• iSeries wish list for 2006

    If could receive anything you wanted regarding the iSeries in 2006, what would top your iSeries wish list? Let us know and we'll compile the wish list and share it with you. Deb Tart Associate editor, Search400.com

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  • Wow! I can’t believe you did that! — iSeries blunders

    To err is human -- even if you're working on the iSeries. What is the worst blunder you've, or one of your co-workers, has done on the iSeries? Share your biggest goof-up! Here's what one Search400 member wrote: "Early in my career, I was working as a systems administrator/programmer for a company...

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  • Export data from database to a text file

    Vijay wrote in with this question recently: "I want to export data from database to a text file. Can someone please advice me? I?m using DB2, J2EE and WebSphere." -- Debra Tart, associate editor, Search400.com

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    UPDATE YOUR AREAS OF EXPERIENCE The following categories have been added to the AS400 ? iSeries section. Application development Systems management PC/Windows connectivity groupware & e-mail Career Opportunities for iSeries These categories were added last week: Backup & recovery Security Printing...

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  • SQL taking the lead?

    Lately there has been a lot of talk about the number of people seeking an SQL education. Are you an RPG guru that?s interested in learning a little more about SQL? Let us know. -- Debra Tart, associate editor, Search400.com

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  • Command to get keyboard back in CA

    Rick wrote in with this question recently: "What is the keyboard command to get the menus back in Client Access?" Do you know? -- Debra Tart, associate editor, Search400.com

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  • Remote Syslog with MySQL and PHP

    Dear All, i want to set up a Remote Syslog with MySQL and PHP on system with whitebox linux,can some tell me a step by step on how to install and configure this,also the requirement needed to complete the task Regards Edwin

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  • Darkening up a printed document

    Steve wrote in with this question recently: "I am printing PDF files that I receive as attachments in e-mail. The printed document comes out very light. Any suggestions on how to darken the document? Platform: XP Pro." Can you help him out? -- Debra Tart, associate editor, Search400.com

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  • Program-described Printer file in RPG ILE

    1. Why can't I view all the columns in my report from my spoolfile? 2. Is there any way to view all columns in my report as defined in the RPG ILE program with the printer file being program-described? Inputs: -when I ran the report, only up to 132 columns can be viewed from my spoolfile. -This is...

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  • Help needed to create a new user

    Cathy wrote in with this question recently: "I'm new to the AS/400 and need help getting started. I have worked as an operator and know some of the basics, but now I have been put in charge of adding users, compiling, and a few other tasks. My first problem is creating a new user. I have mirrored...

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  • Tell BRMS which tape to use

    Tim wrote in with this question recently: "Is it possible to tell BRMS which tape to use? I want to use daily backup tapes, but I do not see where I can tell it what tape to use in the tape library." Do you know? -- Debra Tart, associate editor, Search400.com

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  • Working Storage – Reusability

    Hello, here is the question... I want to create a sub-module (cobol DB2) that will be called at initialization time by the load driver (either TP ou Batch). That sub-module will load technical information in its working-storage after accessing DB2 tables. That module will be called dynamically...

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  • Anyone ever use the SNDRPY command in CL?

    I am using the CHGPF command to change a file. I know it will result in data loss, and I will get a messaage that I must reply "I" to ignore and then it will change the file. The file is used all day long and I would like to have a CL program change it after hours. I found the SNDRPY command that...

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  • Serious storage condition may exist.

    Our sys admin left the company and we are now getting this message CPF0907 Serious storage condition may exist. I've followed thru the menus and I'm still unsure of what needs to be done. I'm an operator and would apprecriate any help on this.

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  • Optimizing printing and imaging environment

    how can i Optimize printing and imaging environment

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  • ISeries Security

    Is there a way to allow a user to change passwords for other users without giving them access to the entire user profile? We have a small shop, and I'd like to share this ability with some of our late night staff. However, I'm reluctant to give them the ability to change user type, special...

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  • query 400 or Sequel statement for month

    I have a field in AS400 called CSDATE that gives year and month in the following format: 200511 I want to create query statement to compare current year and month to select only those records from the same year, prior month. For example, I would run the report on December 1st 2005 and want to...

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  • Special characters

    I've got a situation where the users are entering characters into fields on the screen that I do not want them to enter. In COBOL, I can check these fields for alphabetic and numeric but I am under the impresion that this would not allow certain special characters that I do want to allow. Is there...

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  • OS400 V5R3 and Domino/Lotus Notes

    I am currently running a 170 on V5R1 and Lotus Notes 6.5. I want to upgrade to V5R3. Has anyone run into any issues with Lotus Notes 6.5 and V5R3? Or any issues with it during the upgrade process? Thanks! Bob

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  • Display OUTQ with

    Is there any way I can display all my iSeries output queues with the corresponding autostart printers' IP address? Thanks, Gerry

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