• MS Office Outlook 2003 Address book

    I use MS office outlook 2003 but this is not adding the e-mail addresses to the address book/contacts automatically when I reply to someone. This feature is available in Outlook express but I didn't find this feature in MSOO 2003. Is there any simple way I can add e-mail ids to contacts /address...

    BinooDas123410 pointsBadges:
  • Batch process to create and modify permission to shared home directories in windows 2000 server.

    Hi, I'm a trainee Engineer who doesnt have much experience with win2k. I only have little experience in Winnt 4. We have been using Winnt 4 for some years now and decided that this year we will use a win2k server and that's when I came accross this problem. The problem is I cannot run batch process...

    Williamsan0 pointsBadges:
  • Win XP – Propogate default printer to other users of same PC

    We have a dozen or so users of the same PC (it's a production PC running a dedicated software package). The PC is connected to our Windows 2003 Server, and each user logs in with his/her own account. When a change is made on this PC by the main user (such as the default printer) the change does not...

    DKoch675 pointsBadges:
  • CITRIX – How to Print outside LAN to OFF-Site printers

    I need your help in this scenerio! what are your 2 cents? Goal: To go to a FULL Citrix Enviroment, Aiming at Thin clients, maybe linux based Off-site: Offices connect through the internet, they have DSL/T1's. Right now they are using Citrix successfully. If they have a printer over there and they...

    Ocarmona0 pointsBadges:
  • internet activities-3

    hello I just bought New VA10 sony notebook for my teenage son, there is LAN installed and Internet access, there is no account on the va10 notebook, but still he connected to internet, i think through another computer but i want to find out how he connected himself wireless OR through another...

    Junior10 pointsBadges:
  • Slow File sharing access in Win 98-2

    Actually I have 2 questions: I have a small workgroup of 3 XP Pro systems, 2 win98 systems, 1 win 2000 server and a 16 port ethernet switch(100mbps). I have enabled the ICS in the server and each compter can access files/printers and internet with the help of DHCP. 1) When I access the win98...

    BinooDas123410 pointsBadges:
  • Duplex Printing from SAP

    Hello, We are having a printer which supports printing on both the side of paper. From windows we are using this functionality. Now, we would like to use this from SAP also. How to enable this duplex printing from SAP? Thanks in advance.

    Dharmeshd0 pointsBadges:
  • system restore not working

    I was trying to restore my XP machine but each time I select it, nothing happens. I have noticed that the pictures from some web pages do not appear but I get the small box with the red x in it. I also get the "the page cannot be found" message. There must be a easy solution I tried to set IE...

    Golfbum850 pointsBadges:
  • private and public network-3

    i have one another question how one user from private network ip address 192.168.0.xx subnet mask gateway ip it can not ping the ip 192.168.1.xx subnet mask (i know it is not in same network) it fine. but how it can ping any globle ip like yahoo.com ,...

    Rpvish0 pointsBadges:
  • Microsoft Office Powerpoint Problem

    One of my helpdesk people came to me with an interesting question for a problem I have never seen before. We have multiple users using both Powerpoint 2000 and 2003. We have a ppt slide that is sometimes accessed and changed by 15 to 20 different people at different times. The problem is this. When...

    RoscoePColtrain0 pointsBadges:
  • Non system disk errors with no disk in drive

    I am troubleshooting a Compaq evo D300v minitower computer. It has been giving the user non system disk errors with no disk in the drive. And sometimes it gives the blue screen of death after the message. Could this be a problem with the power supply, or some sort of hardware problem? It is running...

    KJC48550 pointsBadges:
  • hello .. upon trying to gwet norton back i get the message ,,”a product that requires norton wmi is installed on your system” have you any experience with this and solution as i have no norton protection now ,,thanks in advance

    hello .. upon trying to gwet norton back i get the message ,,"a product that requires norton wmi is installed on your system" have you any experience with this and solution as i have no norton protection now ,,thanks in advance

    Prospector280 pointsBadges:
  • NTFS permissions on Security Group

    Hi While adding users to a security group which has got NTFS permission on a folder, user doesn't get access without re-login. Is there any way to implement access permission without re-login after being added to group. Thanks Pramod

    PramodKT0 pointsBadges:
  • inbound remote desktop access via cisco PIX

    Hi, heers my problem, i have a cisco pix firewall and i need to enable remote desktop in bound. thing is ive creatad a static nat 195 .x.x.x f(or the oustide) and 192.x.x.x (inside)., and its visable because i can ping it from an external machine-so i know thats working. ive also permitted traffiic...

    Andy119830 pointsBadges:
  • sync problem with outlook web access

    i have a sbs 2003 at my network and exchange work just fine from my internal lan and all the users accounts are get sync from the server, but unfortunately when users connect to theirs mailbox from outside the network through outlook web access their mailboxes are not getting synchronize from the...

    Drorbenyosef5 pointsBadges:
  • Organizational Forms Library Problem

    I have a faxing application called Zetafax which uses Outlook forms on the client end to compose/receive faxes, etc. I recently upgraded to a newer version and since then I've been having issues with the Organizational Forms library on the Exchange 2000 server. I attempted to delete the folder so I...

    Dhenry0 pointsBadges:
  • how to configure

    can any one help how to configure or give the static ip to the ip phone model (axxess model 8620 phone) how can i go in config mode ? there is no manual has come with the ip phone? pls help me it is very urgent Thanks in advance Raj

    Rpvish0 pointsBadges:
  • Information Store Warnings

    How do I fix these warnings in my Private & Public store. ISinteg -fix does not seem to do it. Do I need to fix these before upgrading to Exchange 2K3. Warning: MsgFolder 1 (Fid=0001-000000001B8E, Mid=0006-0000000898A3, Inid=0006-00000009DA5E): Prop ptagLocalized(676D0102) was not found in the...

    Mercer0 pointsBadges:
  • recovering a deleted exchange mailbox

    We accidentally deleted a users account and her Exchange mailbox losing about 230mb of mail. Does anyone know how to recover from this without a current backup? This user doesn't have a .pst file that could be uploaded. All of our servers are Windows 2000. One domain controller. One Exchange member...

    Bugwit0 pointsBadges:
  • Upgrading Exchange 2000 Standard to Exchange 2003 Enterprise.-2

    We are in the process of upgrading our Exchange 2000 Standard edition server (running Windows 2000 server) to Exchange 2003 Enterprise. We have built a new server, with a different name, to install the Exchange 2003. What is best/easiest way to migrate all the mail from the old server to the new...

    Bugwit0 pointsBadges:

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