• BOBJ Business Objects XI

    We are considering implementing "BOBJ Business Objects XI" in our company. My question is can anyone offer a critique of the product. i.e. from a implementation & post imp point of view. Thanks in advance.

    Jellybean405 pointsBadges:
  • Reference controls by name

    I need to point to a control whose name I won't know until run-time. How do I do it? My code currently looks a little like this: ======== Dim ctlControl as Control Dim strName as String ctlControl = cType(strName, Control) ...now do stuff with/to the control named strname... ======== Now this is...

    JacobSCracker0 pointsBadges:
  • Capture data to HP Printer before reaching printer

    I want to write an application to capture data that was sent to a HP printer(HPCL) in vb.net. Any sugestions will be appreciated....on how will I be able to do this.

    Mikelc0 pointsBadges:
  • Disconnected from SQL Server

    I'm currently making an attendance system whereas all transactions (scan in and out) are stored on an SQL Server. My problem is, how can I keep all transactions going in case the server is down? Do I need to incorporate it in my VB code?

    Trojanz0 pointsBadges:
  • Does XYZ mattter to you in XI?

    Hi there, It's Lauren, the Assistant Editor for SearchSAP.com. We're planning an upcoming XI theme month for our site, and we want to hear what is most important for our users in this realm. What type of content would be most helpful? One of the items we are planning is a webcast. Are you...

    laurenhoyt115 pointsBadges:
  • function to subtract 200 days from date

    I need to write the filter condition in cognos as follows: YRMOSDOS between (&YRMOSDOS - 200) AND (&YRMOSDOS) where YRMOSDOS is in date form. How do I achieve it? The database is in db2. Decimal function does not work. Please help. Thanks a lot.

    Meenac0 pointsBadges:
  • SAP JCo-Queries-2

    Hi, Im new to SAP.Im using SAP JCo to access SAP tables from my Java Project.Can u tell me whether I have to write queries for accessing specific fields of specific tables of SAP jst like any other database? If yes can u explain the steps to achieve the same. If no then how does JCO achieve the...

    Shrividhyan0 pointsBadges:
  • performing view look up on click

    hi, i have to web-enable a lotus notes database. the database has a welcome page with several links. on the sub click event of the links, a look up is performs on different views. when the document exists in the view, the document is displayed else 'under construction' is displayed. I can view the...

    Jhemm210 pointsBadges:
  • using Print dialog vb6 to print many forms

    I have an application that I use to print a lot of forms on the default printer through code. It worked fine. Now I added the print dialog to my application to allow the user to select a printer, but I am getting an error 486 ("Can't print form image to this type of printer") on all my forms after...

    Cevonne5 pointsBadges:
  • Help with building an archive

    Hi! I'm trying to build an archive of files (documents, media, etc.) and need some help with the table structure and to make the archive searchable. This is what I have: File FileID FileName FilePages FileDate FileAuthor FileDescription Classification ? essay, article, joke, quote, etc. Types...

    Gfrankel0 pointsBadges:
  • Running jobs on a remote system

    We need to initiate a job on one iSeries and execute it on another iSeries. We are trying to use SBMRMTCMD but have a few issues with it. The user id does not carry from system to system. The job on the target system runs as QUSER. We can't figure out how to pass variables as parms. Everything we...

    Mouse3330 pointsBadges:
  • Triple Clicking a Mouse

    Its very simple... How can I recognise a triple mouse click in VB.

    Dineshrsl0 pointsBadges:
  • Using CEERANO in RPGLE

    Can anyone provide me with a small RPGLE program that uses CEERANO to generate a random number?

    Hex29a0 pointsBadges:
  • .Net SQL Server Bug – Optional Foreign Keys

    Has anyone experienced a bug in .Net on SQL Server databases when you have a NULLable column that has a foreign key constraint on it. What is happening to us is that when you try to insert a row in a table with a NULL in a column that has a foreign key constraint on it, we get a foreign key...

    CarolD0 pointsBadges:
  • Printer problem plz help

    having a printer ,connected to a LAN but it not being a net work print just it's connected to one of the hosts on the net work and it's shared ,then the problem with its is that at anytime it prints by it self ,and it prints some sort of code in the head of a page ,and it will print till the...

    Gistone0 pointsBadges:
  • Date in SQL Server

    Hi, I want to take the curent date (month and year) and create a date as 22 nd of previous month and current year, how would I acclmplish this? For example: today is 15th Jun 2005, the result I want is: 22-MAY-2005 I would appreciate your reply. email: ravingogri@hotmail.com Thanks, Ravin L. Gogri

    Brainsearch0 pointsBadges:
  • Media Player couldn’t run!!!!

    Hello all, I installed w2k pro for a client and SP4 and then all patches from online microsoft site and then installed Media Played online and after that when I choose two patch script for media player at the start point in installation it said "can't install this patch", and now when I run Media...

    Aliyani265 pointsBadges:
  • Can you speak Japanese using BAPIs and JCo?

    I am trying to execute some BAPIs on R/3 4.5, using JCo Connector Version 1.1.04. I am sending Japanese characters as part of import parameters to the BAPI. However, the Japanese characters are being garbled up in the SAP system. Has anyone tried to do this before and encountered similar problems?...

    SillyITgirl0 pointsBadges:
  • How to save SAP history tables in Linux?

    Hi! I'm the Assistant Editor for SearchEnterpriseLinux.com. One of our readers sent in the following question about using SAP. Can you help him? "We have noticed that on some fields in sap there is a history table that appears once we start entering (typing) information into the fields. The history...

    AmyKucharik420 pointsBadges:
  • I/5 resident Transportation Software Vendors

    We're looking for a package that will encompass Delivery, Receiving, and stagging for Trucks, Barges, Rail Cars, and Ocean Liners to Domestic and Foreign companies.

    DownSouth0 pointsBadges:

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