• Uploading xml files to my website

    Hello, I am trying to verify Bing Webmaster. I have downloaded BingSiteAuth.xml, opened it in notepad and tried to save it - as I would htm files but it will not work. Can someone please give me step by step instructions....SIMPLE - for I am not computer savvy. Much appreciated as this will stop me...

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  • Marketing vs. Advertising

    What is the difference between Marketing and Advertising? And if I have an Advertising degree, can I get a Marketing job? In your opinion, what's a better field to get into?

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  • What is Google Panda?

    I keep hearing about Google Panda, but I don't really understand it or it's implications on my website. Can someone explain it to me?

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  • What is branding?

    Does the term "branding" mean anything more than just making the consumers aware of a brand name? How do you view branding in your organization and do you have a dedicated team for it?

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  • Linking your site…everywhere

    Do you see value in posting links to your website, wherever you can find a location? For instance, as a member of many LinkedIn groups, someone will start a "discussion" and it says "Post a link to your blog/facebook page/website/etc" and the result is a compilation of a bunch of links to different...

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  • Link to our website in online directories

    Can someone explain to me what online directories are? I always see emails about getting links to your website in a directory...is there any value in doing that?

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  • Marketing content best practices

    How do you know when your marketing content needs updating? Do you wait from management to tell you? Do you have a timeline for how long you keep collateral alive? Do you make it evergreen so you can use it for longer? Can you share some of your marketing content best practices

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  • Looking for a good social media monitoring platform

    Can anyone recommend a good social media monitoring platform? There seems to be a lot out there like Radian 6 and curious to see what others are using.

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  • Looking for tips to become a freelancer

    I would like to start doing some freelance marketing and design work, but I've never done it before and I have no idea where to begin. I'm thinking I'll offer up my services on LinkedIn but I'm wondering what kind of legal documentation do I need? And do I have to claim this work on my taxes? Is...

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  • Product life cycle

    What is a product life cycle? How does it work?

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  • Need feedback on the different social networks

    My company is ready to jump into social media, and they're leaving it up to me to plan. I have very little experience with social media for business and I'm not sure what the best practices are. Do you think it's possible to be too involved in social media? Should I get us on ALL the sites? Or...

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  • What can I do about trademark or copyright infringement?

    What can I do about Internet copyright infringement or trademark infringement by another Webmaster? Can plagiarism by another website hurt my rankings?

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  • What makes a good thought leader?

    I know the term thought leader is often misused, but I think there are firms and individuals who really are thought leaders. If you agree with me, what do you think makes them thought leaders and who do you think are thought leaders (and leaders in what area).

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  • Who owns social media at your company?

    We're incorporating social media at my company but we're having a hard time determining whose in charge. Is social media best guided by marketing, PR or customer service?

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  • Redesigning websites for search engine optimization

    If I'm redesigning my organization's website, at what point in the re-design process should I start thinking about search engines?

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  • Design an HTML email marketing

    Can any one tell me how to design an HTML email for marketing. I searched many site but didn't find a good answer.

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  • Renting/purchasing email lists

    How and where do I go to buy/rent email lists for the IT crowd? How does the list rental process work? Any best practices you can share? We've been emailing the same people for years and we need to reach some fresh people.

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  • What Type Of 3rd Party Click Tags Work In Email?

    We have a variety of e-newsletters. Some clients send us 3rd party click tags, rather than traditional images. We receive a variety of tags from different ad servers such as Doubleclick. On the e-newsletters, some tags track the click throughs and others do not. We ran some tests and found we can...

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  • Tracking email marketing best practices

    I want to start using tracking URLs in my email marketing, but I'm not sure what the process behind using them is. Do you need to buy a program to track them? Do you just make up numbers in a random mix? How do you add tracking URLs into your email marketing?

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  • More marketing with less budget

    Unfortunately, with the economic climate, we lost some of our budget for 2011. Do you have any tips on how to make my dollar stretch further? The sales team wants more well-nurtured leads, I know we need more content, and the website will need a lot of updating. Any recommendations?

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