• Out Of Office Message in lotus notes

    we have lotus domino server and lotus notes.i want to setup out of office msg for one of my lotus notes user.i enable the out of office setting in notes tools n out of office seettings.but it seems to be not functioning.where will be the problem.where else i have to do settings?pls advice. any help...

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    Dear Sir's, I have two wireless bridges. Master and Slave which are 800 ft apart and two high gain antennas are attached to these units. I am finding a disconnection problem with these bridges. It works for a while but gets disconnected and after doing powercycle on the slave end the bridge starts...

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  • Filtering Dialog List

    Hi. I have a question on how I can filter the values listed in a dialog list field based on the characters being inputed by the user. i have set the field as editable and to accept values not on the list. So when a user enters some characters and then tries to view the list, the values listed...

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  • lotus not r6 & clp exams

    Hello Does any know of teaching material availble to learn for 190 620 /621 /622 lotus notes R6 exams.Have tried Exam cram 2 but this does not supply all the answer. Thanks Bal

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  • Lotus Domino Maillist

    I have lotus Domino/notes 6.5 installed and running. I am currently using SMTP to send messages to outside the organization. I have a group "Daily" with 200 internet contacts which i reguraly send email to. The problem i have is that when i send email to that group, each recipient recieves the...

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  • monitoring events

    l have created an event monitor and handler for db Replication (names.nsf) between two servers in domain, l set it to notify me when normal and on Failure over 24hr period.l haven't received any notification as yet although replication is occurring.Version of code is domino 5.0.11.The event monitor...

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  • Conflicting Access Levels on Log.nsf

    Even though I have Full Administrator Access on a Domino server and the ACL on the Log.nsf shows I have manager access I find that I am unable to change ACL on this database. What could be causing this? Is there some parameter which prevents changes being made remotely rather than on the server...

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  • Lotus Note 6.5 Calendar

    One of my users is shown as "busy" in his Notes 6.5.3 calendar when trying to book time with him, when he looks at the same periods it appears as free , if you try to view the entry the error is "The document specified by the link cannot be located in the linked-to database" - any ideas

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  • Fax Server is printing a blank page when using EmbedObject “embed_attachment “

    PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME... Ok-- i wrote a Visual Basic NT Service that is reading from MSMQ.. Which then turn around (within the same program..) sends the information to our lotus notes fax server. I have written it to be "asyn multl thread..". Our Lotus notes guys have set up the Notes server to...

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  • OS400 V5R3 and Domino/Lotus Notes

    I am currently running a 170 on V5R1 and Lotus Notes 6.5. I want to upgrade to V5R3. Has anyone run into any issues with Lotus Notes 6.5 and V5R3? Or any issues with it during the upgrade process? Thanks! Bob

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  • Replication Tab Issue

    We have upgraded our notes from 503 to version 652. The issue is the replication tab under the office location is still from the old 503 client. Is there a way to update the replication tab from 503 to 652? I was going to try and reinstall again but if there is a easier way then I would be willing...

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  • MIME to CD error?

    Hello All, Sometimes, I saw in the Domino log the error message: 11/14/2005 03:00:01 PM MIME to CD error (Process: ?(00000584:0000003C),Database: C:DominoDatamailUserMailBox.nsf, Note: 00000A0E): CVS: Not initialized This error message usually appeared when users opened to read internet email...

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  • Configuration of e-mail to send via SMTP

    Hi to all, How do a configure my notes server for it to send e-mails to another server via SMTP. I tried to configure it but sends me the next message: (0/11/2005 12:30:45 Router: Connection from server AOFEFERMEX/FEFERMEX not used; Server not in local domain.) Thanks in advance for your help.

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  • Lotus Notes and DB2 support, or lack there of.

    We are a longtime Notes Domino shop with several databases in NTF format. We did a Beta of ND7 and DB2, on a single server. Now we are serious about developing a Bug and Enhancement tracking system for our own software application. On 2 servers; one for ND7 and one for DB2. Problem; there is...

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  • Automate Lotus Notes to post files monthly.

    My company manually posts Reports placed into Word documents monthly in Lotus Notes. Can this process be automated and is there an example of the code anywhere ? The file names change monthly i.e. branch5mth.doc, branch6mth.doc. The folders the data is stored changes yearly FY2005, FY2006. Other...

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  • Lotus Notes Client Use without Domino

    I'm using Lotus Notes Ver 7 as a mail client on my home computer using my regular internet POP3 account. Everything seems to work fine but when I send mail all the recipients get mail header info along with the text that I send. Here is an example: RCPT TO: <cepost@verizon.net> DATA DATA To:...

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  • Threshold

    Dear All., I would like know how many users can i hav with the following specifications. OS : Windows 2000 Server(SP4) Ram : 2.6 Gb Virtual Ram : 2 GB Domino Server : Lotus Domino 6.0.1 Notes Client : Lotus Notes 6.0.1 Machine Model: IBM x-series Awaiting your reply... Reg Kochu

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  • Restrict users to access group e-mail address

    I like to know, how can we restrict user(s) to send mail to group e-mail address even if that user belongs to that group.

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  • NotesForm object

    Is it possible, in LotusScript, to copy a form object from one database to another? OR, alternatively, to create a new NotesForm object and copy items from a form object in another database? TIA --Bill

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  • Stop bit problem: USB to Serial Converter attached to motion controller, unable to set for 7-E-2

    I have three different USB to Serial converters, one of them an isolated converter from B&B. One brand of motion controller I work on uses EVEN parity / 7 data bits / 2 stop bits as its default. I find that none of my converters will work on the controller in this configuration. If I borrow a PC...

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