• How do I find the primary ASP device within an ASP group for SETASPGRP?

    I want to execute the SETASPGRP command. How do I receive a list of relevant primary ASP devices so that I can choose which one I need?

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  • Using SAV to save specific objects from directory tree

    I need to save objects from multiple directories with the directory names and have not had any luck getting this to work. I am attempting to save the information to a save file. I need only the data with an extension of *.tif. The directory structure is like this: /abc/xyz/123-456-7777/1.psg...

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  • QSHELL output redirect

    Using ENVVAR QIBM_QSH_CMD_OUTPUT = 'FILE=/home/someflr/somefile.txt' From cmd line to test using STRQSH CMD('java -version') V5R3 works fine, following text is written to file java version "1.3.1" V4R5 does not work. PTF SF63868 for APAR SA89972 is applied permanent. Nothing is written to file....

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  • AS/400 User Profile – need to get a file of current user profiles

    Does any one know how to access the file that contains all users profiles or how to create one. I know this is a system file but not sure if we are able to access it. I printed out a listing but I really need a file. Thank you in advance - Gwendolyn

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  • IBM 4224

    Hi everyone, I have 2 printer IBM 4224 in a remote office connecting by twinax and using remote controller 5394. I change my comunications for TCP/IP. Now I have a problem because 5394 don't pass TCP/IP. Do you Know if existe something hardware who allowde me connect the printer with twinax over...

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  • Journal Receiver Sequencing

    Hi All, We have a test and production data library, we have a separate journal for each that fill journal receivers in their respective libraries. In TEST our system managed receivers always start at sequence 1 when a new receiver is attached, in production the sequence number continues from the...

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  • Tape Expiration

    Does anyone know how to automatically check a tape to make sure that it has not expired before running a backup. I know you can use BRMS but we do not have BRMS on our system. We have set up the backups to put an expiration date on them but if the operators put the wrong tape in I get a call at...

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  • Using an array in embedded SQL in RPGLE

    Is there a way to specify a host array element in a where clause in embedded SQL? This is what I am trying to do: C+ Where TkPart01 = :odPart(01) C+ and TkQty01 = :odQty(01) C+ and TkPart02 = :odPart(02) C+ and TkQty02 = :odQty(02) There's more to it than that but that should give you the general...

    Vatchy1,410 pointsBadges:

    We save all the files in a database and restore them to an existing (other) database that contains the same files. Our save 'saves' the access paths (logicals) an well as the pfs. Why do some of the files - only a few - in the 'to' database do access path rebuilds?

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  • MS SQL Server 2000

    Hi All, Can we connect remotely (from outside LAN) to a MS SQL server 2000 using enterprise manager? If so, what are the steps?

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  • Copying Files Between 2 Partitions on the same iSeries

    I need a way to automate copying 14 physical files from one partition to the 2nd partition on the same iSeries. We have a 520 with 2 partitions and a HMC. What would be the best way and what would have to be set up to accomplish this?

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  • can strqmqry be run as remote command

    I am trying to run strqmqry via a dos/cmd ftp session. command: QUOTE RCMD STRQMQRY QMQRY(lib/qry) ... where ... are other options I followed various instructions posted here and on as400 tech sites on how to create the query. I was able to do all of that via a dos/cmd ftp session (except for...

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  • CPYTOIMPF Nightmare

    I am using this to transfer data from the S400 to the IFS. The data has to be tab delimited. I am the sending the data to a UNIX box. the problem is I am a getting a carriage return at the end of fields - and it appears to be random. Here is my command CPYTOIMPF FROMFILE(*LIBL/IOBEXT) +...

    Raddy590 pointsBadges:

    I am trying to create an OPNQRYF and use MAPFLD. I need to place conitionally one of two fields into ALPHANAME, I defined in MAPFLD. These fields are conditionally placed as follows: LNAME ===> ALPHANAME if LNAME is filled. BUS_NAME==> ALPHANAME if LNAME is blank APHANAME is defined this way...

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  • Single quotes around a CL variable

    The easiest way to do the above please

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  • Moving to a 270 running V5R1

    I'm currently using a 170 running V4R4 and have aguired a 270 running V5R1. I need to move my applications (36, RPG II and RPG III) and files to the 270. Are there any publications dealing with this type of move or can someone lay out the steps for me. I was hoping to make the move and test the new...

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  • Reconfigure a LPAR

    I need to take some disk from one partition and give it to another partition. I have not done this and looking to contract this out. I'm getting one quote for two very long days which I don't understand. Seems like a 6 or 8 hours at the most? Can someone help me understand why so long or is it just...

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  • Using S/36 object members (load and subroutine) on AS/400

    Hello, We are looking for IBM-supplied commands that will convert and/or run S/36 object members (load and subroutine members) to useable AS/400 system objects. The fact is that we lost the RPG source code from the S/36; so there is no source to compile on the AS/400. We look forward to your help....

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  • Display Footers in Subfiles

    Hi, I have a dual display subfile. I am able to do display the screens allright but it's the footer record i am unable to display at all. I have made sure that the second subfile record doesn't overlap my footer area (by footer, i mean the area where i want to display my Function keys). I have used...

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  • Increase Size of Network Storage Area

    I have a client that needs to increase the size of the NWS being used with Windows Server 2003. It is a mapped drive for all users. Can anyone help with the steps required to change the size and maintain the drive mapping? They are on V5R3. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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