• Remot server connectivity problem

    I have a new user who use LAN as the location type via TCPIP to connect a remote domino server. Server and client version are the same of 6.5.1. There is a connectivity problem that happens in the most of time. It worked only in one half day during the last three days. But at the same time, all...

    Adamyao0 pointsBadges:
  • Folder redirection/only domain controller admin gets redirected

    I have tried to configure folder redirection in a single domain with no attached sites. I have two client computers and one domain controller. When I try to confogure folder redirection only the (desktop, my documents)of the admin user of the domain controller gets redirected. None of the roaming...

    Tamalerishi0 pointsBadges:
  • Reporting domain/workgroup membership on your LAN using PERL

    This is more of an FYI. I just posted a perl script that I use to generate a daily report of all Workstations and Servers located on our LAN. This report is sorted by domain/workgroup membership and includes any visible shares on the machine. If anyone is interested you can read it here:...

    Ghigbee0 pointsBadges:
  • Library management system

    i need a free library management system running on window or linux that can keep track of who has what cd/books any one help plse

    Eduado0 pointsBadges:
  • Mail migration r from Lotus R6.5 Client to outlook2002

    We have a user having Lotus mail database and we need to migrate it to outlook client using MS exchnage 5.5

    25786120 pointsBadges:
  • Q:Whats Black that should be Red?

    A: An unread Email. Ladies and Gents, I'm running a Domino/Lotus Environment, all on 6.5.3. I have one user who after compacting his MF lost all his unread marks for his mail. When he recieves new emails wheather internally, externally or sent by himself to himself, the e-mails come up as if they...

    Kgalea0 pointsBadges:
  • Notes clinet connective and upgrade problem

    Hello, I am a lotus notes user in china. About three weeks ago, I encountered a problem with ID file in Lotus Notes. While I used a new created ID to connect our host server (In Australian) on R5, a wrong message server is no longer responding, but I switched to another ID created before a little...

    Adamyao0 pointsBadges:
  • Lotusnotes

    How do i insert my own letter head in lotus notes client?

    Ab4uonly0 pointsBadges:
  • Support Email

    I am working in a Operations desk and need to create a Lotus notes BUTTON that will open an email with predefined recipients (tech support), and 3 predefined body field. The operator will then fill out 2 fill-in-the-blank field and then click on the send button. Is this even possible? Any help...

    Newbie2510 pointsBadges:
  • Calling perl script in a agent

    Hi, I have to call a perl script in a Lotus Notes agent written in Lotus Script. I use the following function resul=Shell("c:perlbinperl.exe " & pathname) where pathname is the path of my perl script to run. Agent is scheduled to run on server but it doesn't work. Could you say me if my code is...

    SophieLux30 pointsBadges:
  • Lotus 6.5 view

    NEWBIE HERE: Looking for script or formula for creating a view of documents that do not ref documents. (no reponses) Can some one send me the script for this?

    STibbs8070 pointsBadges:
  • Lotus Notes email puzzler

    In the last six or seven weeks, I've had a problem crop up that's driving us crazy. In a controlled access section, I have a box (Approved?), which when checked, automatically saves the document and sends an e-mail with doc link to the next person in the approval cycle, another controlled access...

    MikeF0 pointsBadges:
  • Re: Sent Mail getting deleted from Local Mail Box

    Dear All., I hav got a peculiar problem. The problem is that., The mails from the local send folder is getting deleted after the replication. The scenario is this. The user uses his local mail box offline and he composes his mails and sends it off when he is online. But after replication, the mails...

    KOCHUBABY0 pointsBadges:
  • Page cannot be displayed

    I have an domino application hosted on a domino server 6.5.3 on a Windows 2003 standard server. This server is in a DMZ and has a public IP Address as well as an internal IP Address. I am able to open the application via the the internal IP Address, however I get the "Page cannot be displayed"...

    Shaungs0 pointsBadges:
  • Unable to create new records in other database using local form (writing background agent)

    Hi, I am trying to create an agent in a database that creates a new document in the local address book using its local form (Person). Debug shows that all is fine except that it does not save (the flag value is -1). What am I missing? Here is my code: Sub Initialize Dim s As NotesSession Dim...

    Arnaud660 pointsBadges:
  • Crystal Reports RTF export to Lotus Notes Database fails after upgrade of server to 6.5.4

    Using Crystal Reports 8.5. After refreshing report and selecting export RTF exact format to Lotus Domino the Select Database screen appears, when a server is selected the process then fails with 'Windows - Application Error', 'The instruction at "0x77f85dd2" referenced memory at "0x53474e49", The...

    JustCallMeLarry0 pointsBadges:
  • Should you ever consider creating a fresh database for a user’s e-mail?

    On our Domino server, there is one mailbox that keeps generating errors. It is flagged in STATREP.nsf daily because documents can't be created or mail rules are problematic. I am unable to view the Rules in the database, and in Domino Administrator, it's the only mail file that doesn't show a...

    DKoch675 pointsBadges:
  • Routing through other network

    hi,there is a problem.it was heavy rains since few days becouse of which our connection to our ISP has been broken.there is another network in the neighbourhood which is connected to the same ISP. how can we route our traffic through there link,what hardware n software configuration changes we need...

    Redrose0 pointsBadges:
  • domino and struts

    I am interested in using struts on domino R6 server. I dont have websphere environments. Pl advice if its possible to use Struts and if yes any pointers on how to get started, particularly what configurations do i need to do to run struts on domino. I have successfully deployed servlets till now....

    Mallika0 pointsBadges:
  • Calling perl script with function Shell in Lotus Notes Agent

    Hi, I have to call a perl script in a Lotus Notes agent written in Lotus Script. I use the following function resul=Shell("c:perlbinperl.exe " & pathname) where pathname is the path of my perl script to run. Agent is scheduled to run on server but it doesn't work. Could you say me if my code is...

    SophieLux30 pointsBadges:

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