's website?

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  • Link building strategies

    What are some other great link-building strategies other than directories?

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  • Lifetime value of a customer

    How do I determine the lifetime value of my customers?

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  • Leveraging mobile to beat the competition

    If mobile lends competitive advantage—and for many savvy B2B's, a first-mover opportunity—how can my company leverage mobile to leap ahead of competitors through programs designed to help our audience meet their business-centric needs in meaningful ways?

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  • Learn content marketing from those who do it best…(Sponsored)

    Yes, we all have to be publishers today…even us marketers. But it’s not easy. Changing from a marketing environment to a publishing environment takes a complex strategy of culture shift and process change. Learn how to turn your brand into a content marketing, storytelling factory at Content...

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  • Lead nurturing on a limited budget.

    Unfortunately, my marketing department has a small budget and our sales department is complaining about lead quality. I know we need to do a better job with lead nurturing but I'm not too sure what we can do with such limited funds. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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  • Lead nurturing for free trial clients

    How do we convert free trial clients into full-paying members? Any recommendations on lead nurturing programs?

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