• Automatic CC to outbound emails

    I have setup all inbound messages going to "client a" to ALSO be forwarded to "manager b". What I need help on though is to setup a exchange server-side rule/policy that automatically CC's all OUTBOUND emails from "client a" to "manager b". Of course because this is a client to manager...

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  • Can someone please explain

    smtp.myserver.com and pop3.myserver.com ? i only made a mail.myserver.com and it's an mx record pointing to my exchange server. inside the office network i put mail.myserver.com in for pop and smtp. send and recieve work fine. but the remote office's mail.myserver.com works for pop3, but for smtp...

    Dholder970 pointsBadges:
  • Assessing Security Appliances

    We have several appliances performing specialized tasks in our environment. I've been asked to perform an audit of these appliances. Since most of these appliances run a version of Linux/Unix I've decided to audit in a two phase process. First looking at the OS/Kernel and then the application. My...

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  • Calendar rights in Exchange 2007

    New Answer

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  • Auto-Disclaimer across multiple OUs

    New Answer

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  • Delete Junk mail button

    Hi all - I'm a little stumped here - I need to create a button in Outlook 2003 that will delete the contents of the Junk E-mail folder. I have found a way to delete the deleted items and a way to delete what ever folder is highlit (rather dangerous!) But does anybody out there know how to create a...

    Lirria0 pointsBadges:
  • Forwarding mails to external POP3 account

    Hello, i'd like to set up my Exchange 2000 in order to automatically forward incoming emails (e.g. related to some specific mailboxes rather than the whole incoming traffic) to an external POP3 account (e.g. mickey@Gmail.com). This will allow to our mobile users to download enterprise mails via...

    Mastropizza0 pointsBadges:
  • Exchange Information Store stops responding with OWA attachment.

    Greetings, We have the same issue with Exchange Server 2003 SP2 running on Windows 2003 SP1. Store terminates with two events 7011 (Timeout (30000 milliseconds) waiting for a transaction) and 7035 (MSExchangeIS service stopped unexpectedly). This happens only when some one attaches a document over...

    Sabukv0 pointsBadges:
  • Exchange Mail Between Company Locations

    Our company has two locations: New York and Florida. All email is handled by Exchange Servers at each location. In Florida our email addresses are employee@ajax.com and in New York the email addresses are employee@ajaxny.com . Our web site is hosted on our own server at the Florida location,...

    C5torch0 pointsBadges:
  • Search exchange for emails containing specific words

    Hi all - Life is very interesting and now we need to search our entire email system for all occurrences of some specific words (yes due to litigation) - I really don't know the best way to locate these emails, but we need to be able to locate them, copy them into a pst and provide them to our...

    Lirria0 pointsBadges:
  • Windows 2003 Server Crashing

    I have a Windows Server running Exchange 2003. Over the weekend the server must have crashed. I was able to reinstall Windows 2k3. But when I installed SP 1 and the patches, the server crashed again. I reinstalled Windows over C: and installed SP1 for Windows. On restart the server crashed again....

    Vdinenna60 pointsBadges:
  • How do I configure Exchange Server to use .net email when the internal domain is .com?

    How do I configure Exchange Server to use .net email when the internal domain is .com? My Internal domain uses a simple .com domain name, but I have had to use a different email domain (.net). This is because when the domain was setup with the .com years ago and when I went to register it the .com...

    Skgiven0 pointsBadges:
  • Email Address Auto Complete

    Is it possible to export / import the email address (recipient) autocomplete list in MS Outlook? Thanks

    Jujugiants0 pointsBadges:
  • Email migration and Blackberry

    Company A.com and Company B.com are connected via ADC connector (a.com has been AD migrated to b.com except for mail and blackberry server and misc.) Mail is moving from Exchange server on A.com to B.com, BES Server resides on A.com. Test mailboxes moved OK but BB users do not get mail, in BES...

    Kevhein690 pointsBadges:
  • Email Delivery Errors

    Hello All, Someone is having problems sending emails to us which did not exist before. Our email server (Unix based) did not list his domain as spam according to our email technician. Also for troubleshooting purposes i've asked him to send to my hotmail account which resulted in the same manor not...

    Maryam82100 pointsBadges:
  • Restore moved shared calendar in SBS 2003

    A user moved the shared calendar from Public Folders in Outlook 2003 to her mailbox personal folders. How can I put it back? Thanks.

    Apressman0 pointsBadges:
  • Removing an OWA button

    How do you keep an OWA button from being published? More specifically, how do you keep the ?Recover Deleted Items? button from being published (or viewed) within OWA when you are in the ?Deleted Items? folder? I am using Exchange 2003 SP2 on a Win2k3 SP1 platform. I have looked and looked...

    KeithD19670 pointsBadges:
  • Exchange 2003 and multiple e-mail domains

    I think this is a rather simple question and finding some info on the internet is possible, but a structured document about this is more difficult. I am looking for some tips/documents about configuring Exchange 2003 for multiple mail domains and multiple clients. So we have client1 with mail...

    Berepoot0 pointsBadges:
  • Mail Appliance

    Good Day All, I would like an advice on the best hardware solution for a mail appliance. I have viewed several products Fortinet, Netmax, Sonicwall, MXtreme Mail Firewall ? etc. Also, it would be preferred if the license is based on the box itself not the number of users, can handle multi-domain,...

    Maryam82100 pointsBadges:
  • Exchange 2003 stops responding after DC goes down

    Hello All, Not sure why this is happening and was wondering if you could shed some light on this subject. Scenario: We have a Windows 2K3 R2 native single domain with 2 DCs. Exchange 2003 Ent Ed SP2 DC1 - holds all FRSO roles DC2 - Global Catalog Our Exchange 2003 server is set to auto detect the...

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