• Cannot Print Barcodes to a Non-IPDS SCS Printer (HP Laser Jet 2400 and Lexmark T632)

    I am trying to print barcodes (3 of 9) on 2 types of printers. Both are non-ipds printers connected to the AS400. These are both just plain printers using the SCS datastream. I have found the PCL commands to print out the bar code from this site (www.pbhall.us/barcode.html) using the TRNSPY and...

    Goatopolis0 pointsBadges:
  • Error executing stored procedure calling a CL that run an STRQMQRY

    I have created a stored procedure that call a CLP in which there is a STRQMQRY for creating a file in output. this is the command of creation: CREATE PROCEDURE TESMC/WP3007P (IN SALD CHAR ( 1), IN ORDIN CHAR (1)) LANGUAGE CL NOT DETERMINISTIC MODIFIES SQL DATA EXTERNAL NAME 'TESMC/WP3007' PARAMETER...

    Fhelix720 pointsBadges:
  • automated tool to conduct AS400 Audit

    Does anyone know if there is an automated tool that can be used to audit AS400. The audit would check for things like system values, overall security setting, who has access to special authorities, etc. Thank you

    Sskapm0 pointsBadges:
  • Need help in sloving some JOB Abends

    Hi All, I am new to the mainframe application development environment.Can anyone help me how to solve JCL Abends like say SOC7,SOC4. regards, Aravind

    Mainframeft0 pointsBadges:
  • SQL – left joins and where clauses

    I'm writing a query joining multiple tables - I'm doing a left join on the last table that I join because there's data in the other files that I want even if this last table doesn't contain a match. When I add a where clause to the query I don't get results where the last table has a null value....

    GrandmaCat0 pointsBadges:
  • Need advice about backing up Domino servers

    Mark recently wrote the editors of Search400.com with this question. He writes, "I seem to running out of time when I try to backup some Domino servers. "I use BRMS, and when it was setup it was never told to drop the Domino servers, so in essence I believe I have a Save while active. "I was...

    MichelleDavidson435 pointsBadges:
  • Apache configuration on AS400 for SSL connection

    Hi, I need to configure APACHE HTTP SERVER on AS400 for SSL Connections. I also need to access CL programs, I mean calling CL programs from WEB residing on a specific library in AS400. Could you let me know the methods for this.

    RajivMenon0 pointsBadges:
  • Changing naming convention for iSeries user profile.

    Our company is considering changing the naming convention we use for user profile creation on the iSeries to comply with our Corporate office. We currently have about 1500 users whose profiles would be affected. Aside from the obvious tasks of changing object ownership and modifying 3rd party...

    Crazyrosie0 pointsBadges:
  • HP jet Direct box and IBM 6400 printer

    I am trying to connect an IBM 6400 printer to network via HP jet Direct external print server and having problems. Has anyone done this before?

    mikeytm0 pointsBadges:
  • Stratergy for IDocs

    The following are the three sources of sales orders in the current scenario for the client. 1. IVR orders from the IVR system ( Phone lines ). - The files are not in a standard IDOC format. - Does not require a order confirmation. 2. Offline order entry software ( OOE). - The files are not in a...

    Amar21nath0 pointsBadges:
  • Problem printing multiple copies

    Philippe is having a problem with multiple copies of remote outques on all his iSeries systems -- V5R3M0, V5R2M0, and V5R1M0. He says, "I've created remote outqs on my iSeries that are attached on a Windows server. When i try to print a spool that is in few copies, only one copy writes." Can you...

    MichelleDavidson435 pointsBadges:
  • Prefferred Anti Virus Program?

    Hi All, Can i get any suggestions on what you consider being the BEST Anti virus software with not much hassles! The 2 i`m most interested in is Norton and Mcafee? Any 3rd party app will also be greatly appreciated! I had Norton 2005 Internet Security on my PC,1.7GHZ AMD,Win XP SP2, 384MG RAM and...

    Wazzup0 pointsBadges:
  • Client Access Screen Printing

    Using 5.7 PC or 5.3 of CA I only get blank pages no text. I have the latest patch and the right settings in page setup.

    Db86810 pointsBadges:
  • AS400 COBOL regarding multiple logical files with external keys and same format.

    AS/400 COBOL: Trying to read one logical path to process a certain set of transactions and under certain circumstances read another logical path over the same physical file to retrieve supplemental data. Getting stuck on compiler error "LBL1463'(data-item) previously defined in program, use cannot...

    Maclin0 pointsBadges:
  • I need to upgrade my Career

    I am trying to obtain a grant for further education. As an AS400 programmer---I am not sure where to my effort into education. Is it JAVA J2ee, Oracle, .NET...doees anyone have any wisdom?

    Shellvacation0 pointsBadges:
  • How to display the current system name in a menue

    Marc is writing a MNUDDS program, and he would like to know how to display the current system name in my menu. Can you help? -- Michelle Davidson, editor, Search400.com

    MichelleDavidson435 pointsBadges:
  • limiting access to a command line.

    Is there a way to remove a command line from a screen such as a WRKOUTQ OUTQ(nnnnn)? I am trying to find out how "developers" can look at reports on outqs such as qezjoblog without being able to make use of the command line. Setting the "limit capabilities" value on the profile does not seem to...

    Jockcibc5 pointsBadges:
  • Unable to place file on the IFS drive

    I have a vendor who is providing an update via download from their website. The instructions are to save the zip-file to a PC, then un-zip the contents to the IFS drive. When I specify the IFS drive (in the un-zip process) and hit enter, the message; Error, access is denied followed by, Cannot...

    WhiteHatGuy0 pointsBadges:
  • Debugging with WDSc?

    I am trying to use WDSc version 6 to debug iSeries programs but I constantly get an error telling me that the debug server has not been started on the iSeries host whenever I choose any of the debug features. Well, it is running! I've tried starting and stopping using the STRDBGSVR and ENDDBGSVR...

    EnglishHaze0 pointsBadges:

    Hello everyone, I wanted to install the OS/400 System Openness Includes (5722-SS1, opt13). I found 12 CD's labeled 5722-SS1. I listed them below. I was wondering if someone knew which one to use to install the System Openness Includes. Any help is greatly appreciated. I_BASE-01 L2924_01 L2924_02...

    Orozcojoe0 pointsBadges:

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