• External Email of Smart Form without Nast Record

    I have created a Smart Form which prints fine. There is not output control or a Nast record generated. I want to send it to an external email address. I have tried several ways to no avail.

    Mortdl40000 pointsBadges:
  • External POP3 user working internally with Exchange

    Hi all, I have a client with SBS2003 and Exchange. One of their part time employees uses Outlook with POP3 client since he works off-site 90% of the time. I set up his account on the Exchange so that he get his email and that works fine. The problem is that when he comes onsite, his pop does not...

    Nharel5 pointsBadges:
  • 554 Relay rejected for policy reasons

    A user was communicating with a contact(external email address). He was able to send an email to him but when he replied to his contact's email he got a delivery failure report. That report is pointing "554 Relay rejected for policy reasons" as the cause. Could you help me understand this delivery...

    Chakazukin0 pointsBadges:
  • Poor network performance with this Win2k Server plugged into the network?

    Hi, I have a Win2k Server (Server2) at a remote site, reloaded 6 months ago and AD installed. Previously this server had exchange installed for this location, which now goes to our corporate site through a VPN & T1. Server2 does file serving and athentications. The Outlook users from this site...

    Chuckwalker0 pointsBadges:
  • Group Policy Management

    Has anyone looked into Group Policy Management products (outisde of the functionality provided by Microsoft's Active Directory)? I'm trying to choose a product, and wanted to compare based on what current users thought (rather than what the sales departments tell me). The products I've been able to...

    TechSpaght0 pointsBadges:
  • How to disable Personal Folders in Outlook 2003

    We use Exchange 2003 and Outlook 2003. Is there a way to prevent users from using Personal Folders with Outlook 2003?

    Findit0 pointsBadges:
  • SPAM

    I am running Exchange 2003 and Win2k3 servers. we get a ton of spam, and I want to stop it. What in your opinion are the best SPAM softwares and why? (such as strong points and weak points) let's hear it....

    TheVyrys0 pointsBadges:
  • AOL Spammer IP Identification

    Concerning the ever increasing amount of received spam, to battle this I have a program with which I can extract the IP address from the sender for reporting purposes, however, I have been receiving an increasing amount from AOL proxy server for which I cannot aquire the senders IP address. Is...

    Eyecatcher550 pointsBadges:
  • Exchange 2003 and Delivery Status Notification for “certified ” email.

    My company needs to be able to accept electronic notices from the Federal Bankruptcy court. They have specific requirements regarding delivery confirmation and I am not sure what direction to go in. Here are the requirements: Email Notice Delivery Confirmation Requirement Your email system must be...

    Theizer0 pointsBadges:
  • Outlook calendar problem

    When I rt click in outlook in calendar i am not getting the normal options for Appointment, instead of that I am getting options for New Mail etc, and when I go to the properties of Calendar, I have in the Type:Folder containing mail items, instead of the normal option which says Folder containing...

    Mdimthays10 pointsBadges:
  • SAP Information

    I have just started as a SAP System Administrator at my place of work supporting the MySAP Business Suite and have currently no System AdministratorSAPFinancial experience. I am struggling to find relevant documentationbooks that would cover this area to help me to get up and running as SAP is so...

    C0570060 pointsBadges:
  • Delayed Delivery in Outlook 2003

    Exchange Server : Win2k3 Outlook Client: Outlook 2003 OS of client: Win2k A number of people cannot get the delayed email option to work. I have taken them off of cache mode for the Outlook client and still the message will not be sent until they are actually on the machine again. In other words,...

    Johnnyboy20 pointsBadges:
  • Preview Pane in Outlook Web Access 2003

    Exchange 2003's version of Outlook Web Access has a preview pane on the right side of the screen that previews the highlighted message. Is there a way to remove that preview screen so that only the message list shows? I haven't been able to find a way to do it. Thanks!

    Serendipity100 pointsBadges:
  • Re: Domino Server Restart

    Hi All., I'm facing a peculiar problem with Domino Server. I has restarted thrice from afternoon. 2 restarts were with half an hour. and the third restart was in the evening. There is no Error Log either from the domino or the OS part. The restart was OS Level and not the Domino alone. We have...

    KOCHUBABY0 pointsBadges:
  • Maximum Message Size (Exchange SMTP)

    Encouraged by the helpful responses to the recent question about mailbox quotas I?d like to pose a related question: What size limits to you impose on inbound/outbound SMTP messages? BACKGROUND: We have 40,000+ email users in an Exchange network spanning 160+ locations around the world. Currently...

    Zaphod0 pointsBadges:
  • Invalid Exceeded Mailbox Limit Error

    I have a user that is receiving the following message when trying to send email to recipients within our Exchange 2003 organization. Her mailbox is well beneath the 100mb limit and there are no mailbox limits set specifically for her. "The message failed to be submitted because the storage limit...

    Marivm0 pointsBadges:
  • Microsoft Outlook Connector for Domino

    I have a user sho is using the outlook connector to receive his domino mail in outlook. The reason for this is that he has a PDA phone and it only seems to synchronise with outlook. Recently I have noticed a few funny quirks one being that the font on the screen and when printed appears to change...

    Bridgeman25 pointsBadges:
  • Exchange 2003

    Is there a way to stop all e-mails from a certain e-mail address from being distributed to the recepients inbox?

    Malilish0 pointsBadges:
  • Mail not being delivered

    Hi Over the past few day my exchange 2000 server has been delervering less and less mail to my mail boxes and just keeping it in the queues. i am only getting one error in event viewer which is Event Type: Error Event Source: POP3 Connector Event Category: Download Event ID: 12050 Date: 07/11/2005...

    TomHallam0 pointsBadges:
  • Connection Filtering

    Hello All, I've had a question with Connection Filtering. I have configured an Exchange Server 2003 on Windows Server 2003 STD. I've had exchange server running for almost 8 months now. Recently, out of the blue the exchange server suddenly stopped receiving any mail at all and the error message is...

    Sdr071515 pointsBadges:

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