• Help with Event ID: 3034

    Hi there, I am hoping that someone can help me resolve this error that I keep getting. I looked up the event error and it tells me how to identify the error but I am lacking one thing, which is the Windows SDK. Here is my error and the solution follows. This is the exact error that I get. SUMMARY...

    Sheldonrw0 pointsBadges:
  • Active Directory Connector Event ID 8026 MSADC

    I am running ADC on a Windows 2000 Domain Controller. The Exchange 2003 Server SP1 is running on Windows 2003 Server SP1. There are two recipient connection agreements for the Active Directory Connector. One is running to add contacts to my domain from an Exchange 2000 server in a different domain...

    Antistatic0 pointsBadges:
  • Windows logon by fingerprint

    I would like to tighten desktop security by replacing/renforcing the login passwords with fingerprints. The userID must be matched to the user's fingerprint for logon authentication. My USB fingerprint scanner already has software that enrolls, verifies and stores fingerprints in a database in the...

    0JeanLuc00 pointsBadges:
  • SOS: Configuring Microsoft IIS6 to receive emails addressed to postmaster@69.59.X.X and / or abuse@69.59.X.X

    Hi !! Heres the scenario: I have a webserver which is running windows 2003, IIS 6 & SMTP service. It has a public IP address assigned to it - 69.59.X.X I have a .net application which generates email and sends out the same using the my SMTP server on IP address 69.59.X.X During the pre-release...

    Nileshroy0 pointsBadges:
  • user password auditing

    We have recently purchased LC5 to perform password audits to discover weak passwords. The documentation indicates to use PWDUMP3 to extract password hashes from the Active Directory. I have looked everywhere and cannot find a legitimate site to download this tool nor can I find documentation. Has...

    INSANEIT0 pointsBadges:
  • Windows 2000 / 2003 Server Log Management

    Hi All, I am an IT Security Administrator of my company. i need to audit more than 100 Windows servers for systems logs, event logs , anti virus server logs almost every month. I am looking out for automated tools that can help me make my work easier. A product with a good reporting tool will be...

    Tarang0 pointsBadges:
  • how can an application disable/enable a user account in active directory??

    How can a fingerprint reader be used to disable/enable a user account?? Could I use a VBscript to do this?

    0JeanLuc00 pointsBadges:
  • HTTP File upload/post Blocking

    In this ever expanding world of network security I am seeking a software or appliance to block HTTP file uploads or post. The problem in a nutshell is I cannot block all of the HTML based Email providers. I also cannot block all of the web sites that support HTTP file posting. I am seeking a...

    Rfergus280 pointsBadges:
  • Sent items on additional mailboxes opened

    I have a user who is authorized to open an additional mailbox and he responds to it's mail. Is there a way to automatically save replied to items for that additional mailbox into the Sent Items folder of that mailbox, rather than his own Sent Items folder? I am pretty sure he is reponding as...

    Stanayres0 pointsBadges:
  • Prefferred Anti Virus Program?

    Hi All, Can i get any suggestions on what you consider being the BEST Anti virus software with not much hassles! The 2 i`m most interested in is Norton and Mcafee? Any 3rd party app will also be greatly appreciated! I had Norton 2005 Internet Security on my PC,1.7GHZ AMD,Win XP SP2, 384MG RAM and...

    Wazzup0 pointsBadges:
  • Outlook Express Message Store

    I recently created Roaming user profiles for all my users and wanted their email profiles to be centrally stored as well (we use Outlook Express POP3 with an external mail server provided by our ISP). But Roaming User profiles don't copy the Local Settings folder which usually contains the...

    ITBird15 pointsBadges:
  • Error about DCs!!!

    Hi, I had a NT4 server that was Exchange5.5 server too, when we bought two ner server I upgraded this server to w2k server sp4 and make it to be a DC then install w2kserver sp4 on two new computers and made them to be DC ,then upgraded exchange 5.5 server to Exchange 2000 server,then install a new...

    Aliyani265 pointsBadges:
  • Windows 2000 Active Directory customizer

    I am working on a Windows 2000 Active Directory and am trying to achieve the following: 1. Users are not allowed to logon to more than 1 PC 2. The PCs must autoshutdown after some idle time, even during logoff 3. Keep track of each user's login duration 4. All logon accounts should be disabled on...

    0JeanLuc00 pointsBadges:
  • Outlook client can’t access MS-Exchange Server over IPSec

    Hi There, I have a strange problem in a customer. He connects their laptops over IPSec into the corporate LAN and the firewall/VPN server assigns IP addresses from the IPSec Address Pool (different from LAN subnet). There are some Packet Filter rules on the firewall that allow traffic from this...

    Hedgehog0 pointsBadges:
  • How to disable OWA for specific user in Exch 5.5

    Hello, I would like to disable a particular user's Outlook Web Access (OWA). I went into the User's Account and checked the "Account Disable" box. However, it appears that if the user had a successful OWA logon previously, disabling the account would not have any effect. Whereas, if the attempt is...

    Ka2ITchat0 pointsBadges:
  • Netscape Novigator E-Mails

    When I start do download the E-mails the attachend photos are not showing in my system?

    Raaghu0 pointsBadges:
  • how to generate an NDR

    On Exchange 2003 Is it possible to generate an NDR from a mailbox without dissabling the user account or deleting the mailbox

    Tonyb230 pointsBadges:
  • Outlook 2003 – “Do not deliver before” option – does not work when Outlook is closed

    Outlook has the option of deferring delivery of outbound messages by using the "Do not deliver before <date> <time>" option. This option has been present for quite some time now and I have used it in the past. In previous editions of Outlook 2000 and XP, when this option was used along...

    Develish0 pointsBadges:
  • Exchange: Error – recipient’s mail system unknown or invalid? But works with GAL!

    Hi all, Not long ago, I started getting some messages returned to me, when addressing to people I correspond with frequently. Exchange is saying that the mail system they belong to is unknown or invalid, yet we're all on the same Exchange 2003 Enterprise server. We all know how Outlook caches the...

    Linger19740 pointsBadges:
  • Inforprint Server, SMTP, and Domino

    I am trying to set up Infoprint server. I'm not sure about setting up the SMTP sever on the AS400. What I would like to do is have the AS400 SMTP send emails to through Domino. Currently Domino is runnng on the same box and using port 25. In trying to set it up, I am running into Domino stop...

    Caryguy0 pointsBadges:

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